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  1. Ultradave

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Well, without being able to actually say anything of substance, testing.
  2. Ultradave

    2019 Reporting For Duty

    No, just the two campaigns that needed updating, which as Steve has said, are being worked on.
  3. Ultradave

    Unfortunate Road Design

    Looking at the picture, any reference to anything is a real streeeeeeeeeeeeetttttcccccchhhhhh.
  4. Ultradave


    I don't know what it's like in the cockpit but from the ground underneath them it's like the buzz of a 1000 lb bumblebee. Not really jet like at all. I loved those 2 games as well. Had them both way back when. Back when I was in the Army A-10's were instantly the groundpounder's best friend.
  5. Thanks. The old one was my unit - 2/321 FA (Abn). Of course from the crest that's hard to tell what it is, except to me. This is more obvious. 🙂
  6. That makes sense. That is how it's supposed to work. Glad you got it up and running!!
  7. When you get this error do you get a pop up box with any other info in it? Or is is just a small box with Assertion Error in it? If it's a larger box, can you post a screen pic of it? If not, then, well, never mind 🙂 Seems like these are usually caused because something is either missing or can't be found (path issue). If the error box had anything else it might be a clue to where to look. Dave
  8. Also, one other thing to ask/check. Do you have any anti-virus software running that might have interfered with the installation or changed permissions? If so, try temporarily turning off the anti-virus while installing. Then it's fine to turn it right back on again.
  9. Ultradave

    Broken tacAI

    I just ran it again, and checked. The Sherman they spot is opened up. The German troops took a couple shots at it, hit the turret, it closed up and they stopped firing. To me, I think that's an ok response. Chance they could have hit the TC.
  10. Ultradave

    Broken tacAI

    Thanks for this. This helps a lot. I ran your saved game using my FB 2.0 installation and saw the same behavior you did, just slightly different end results but pretty much the team running around panicked. Then I loaded it in the patched beta version of FB and the behavior was markedly improved. In fact, I'd say, exactly what you would want. The team stopped at that row of bushes (not really a hedgerow), either kneeling or prone, took a couple shots at an enemy soldier in the stone courtyard in front of them, who then appeared to run off, then took a couple rifle shots at a Sherman that suddenly appeared far off through the trees - presumably to make it button up. Then they hunkered down. All four guys in the same place, no running in circles, screaming and shouting. Proper behavior. That should cut through the remainder of the above discussion.
  11. Ultradave

    Broken tacAI

    @OlafP Do you have a save, especially of that first situation you posted, so that we could experiment with some different things and try out the exact situation you had? (I'm hoping you do since you were able to post the video?)
  12. Ultradave

    finally back

    Maybe I'm wrong, but this doesn't seem like something you'd want to admit in a public forum.
  13. Ultradave

    A Plea to Developers

    Well, yes, you are certainly right, however, probably LESS certain death than hunkering down right in place to be picked off, or running backwards unable to return fire. So it's really more the case of the least terrible option. If you've been properly ambushed by someone who knew what they were doing, you are already in a world of hurt and it's really your only viable option, on the chance that their survival instinct is greater than yours and they break and run. But yeah, overall you are right. It's a bad day no matter how you look at it.
  14. Ultradave

    A Plea to Developers

    Doesn't need to be present day with all the cool toys either. I was an artillery officer, before the days of GPS and digital anything, so my experience is actually much closer to WW2 and Korean War techniques than present day. We would call fire on grid coordinates that were not observable. You can calculate firing data to anywhere. Look at the map, hear some vehicle noises and conclude they MUST be coming down that road that's behind the treeline. Of course, both in CM and real life, you could be way off, but it takes no longer to compute firing data to an unobserved point than to an observed target. Either way, the FO is passing grid coordinates. The difference is that unobserved, you FFE immediately. No adjustments possible. Another example would be looking at the map and making an educated guess as to where their mortars are set up, like at the edge of a far treeline. Linear FFE on the treeline. Now normally on offense or defense you would have recalculated TRPs, and then could call shift missions off of those, and you can do that in game. Not too many scenarios give you TRPs, but in QB they are certainly available to purchase. So there's my FA perspective, from someone who was a FIST Chief, Battery Fire Direction Officer, Brigade Fire Support Officer, FA Battalion Asst S-3 (S-3 is operations), and Battalion Fire Direction Officer. I've called for, planned, calculated a whole lot of explosions (this pedigree is for the guy in the other thread who seems to be under the impression that BF had never talked to a military or former military person 🙂 )
  15. Ultradave

    Getting back to CM finally

    Hard to choose. I think that the choice is which theater you have the most interest in, Eastern or Western front. Both have lots of content, good graphics, and quite a bunch of mods and user created content if you are interested in that.