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  1. Don't worry. You'll get your fix of snow and freezing cold in some of the scenarios. One I can think of almost makes you FEEL cold.
  2. SF2 is a HUGE improvement over the original SF. Everything received a thorough going over (scenarios, campaigns, TOE), plus updates of game engine. As others have said, the demos will tell you. The demos for the most part are well thought out in themselves and are fun. I haven't played any in a while, but I do remember both the FB and FI demos in particular are 3 scenario campaigns. With these you get a good feel for what it's like to play the game. One thing I don't think others have mentioned - there is a massive amount of user created content for all the titles - scenarios, campaigns, uniform, vehicle and terrain mods, which all add a lot of atmosphere (dusty/muddy/snowy vehicles, worn uniforms and equipment, more detailed terrain, semi-transparent trees - all sorts of things, all free to download). Do try the demos. Can't go wrong downloading them all and seeing what appeals to you. Dave
  3. I lived in England for several years. We lived in the north, just outside the Lakes District. We had to have room darkening shades. In summer, it never really got full dark. Almost, for a while. Sunset almost 10pm, sunrise at about 4:30am (which means it starts getting light about 3:30. Winter was the opposite, sunrise 8:30am, sunset 3:45pm and the sun barely got above the distant treetops. It took some getting used to. But we loved our time there. Great place to live.
  4. That's correct. It's the same file no matter what, just he license code activates the extras. The file is the complete download, so depending on which you buy it's on the order of 3GB-6GB download. But everything is there.
  5. Your last question - new project. Right now what is being worked on and tested is a follow on module for Red Thunder, called Fire and Rubble. You can find a lot of discussion/speculation about it in the Red Thunder section along with a running example game using just a portion of Ben's amazing Berlin city map. The BN bundle with CW and MG provides a huge amount of content. Black Sea is great if modern is your thing. Can't go wrong really and standard advice is that you'll enjoy most the game that covers the area you have the most interest in. As for price, there is a lot of content included, quick battles offer endless variety, and there is a lot of free user created content to download.
  6. One other choice besides Bootcamp is Parallels Desktop. I have it on my Mac because of some of the research work I used to do and have used it for years. Older versions were Windows emulators but when Apple switched to Intel processors from the PowerPC, it runs natively on the Intel processor and uses the graphics card as well. It resides as a large file on your Mac.
  7. John, You appear to be roughly evened up on reporting now. Dave
  8. I think you may be about 2 turns ahead of his posts - I think. So far that's not an issue really because there is limited contact.
  9. Exactly the same here. My wife has two younger sisters. My wife never wears makeup and STILL outshines the two of them. And they are both good looking. Can't hold a candle though. I may be biased 🙂
  10. I do know that using the GPU or not shouldn't make a difference. I used to have the same computer, now have a 2019 13" (with no GPU). Either way on yours should work. It's not your computer. Your specs are better than mine (except for the Intel onboard graphics but that's MORE than enough). Obviously that doesn't fix it 🙂 [edit] I downloaded the demo and confirmed this on my own MacBook Pro. Something else to add to the list. The latest update to Catalina seems to have broken a few things here and there.
  11. Stéphane - I ran your 2 saves and sure enough, they jumped for me just as you described. I've submitted a bug report with the saved files attached through the bug tracking system. Thanks for providing the good save games. That helps a lot!! If anyone else here has a save they can provide that shows the same behavior, anything additional would be of help. Dave
  12. Can you send that to me or post the save here please? I'd like to take a look. I remember that happening in testing (not in this particular scenario or scenery) and I thought it had been fixed. Thanks! Dave
  13. The thing is it depends very much where you are. In my daughter's hospital they currently have almost 500 patients and have had to convert entire floors solely to care for them, in addition to creating a couple extra ICUs. They were able to do this and haven't been overwhelmed but this is a big hospital with deep pockets. They have discharged so far over 1500 patients who have recovered.
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