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  1. Thank you for the replies! That seems to be the problem. The help desk responded in similar fashion. I need to think about it. I ran a scan on the file and it came up clean.
  2. The problem seems to be file qq517.tmp
  3. Perhaps the files at the sites I am going to are infected. The file removed appeared to be malware.
  4. I purchased CMSF and Marines (Bundle). It installed correctly. I dl the patch 1.21. I selected it to update CMSF and Marines. While it was installing, I got a virus error. I dl from another site and the same thing happened again. "Movefile failed; code 2" Cannot find the specified file. I also receive an antivirus warning so I am guessing that it is removing a file as suspicious. I searched the forums and could not find this error. Thank you!
  5. Thanks to everyone with their helpful comments. I am amazed at the knowledge level of those on the forums. Reminds me of being in Economics class as a freshmen. The professor asked a question and wanted to know if anyone had the answer. I sat there thinking, "I don't even understand the question!". Some of the posts are that detailed in information. Impressive. Anyway, thanks again to everyone. Really appreciate it. I am playing through the tutorials and am learning quite a bit. I have the camera down and get this, I even successfully used mods to change the appearance of the Sherman tanks (late).
  6. OK, so I just bought the bundle. Now of to the tutorials. I want to learn so that I don't get frustrated and move on to something else
  7. Nevermind. Just read the note that CMBN is required. Sorry for the inconvenience. Makes it easy though doesn't it? They should have that fact more prominently displayed.
  8. I can only purchase one. Which one do you prefer and why? Thanks!
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