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  1. Ok. Just thought I'd mention it since someone in the beta boards noted it as a new issue. Glad it's working.
  2. Do you use Avast by any chance? One of the beta testers just reported that Avast is just recently preventing CM from starting for several hours. Then it works.. Just a thought. I used to use it on my MacBook Pro but found it hogged my Mac down, so I don't anymore. His was W10, but I expect it would work the same for both Windows and Mac.
  3. I found my little shirt pocket sized handbook that I used to carry as a FIST Chief and as a Brigade Fire Support Officer and then Artillery Bn S-3 (Ops officer). It's full of useful info and templates for fire support - calls for fire, how to develop ops plans for attack and defense. All the info a fire support officer at different levels needs at hand in abbreviated format. The most useful thing though for CM I found in it is a couple of pages of opposing targets and recommended fire missions - which resource and how many volleys, and different tables for attack and defense. This might be most useful for Black Sea due to the time period (this was from about 1979-80 I think). HOWEVER, all of my experience was in the 82d Airborne, which is a very highly trained light infantry division that arrives in style. We had towed 105s (M102s - the successor to the M101s from WW2 and Korea), 81mm and 4.2" (107mm) mortars. Same as WW2. The biggest difference we had was more forward observers pushed down to lower levels. Our fire direction procedures still used charts and "firing sticks" (specialized slide rules for calculating elevation and time for time fuses. One per charge) So it may be pretty well applicable to WW2 as well, with the obvious change that the calls for ICM and DPICM would not apply. But each one has a few choices depending on the friendly resources. It could be used for reference by players, or by scenario designers setting AI fire missions I think. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15dTgvZmGvfxoyGjHr3smkzoaPmGJMstSWF4djW2KFEQ/edit?usp=sharing Enjoy. Hope this is useful. Dave
  4. Hmm. I'm stumped. Can't think of what is (or was) happening.
  5. Mine is updated to 10.15.4 and all titles run correctly, including the RT beta. I didn't notice any difference in behavior after updating Mac OS X. I realize that doesn't help you, however, it doesn't seem to be specifically the update that is doing it, but may be related to it, just not the main cause. I have two suggestions: a) Try to open any CM title, watch it bounce, Open System Preferences, go to Privacy and Security and see if there is a message there telling you it can't open, and you can override that. If that is not the case and there's no message like that then try b) below. b) I would suggest picking one title and reinstalling it from the all in one installer. You shouldn't have to relicense, just rename the folder your existing one is in (add "-save" to the folder name). Then run the installer and install new. When you do that you will get a message along the lines of can't verify there is no malware - go to System Preferences and tell it to open anyway. Then it will verify the installer files, and you will have to answer the open question a second time. Then it should install. When you start the game, you will probably have to do that same sequence again to tell it to run anyway. Dave
  6. I think you're on the right track. I would try a clean installation of one of the games, the one that gives you the problem most often, if there is one. To save downloads, (just in case the new install blows up completely), rename the folder for your existing install by adding "-original" or something obvious. Then you could trash the new install and revert to the existing one if need be. The only time I've had anything resembling a freeze is just a momentary hiccup where it pauses panning in some of the biggest scenarios. (I'm discounting beta testing crashes where sometimes weird things happen). And I run mine on a 13" MacBook Pro laptop - far below your specs and I run with all the graphics settings maxed out all the time. My laptop is pretty new and I didn't have issues migrating from my old one, but that's certainly a possibility.
  7. This just occurred to me this morning. Peace and quiet. No phone calls for about a week so far I think.
  8. Not here. All closed. Schools closed. Restaurants closed but doing curbside or delivery. No events. Town meetings all by video or phone conference. No gatherings > 25 people. Over 60 no gatherings > 10 people. Chamber of commerce has a helpful web site with a spreadsheet on line with all food vendors (stores, bars, restaurants) their hours, and whether they do take out, curbside, delivery or drive thru. Local micro brewery is taking next week off from brewing to spend a full week making hand sanitizer. Then they'll give it all away. Pretty awesome. This is not a big company. Pretty successful little brewery but still. People who keep touting the flu numbers just don't seem to have read (or believe?) the medical experts that are saying and have been from the beginning that these measures are so that this doesn't cause millions of deaths around the world. Sure, so far only thousands have died. The POTENTIAL is very much worse. To add some on-topic content, I finished George's scenario that the dark and moody screen shot came from. One of the most enjoyable I've played in a while. Great map, REALLY well thought out AI opponent, choices to make that have big consequences. Really fun. Lots of good work is going into the scenarios. Your gonna' love it. Dave
  9. That's George's scenario. Appropriately moody and ominous because EVERY scenario of George's that I've played or playtested has gone to hell in a hand basket. "Life comes at you fast" as they say. This one is no exception so far (that pic was early on, and disaster had not yet struck - usually my own fault for being rash).
  10. Some fixes are much harder than others, without breaking a whole bunch of other stuff. It hasn't been forgotten.
  11. This isn't true at all. There were numerous save games provided and lots of back and forth discussion trying to pin down what (if any) unique situation it occurs in. And on the Beta forums there have been a lot of experiments run and test cases set up to verify and track it down . Everyone knows it exists and no one is not admitting it.
  12. I don't know what the AI logic does in the game, but for background, the FO calls a fire mission that includes a description of the target (inf co in the open, inf sqd entrenched in treeline, that sort of thing). The fire support unit, whatever it is, will decide what to fire, based on that description, their support role, ammo situation, and competing requests. The FO always has the option to call for a repeat if the initial fire mission was not effective enough. This is based on my experience as a FIST chief back in the late 70s, in the 82d Airborne, where our artillery methods weren't much different than in WW2 or Korea - all manual, no computers, no GPS. The main difference is that the FIST organization puts an enlisted FO with each infantry platoon and the LT with the company commander constantly, instead of just the one FO per company when and if attached as it was in WW2.
  13. And as Schrullenhaft noted, the installer will temporarily hang at the verifying step. It will seem like it's frozen. Wait it out (a minute or two) and it will present a message saying that it cannot verify that there is no malware. Open System Preferences, Security and you can select open anyway. There will be a second window come up about opening anyway. Be careful here - the blue highlighted default is set to "Cancel" Push the "Open" button. After that, everything will proceed normally. I've had Catalina installed from issue and been doing a ton of Beta testing and there are no issues that I've seen. All of the games work fine. I tested that each installer worked under Catalina. Good luck. If you have any problems or questions feel free to PM me. Dave
  14. Yeah, that was a good one. And I played it the first time as the US in a PBEM game. Loads of fun and nail-biting.
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