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  1. Any word on what's going on with the long forthcoming "Patton's Charge / Bradley at Bay" module? I'm very interested in that one.
  2. Off the cuff, I'd check how @umlaut's mods are tagged and then check (in the scenario editor) how that scenario is mod tagged. The original/older CM titles didn't use mod tagging as much as is done these days.
  3. I noticed that there is no sound of incoming shells before rounds detonated on the target area.
  4. @patrik pass - After you get your feet wet in this H2H match, consider checking out The Few Good Men to find future opponents. Good luck and good gaming.
  5. I suppose that's true when you count all CM games and maps. Within CMBN though, this specific bug regularly ruins play. It is not trivial within that title. However, I do understand that debugging it will be a major effort diverting resources from other more profitable work. I hope someone might wake up in the middle of the night, say "Eureka!", and find a fix for it soon though.
  6. Check here --> Combat Mission 2x Scenario List
  7. Normally, I would agree with you, especially at the normal anti-tank weapon ranges for the US Army WW2 37mm anti-tank gun.. However, by firing at 25 yards (@20 meters) distance from the rear of the targeted panzer's engine, I'm willing to believe this is likely a true story.
  8. I purchased a game as a gift once by buying another copy for myself a long while back. If I recall correctly, I emailed the order confirmation email information, download link, and order activation code to the person I gifted.
  9. @kohlenklau - If I'm calculating things correctly, you've been absent 15-March through last Sunday, 15-December. It's good to see your return. Welcome back. 😉
  10. This bug ruins bocage scenario's. It made @Holdit's beautifully crafted Ad Hoc at Chef-du-Pont unplayable for the Germans
  11. Right. This is the "run towards the enemy" bug. Here a two threads mentioning it but there are other places it's been noted too; Irrational Behaviour and Annoying withdrawal towards the enemy behaviour. As I best recollect, it was fixed in all the titles except CMBN and has something to do with the TacAI in bocage terrain.
  12. I suspect that Axis/Allied manufacturing capabilities played a role here. As time passed, Allied production outpaced Axis abilities and surpassed aircraft replacement rates. Here's what Wikepedia shows.
  13. Check out The Few Good Men. They host a pretty active multi-player community.
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