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  1. Ultradave

    New Website status update

    2560x1600 on my MacBook Pro it looks just fine, using either Safari or Chrome (don't have Firefox). When we had that problem in beta testing I DID see what you see, but with the site live now it looks correct. I realize that's of no help πŸ™‚
  2. Ultradave

    New Website status update

    At the risk of stating the obvious, have you tried refreshing the page in the browser. It may have the old pages cached.
  3. Ultradave

    New Website status update

    The "get a new password" is only for when the NEW website goes on line. There are instruction right on the main page of it that will walk you through getting a new password. Pretty sure changing your password on the old store site isn't going to do anything for you.
  4. Ultradave

    Combat Mission Italy Strangeness

    Teleporting vehicle reported as a bug. Getting some opinions first on the spotting.
  5. Ultradave

    Combat Mission Italy Strangeness

    I don't know. I ran a few seconds at a time, and checked to see who had info on those German troops. The only way the recce unit could was because right at the end of the turn the BN HQ had the info. But it didn't pass from the MG section through the MG PLT LDR. He has no info. As for the second one, the magical transporting vehicle, I've never seen that before, but there's definitely something wrong there. I'll take these the the FI beta forum to have a look and submit a bug report - definitely for the magic levitating vehicle. Not sure about the first - while I agree it's almost telepathy, I think you could find many similar instances.
  6. Ultradave


    It appears that way, yes.
  7. Ultradave

    Interested... But...

    Also, many of the scenarios have been reworked with new AI plans, adjustments in forces, better (and yes, much more visually appealing) maps. They don't even feel like the same scenarios from SF1 in some cases. The Quick Battle system will work like all the other titles. And if you have all the modules of SF1/SF2, the QB possibilities become almost endless.
  8. SF2 installer should be the same no matter whether you own all or part of the complete SF1 and it's packages. SF2 is a WHOLE NEW installation, and not an incremental upgrade/patch kind of thing. It's just the cost to you that will vary depending on what you already own.
  9. Ultradave

    New forum means...

    That's unfortunate. If Steve couldn't fix anything I doubt any of us will do better πŸ™‚ GSClean usually will do the trick. I've had to go that route a couple of times with Phil helping me (with what, I can't remember but it wasn't SF1, I don't believe). Well, with a little patience there will be a bright shiny SF2. If you like SF1 you'll want it anyway πŸ™‚ Just for reference I have a 2015 MacBook Pro, running OS High Sierra, 10.13.5. Haven't had any issues during any testing with Mac OS updates breaking anything. Hopefully with new installers that will be a problem of the past.
  10. Ultradave

    New forum means...

    I have a MacBook Pro and am a beta tester. I didn't have any licensing issue with CMSF1. Is there a forum link I could look at that describes this? Perhaps I can duplicate it with my CMSF1 installation. Possibly good news though - with the CMSF2 alpha and beta, I was able to just enter the license key and have been good to go the whole time. I think we had to relicense once but that was a 'feature' not a bug. (meaning it was done purposely). These aren't done with installers though, so it may work differently
  11. Ultradave

    A long delayed update

    You are right about aerospace being the exception. When I was teaching nuclear engineering at NC State, our research reactor, besides doing lots of esoteric research, also did a side business in NDT by "x-raying" (Not really x-rays but close enough for the layman's purpose) EVERY turbine blade that was eventually going into GE jet engines. EVERY SINGLE ONE. As we've so recently seen, the effects of a mechanical failure inside a jet engine can be deadly to catastrophic. And a sheared off, high velocity turbine blade getting loose from the confines of the engine cowling is about as bad as it gets. One of the few cases where statistics to determine a representative sample are not used. The risks of even one faulty blade are much too high. I"m sure Rolls-Royce does something similar. When I was working in England, we had to make occasional trips for meetings at Rolls-Royce in Derby. We were there for reactor design, but right next door in the same factory complex was jet engine manufacture and testing. They do a destructive test on the occasional engine where they explosively sheer off 3 turbine blades simultaneously on an engine in a test stand that's running at full throttle. It's absolutely amazing to watch. The goal is that no part of that engine can escape from the engine cowling when that happens. I have to say, seeing that test, and knowing the work our reactor group did at NCSU gave me a feeling of confidence that everything possible is being done to ensure the quality and integrity of jet engines. And yes, that drives up the cost tremendously. Worth every penny, in my opinion. [edit] Cool, found one. Here's the destruction test of an A380 engine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j973645y5AA Apologies for straying a mite off topic
  12. Ultradave

    The state of CMSF2

    I was playing the as delivered SF1 campaign missions using the SF2 executables.
  13. Ultradave

    The state of CMSF2

    Ah, I see. All I can answer to that right now is that I've played through two battles each of the US and German campaigns and they play just fine. Nothing is broken that I could see. Nothing specific to the campaign. Can't say any more than that.
  14. Ultradave

    The state of CMSF2

    I think it's ok to say that the individual scenarios have been given a good working over, but that the work on the campaigns is not complete. But that would only be the campaigns provided originally with SF1 and the modules, not any user developed ones from the repository. Those would need a scrub by whoever created them once SF2 comes out.
  15. Ultradave

    Mac High Sierra compatibility with CM

    Us Mac users may end up running CM in Parallels or Bootcamp in the future (I have a Mac for other reasons than CM)