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  1. Consider comfortable headphones which have a volume control capability; turn down when too loud, turn up when to quiet.
  2. Hmm, I'm not strapping ski's on until it is very very soon.
  3. LOL. Depending on the Regiment's home state, there's also the issue of speaking the correct mother tongue. Can't have Sikh's speaking Bengali. Nor would the Mahratta's speak Tamil. Good luck with your Acceptance Test planning . . .
  4. Yes, it can; by facing the vehicle away from the area's to target. In ground attack, the cannons only fire over the half-track's tailgate.
  5. Quite right! And you should have known better before doing it!! (We appear to share the same experiences . . . 😱) So, Battlefront, please continue developing your games as you see best. They don't call your customers "Grognards" without reason . . .
  6. In the CM MODS repository, start with; 1) everything by ARIS, 2) all uniforms by VEIN, 3) JUJU's User Interface (UI) mod, 4) MORD's UI faces mod.
  7. Here's a CM MODS repository for Fortress Italy - CMODSIII Fortress Italy
  8. Well, I wish all those silly Wally's would stop posting bug reports without proper evidence . . .
  9. Yes, it is supposedly fixed in CMFI/CMFB. There's something about bocage terrain in CMBN that persists the problem there.
  10. Your experience corroborates the observations of others and is noted in several active threads. The 4.02 patch seems to have resolved this problem in other titles but it remains an issue in the bocage of CMBN. Cautious optimism hopes for remedy sometime soon . . .
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