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  1. Well, I wish all those silly Wally's would stop posting bug reports without proper evidence . . .
  2. Yes, it is supposedly fixed in CMFI/CMFB. There's something about bocage terrain in CMBN that persists the problem there.
  3. Your experience corroborates the observations of others and is noted in several active threads. The 4.02 patch seems to have resolved this problem in other titles but it remains an issue in the bocage of CMBN. Cautious optimism hopes for remedy sometime soon . . .
  4. Well then @BFCElvis, it seems the rest of us can plan our ocean beach vacation weeks for August without lamenting potential time lost playing R2V . . . . 😎 Many thanks for the current update. Good luck to the development team as they continue their work rolling this out. Really look forward to playing this game.
  5. If I understand your questions correctly; I too have found no other game which captures a low level tactical battlefield gaming experience that comes anywhere close to the Combat Mission games. As far as future evolution for Battlefront games, while people talk about the "next thing after" the current CMx2 application code, I doubt anything like the imagined CMx3 will be commercially available for the next five years or so. So, if you don't care for the Graviteam Tactics offerings or Matrix Games "Armoured Brigade", a purchase of any Battlefront CMx2 game will provide you several years of best available WW2 and later tactical war-gaming. (In other words, "Just shut up and buy, my friend!" You won't ever regret it . . . . 😁)
  6. Help me understand your meaning better. As I understand TRP's, they assist targeting for all that side's weapon systems; from small arms to heavy artillery and air support. Unless the AI knows which weapons you've selected (MG-42's, 2-inch mortars, 81mm mortars, 105mm howitzers, and such) there's no way to know which radii circles to apply and display. Correct?
  7. Yep. In CMBN, the uniform file names changed going from version 1 to version 2. Those Version 2 changed uniforms still work in versions 3 and 4.
  8. Sweet! Very nice miniatures battlefield. Thank you.
  9. Right. We are. I know @Mord does stupendous UI Mods. I was asking whether he might consider doing a set of straightforward CMFI uniform mods; adding specific US Army division patches (which he uses for such UI mods) to the CMFI base game uniforms because the CMBN uniform mods with those patches are unusable in CMFI. I never mentioned CMSF.
  10. Would you mind confirming that? Last time I checked, CMFI uses specific 1943 uniform models which the CMBN 1944 uniform skins didn't fit. I could be mistaken though; memory isn't the only body part letting me down these days . . .
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