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  1. Guys i have all TOW games,is there a way to increase FPS as no matter which settings i use i still get bad FPS in towns,MY specs are i7 920,12 gig of ram and gtx 770,any help would be great.Thanks all
  2. Guys i have CM:BFN upgraded to 2.0 but,i have a problem all the soldiers have black triangles over their heads,is this a bug?Thanks guys:confused:
  3. Guys i have CM:BN - Commonwealth Forces BUNDLE,how do i upgrade to 3.0 engine ,do i need to buy 2.0,at the moment my game is patched to v1.10 Thanks guys
  4. Hi all,guys i seen on the steam forums here http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=29679582&postcount=2 that by using the 4gig patch helps the preformance of the game,can anyone help on where to direct the 4gig patch to as if i use it on the .exe steam tells me that there is an error has occured:confused:,also guys i was just wondering if a gamersgate version of TOW:caen would work with the steam version that i have,any info would be fantastic guys:) Sorry all made a mistake on title i ment patch
  5. Hi all,i have a quick question,when i complete a mission in the campaign,in the campaign menu does it show up that i have completed that mission?as i completed the traning missions but it doesnt show that i have,any info would be great,thanks all
  6. Hi all,i am just wondering which mods u you guys use?i am looking for a sound mod for the tanks and vehicles and any other mods that improve the game,thanks in advance all
  7. Ah ok,i c.so what zip code should i enter in for ireland?as to my knowledge ireland dont use the zip code system
  8. Ireland,i also have tryed changing it to another country but i am still have the same problem
  9. Hi all,i am having a problem when buying Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy when at checkout it ask,s to select shipping method,but there is nothing i can choose,it also says Error: Please select a Shipping Method. also i am just buying the download version,any help would be great,thanks all.
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