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  1. I just updated to 1.1 and it is a world of difference to me. Whatever you guys did, it did the trick! I just played a quick Panzer Ace, and orders went much quicker and smoother now that I can move about more easily. Really, guys, OUTSTANDING. In regards to BA . . . I'm turned off by the childish graphics as well as the price. Maybe it's deeper and has more material and I'm missing something. I'm not too worried that CM:T won't have more scenarios and features soon. There's plenty of space for a few more dog tags on the first screen.
  2. Here's the situation: The FO has targeted and the battery is firing for effect. If I even select the FO during the next order round, the fire mission is canceled and I have to start over. :confused: This means no slight adjustments, no checking how many arty rounds are left, and no checking morale. Is this a bug or intended behavior? ::mad:
  3. Just played as Germans, and no AT guns. I suppose this is in the name of game balance. Or the Battle Front team are poopy headed jerkfaces. WTF! The Americans were down to one tank (and one soldier on the beach that had rallied the turn before. The tank was surrounded on the penultimate turn, yet managed to sprint to the victory location, where my reserve unit couldn't hit it at point blank range on a rear shot (the tank was distracted by a flanking maneuver by team I had been withdrawing into the woods to the West). Well, I guess that's how the non-posthumous Medals of Honor are awarded. Allied minor victory? Hmmmph!
  4. When you play the 'mericans on any of the scenarios, the Germans get extra units. And vice versa. Also, I think if you play the Germs, you get reinforced with AT guns about the same time the allies get their tank. I'll play it again as the Germans and check.
  5. A LOS tool during set up would be nice. Sucks to place your FO someplace thinking you have LOS, but then not having it during orders phase. I haven't played CM since back when I ran OS 9! I am LOVING this game, even with the ver. 1.0 warts. I'm now exclusively on an iPad 2, but this could be the reason I upgrade to an iPod 3.
  6. Yes, I drove it right up between the two pill boxes. I'm pretty sure if you just set the destination for the beginning of the road, the tank can find the best route. Don't bother trying to get the tank to scale the cliffs, though.
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