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  1. Also, there are demos for EACH game. Free. Download them all and try them out. They will give you a good flavor of each particular title. But they are all worth it, and you'll probably have most fun with the period/campaign that interests you the most.
  2. In my real life job I design and test the propulsion plants for nuclear submarines. We don't follow those guidelines. Because, ..., well, submarines. 🙂
  3. Found one yesterday. Pretty small one, but annoying just the same. Although actually it was pretty funny, other than the obvious issue of having a problem.
  4. I've seen this guy's videos on other weapons too. Nice little range to play on he has there. And yeah, that thing is very loud.
  5. They look good in game. You can see some of them right on Battlefront's main web page. The teaser picture there of the troops running past the tank is from a scenario featuring South Africans. Nice scenario too.
  6. I agree with Bud. The R2V stock scenario is good. One thing I'm liking about the R2V scenarios is that in several cases there is a role for proper use of recon to scout out the opposition. Failure to do so = bad things happening. Very bad things. (Ask me how I know this). In many CM scenarios the situation is pretty clear and the mission is to have at them. R2V in general is going to require some caution and development of the situation. IMO this is a really good thing. The stock scenario this map is from is a great example of that. As is the one that Elvis posted the edited picture from. You have recon forces and a reason to make use of them.
  7. This is going to be interesting. Having played through the R2V stock scenario several times, this is a different kettle of fish and should be interesting.
  8. I just got my a$$ handed to me play testing that one. Twice. ( no reflection on the scenario, just my own rashness and lack of skill 🙂 ). It's a fun challenge. It is a very good looking and interesting map.
  9. Right you are. If Elvis or Steve posts something, it's the official word. Beta team members can't say anything official in nature or reveal much of anything, but yes, they are building scenarios, maps, and doing TOE research as well as play testing scenarios.. Some (not me!) do ALL of those. I'm continually impressed with the depth of knowledge and research by some of them.
  10. That's what's listed in the patch notes in game.
  11. Yeah, right. Check my avatar. We supplemented with ramen, trail mix, whatever else we could pack that would keep for a few days. I'd always eat any of the fruit - instant energy. No one seemed to like apricots but I loved them so I'd trade my cannonball cakes for apricots any day. Needed too much water to choke those cakes down.
  12. Used to carry one on my key ring but it kept ruining my pockets. These days it's sitting on my desk at home.
  13. So did C-Rations. I never saw an MRE (yeah, I'm old). I could never manage to choke down more than 1 1/2 C-Rats a day. Sat there like rocks.
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