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  1. You can test #1 and #2 first. On the D drive, double-click / open the Combat Mission .exe file for each game. If the game starts and plays normally, your D drive copies are now verified as good. Then copy CMBS and CMFB to the D try and run the same tests. Once you're satisfied all is well, you can free up your C drive space.
  2. Bandicam is free as well. https://www.bandicam.com/downloads/
  3. Regarding Dunkirk, I wonder whether no one realized how quickly the Cockleshell navy of civilian boats could complete the evacuation. Once the Allies were pinned at Dunkirk and the Kriegsmarine was effective at disrupting Royal Navy beach side operations, I think the Luftwaffe thought it had more time to marshal bombs and organize aircraft flight missions. Then the civilian evacuation support stole a march on the German plans and left the beaches empty when the Luftwaffe was ready. It was very chaotic for all sides involved.
  4. On the other hand, in my case as @sburke suggests, it was the Nahimic audio enhancer app which came with my MSI laptop. The HelpDesk is a good place to check.
  5. Because CMx2 action squares are an 8 meter square, I concur. A Sherman's "footprint" is about 3 meters wide by a bit more than 6 meters long. It only occupies 30-35% of the action square area. Infantrymen within that action square have sufficient room to clear out of it's way. I think the game realistically captures that.
  6. If you have time and interest to check, google for sunrise time on the actual date of your scenario battle. Then in Scenario Editor mode, "play" as many turns necessary to get to that time. You should see the sky grow lighter in the east within the game as the time of dawn approaches.
  7. Shouldn't this thread be in the other non-game "General Discussion Forum"? http://community.battlefront.com/forum/57-general-discussion-forum/
  8. Yes, on the video image, right click and "copy video URL". In a new session "paste and go" in the address bar. On that YouTube landing page, you'll see video's 1-15 shown individually in a YouTube panel at the upper right.
  9. Credit goes to "Proambulator". He posted 15 CMx2 tutorials from 2012 to 2015. They are very good indeed and a wonderful resource for tackling scenario design.
  10. Yes, easily. Deja vu all over again. ğŸ˜Ž Long long ago (2006), in a galaxy far away, Battlefront provided a real-time strategy game of mechanized combat in the far future; Drop Zone. I would have liked to have tried it before it went away.
  11. What other processes are running on you PC when this happens? Any Windows updates to your O/S lately?
  12. Few indeed. More like an army of one for H2H! Trash talk aside and despite his aversion to FGM, @JoMc67 is a known and proven sterling opponent. Good luck and good gaming.
  13. Butterblümchen!! Ach du lieber . . .
  14. As long as you at least visit their site at least once per month, you're active enough not to get auto-deleted.
  15. Consider joining The Few Good Men and post your challenge there. H2H is what they do best.
  16. Better yet, does the mod include damage to the building? That will help develop your skills. Fine job with this, by the way! The place I recommend you post your finished mod is CMMODSIII. Contact @Bootie for an author login and upload access.
  17. According to the CMBN game manual - (Bold are my highlights) On page 27 - ADVANCED COMMANDS You will use a combination of commands to give the weapons team very specific orders to get to their positions. Select your mortar team. Open the Movement tab (hotkey F5), select Hunt, and place a waypoint up the hill towards the Base of Fire. The destination should be at the bend in the road; use the picture on the next page as a guide. With the Hunt movement order, they will move slowly and cautiously, with rifles at the ready. If they are attacked, they will immediately cease their movement and drop down to cover. This movement order is very useful when you are moving into unknown territory. On page 33 - Scout (Cars) Out! Use Hunt orders so that your scout cars will stop moving forward if fired upon. On page 80 Move Commands - HUNT Infantry - this command maximizes the unit’s awareness for possible enemy contact. Soldiers advance slowly, weapons ready. Upon seeing an enemy unit, or when fired upon (even if the enemy is not seen) the unit stops immediately. This is a good command to use when enemy contact is imminent. When soldiers using HUNT get too tired, they stop and pause for 90 seconds before continuing to HUNT. Note: in combination with a Target Arc command, Hunt is restricted to only the area within the arc, and ignores enemy units outside the arc. Vehicles - orders vehicles to advance slowly and observe the battlefield for enemy contacts. Upon spotting a threat, such as another enemy vehicle or tank, or when fired upon (even if the enemy is not seen), the vehicle stops immediately. Restrictions - same as all other Movement commands. Example - Hunt is very useful for cleaning out houses which are suspected to have enemy hiding inside, or as a “move to contact” order for tanks.
  18. @Mord forgot to include Ian's URL --> http://www.combatmission.lesliesoftware.com/index.html Also, The Bllitz rates scenario's played by it's members. Look here --> http://www.theblitz.org/scenarios/b-15.htm and scroll down to "Combat Mission x 2" where you select from the titles you play
  19. @LongLeftFlank - What mod are you using for the walls and pillars of the guesthouse overlooking the river? Everything looks great! Good luck with this project. I look forward to the final outcomes.
  20. If it helps the Mrs to know, sometimes keys get corrupted, especially from disk installs. The Help Desk ought to provide you the license removal/reset tool with instructions on how to reapply afterwards. Good luck and best wishes for quick resolution.
  21. @Mord If you haven't already seen these . . . German Tank crews https://www.google.com/search?q=german+tank+crew&client=firefox-b-1&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CQYLv1DvfkvCIji6D8Kh7jwmkQ9BrpH5gAekEwB60l2_1QhCQPO7qY9_1XwncrbLdlms4kt8cMwSmcLFGGRQPxlBVLeioSCboPwqHuPCaREc3E5mbZvStnKhIJD0GukfmAB6QRjHF3x9YXHPsqEgkTAHrSXb9CEBEYFLrK45GuGSoSCZA87upj39fCEdGlogARcBvOKhIJdytst2WaziQRcftAFVl8Rp4qEgm3xwzBKZwsURHkBbJ8hJCghioSCYZFA_1GUFUt6Eagfw9RVVIDg&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiA4bmd-fTcAhWm54MKHRo4APUQ9C96BAgBEBs&biw=1593&bih=933&dpr=1 German armored infantry https://www.google.com/search?q=german+tpanzer+grenadier&client=firefox-b-1&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CfB061xMyJSxIjgEAy9x1KVUoOXZ83U15lQ_14OthTi4bUBMyFzaTTOXJioL5dGufJlDrZrTAyFKCrrH0-nIBIuCR4SoSCQQDL3HUpVSgEbVOUk7mGyMGKhIJ5dnzdTXmVD8R6qr-bGCVBlAqEgng62FOLhtQExER11C38aZx0CoSCTIXNpNM5cmKETY0TUmWFjWAKhIJgvl0a58mUOsRPbVqUtMwT00qEglmtMDIUoKusRFD7vNbbBzM8CoSCfT6cgEi4JHhEVf3MKaG_1SGq&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiyz8nK-vTcAhUJ8IMKHdEPASwQ9C96BAgBEBs&biw=1593&bih=933&dpr=1 https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1&tbm=isch&q=german+panzergrenadier&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiEpoyc-vTcAhUp6YMKHVajC-IQBQg6KAA&biw=1593&bih=933&dpr=1
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