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  1. Ultradave

    Sound no longer working

    Sorry, haven't seen this in any beta testing either for SF2 or the patches. I upgraded to Mojave in the middle of beta testing SF2 and haven't seen any issues.
  2. In real life, plotting every possible ambush spot, etc is what each squad leader is going to try to do before each "move", and tell his guys to cover that door, or be careful of the stone wall, etc. You are him in the game, and every other squad leader, as well as the platoon commanders and company/bn/team commander plotting the overall course, and also you are the fire support officer, whether that's the FO or a higher level fire support officer, planning fire support - pre planned or likely targets. So you have all the roles to consider, higher level and man level. I'd say you are perfectly normal. 🙂
  3. What he said. Seriously. I'd take anything and I know it would be many hours worth, no matter the actual subject.
  4. Ultradave

    Is TacOps gone now?

    Me too. And some user created scenarios. There was a guy who went by the handle "RikkiTikki" who developed scenarios. Did a large amphibious assault he made up. Great fun.
  5. Ultradave

    Is TacOps gone now?

    I loved Tacops and played endless hours of it.
  6. And there is this, as far as OpenGL goes too:
  7. Thanks Bootie. That's great!!
  8. Fun game. Definitely do the tutorial. It will get you into the mechanics.
  9. That's the one. Had it on my old Mac Performa. (before iMac)
  10. There was an old computer game "Balance of Power" where you had to counter USSR Cold War aggression (playing as the US), and of course, implement your own diplomacy and aggression (military advisors, combat troops and such). If a nuclear war started at some point, you lose. Doesn't matter who escalated or started it. You lose. Decisive defeat. Good concept. You either did it or allowed it to get to the point where it happened. It was really hard to win because the Russian AI was very aggressive and wouldn't back down in a lot of cases. Invoke the Monroe Doctrine and try to force them to get their 150,000 troops out of Nicaragua and you are likely to start WW3. I lost a lot. Didn't find the magic formula of diplomacy, pressure (just enough but not too much), and luck. In the case of the real world it took some coincidences, timely turnover of Soviet leadership, and luck to avoid WW3. Speaking of which, just finished reading "1983" a couple weeks ago. Good book, well researched with some recently declassified info. Having lived through some of what he writes about, it's even scarier reading about it now than it was at the time being there. Incredible how close we came to turning the Earth into a little cinder ball. Not just once either.
  11. Don't forget the 50% degradation in combat effectiveness just for having to wear all that crap.
  12. Ultradave

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Well, in the case I described I got a "rounds complete" No acknowledgement of the check fire, but a message that firing has stopped but there are still rounds to impact. In my day it was all radio - none of the 'newer' digital equipment. The radio operators would always repeat back the call for fire, and the adjustment commands. The calls by the battery of splash, rounds complete, etc, we would not acknowledge to reduce radio traffic to the minimum. Repeating the orders is important enough that it was done all the time to avoid errors. Informational transmission might get a mike key in return at most.
  13. None of us believed that we would actually use those tactical nuclear weapons. I was nuclear artillery qualified back then. The most important thing we learned was how to use the explosive charges to blow them into tiny pieces so they didn't fall into the Russians hands when we got overrun. NO ONE believed we would nuke West Germany to save it. Everyone believed that once any nuclear weapon was used, it would be impossible to contain it to a strictly "tactical" exchange. That was the entire reason for the INF treaty. The weapons covered by it are very destabilizing as they leave almost no reaction time for the other side to make a decision on what to do. And there were A LOT of them. 10s of thousands.
  14. Ultradave

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    ^^^ What he said. 🙂 Even if an FO in direct contact with the company mortars, the radio operator receives check fire, anounces it, the section leader then tells the mortar crews check fire. In that several, maybe 5 seconds..... fooomp, fooomp, fooomp, check firing.
  15. Ultradave

    Demo Feedback

    The work correctly in the Beta version of the full game.