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  1. I thought I had the drop on an AT gun when I came from behind, only to have it shoot backwards and destroy my tank. Then I realized that facing may not be accurate. I was curious how successful are other players as Allies in the Uncle Red Beach scenario. I'm averaging about 10% due to the difficulty of knocking both AT guns out
  2. Just today, my tank got picked off travelling at fast speed while hiding behind a grove of trees. Again the AT gun at about 300 meters, unreal!
  3. First want to say that this game is a lot of fun; doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the CM series but for $4.99 this is a no brainer. I am voicing my frustration over the Uncle Red scenario as the Allies. Can't seem to knock out both AT guns before losing my tank. Germans seem to be much better shot. I've tried being a moving target but sometimes they can peg my tank at over 700 meters! Once I was able to outflank the AT gun, but the darned thing still hit me with it's barrel pointing 90 degrees away from the tank! Had to replay that several times to see if there were any other shell that possibly hit me. Now I can see it is possible to win the scenario even without the tank although harder. Just want to know if there are any tips to take out #%£& AT guns?
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