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  1. And as Schrullenhaft noted, the installer will temporarily hang at the verifying step. It will seem like it's frozen. Wait it out (a minute or two) and it will present a message saying that it cannot verify that there is no malware. Open System Preferences, Security and you can select open anyway. There will be a second window come up about opening anyway. Be careful here - the blue highlighted default is set to "Cancel" Push the "Open" button. After that, everything will proceed normally. I've had Catalina installed from issue and been doing a ton of Beta testing and there are no issues that I've seen. All of the games work fine. I tested that each installer worked under Catalina. Good luck. If you have any problems or questions feel free to PM me. Dave
  2. Yeah, that was a good one. And I played it the first time as the US in a PBEM game. Loads of fun and nail-biting.
  3. I think what changed is that the default when you open the EDITOR to load is now alphabetical. It didn't used to be. It always seemed random and I had to search through it to find what I wanted. Not so bad for FB, or Black Sea, but BN with all it's add ons has a loooong list of battles and they aren't in any particular order that I can tell in the Editor, Load.
  4. One bonus of this scenario is that there are several AI plans. It doesn't play the same way twice, and it's a good one to play from either side. So if you play once, and then think you can redo it knowing the enemy plan, watch out!
  5. Ah, memories of England. I lived in the northwest for several years but about once a month had to go to Rolls-Royce in Derby. We always went out to the Gurkha Himalaya restaurant. And EVERY time I got the Chicken Chili Masala (red chili sauce). SOOOOOOO delicious. Before we went to live in England I wasn't much of a fan of Indian food. After being in England a short time I realized that was because I never had any GOOD Indian food.
  6. Inside the Black Sea directory should be a script that is titled "Activate New Products" Either Mac or PC it should be executable so you should be able to double click on it and get a dialog that will have a white box for entering the serial number and a button at the bottom that says ACTIVATE. Copy and paste in the serial number and click the activate button and you should be good to go. (I have a Mac but I think it works the same way on both).
  7. That was the original plan, but a number of scenarios were added as the development time lingered. A bonus of the delay!
  8. Playtested this a few times from both sides. It's always been a battle for that hill no matter which side I'm playing.
  9. This is a good one. It's balanced and it's difficult from either side. Also, Casili Road for a more armor centric meeting engagement. Great fun. Good challenge from either side of the map. Just to pick a couple of my favorites from playtesting. I also like Too Close for Comfort from the German side. It's very difficult, but a manageable small number of units and a tough tactical challenge.
  10. Can you provide more information, Mac or PC, anything else running at the time, anything you can think of so we could try to duplicate it possibly.
  11. Using the face command always faces the front of the unit, whatever it is, to where you point. So for an Archer you just have to set the face command 180deg from where you want the gun to point.
  12. Ah, playing that one right now as the Germans. I playtested it a number of times as the French, as it evolved. Now I see what I was up against. Interested to see what the French AI throws at me. It's a fun one. Well, they all are. As Elvis said a while back, something to the effect of how varied and interesting a group of scenarios it is. The campaigns are good too.
  13. That's pretty much what I had in mind after thinking about it. Never tried that but might have to. Sounds interesting. i haven’t thought of doing it this way before - never occurred to me to mix and match like that.
  14. I think you are right. All the QB parameters have to be set all at once.
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