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  1. Good point. I thought that was going to be included in the distribution. It exists as a pdf. I'll ask.
  2. Ultradave

    Where is the 2.01 Patch?

    The Movie Loft on Channel 38. Great old movies with commentary about the filming and the actors. Watched it ALL THE TIME!
  3. Ultradave

    Where is the 2.01 Patch?

    There's a button right on the top of the page to change from that large icon format to list format, where you get the whole filename and the confusion is gone. It's not even hidden. 🙂
  4. Ultradave

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Many of the scenarios of all the modules had a going over. In a lot of cases that included new AI scheme(s). Not every single one, but a lot of them. They were at least looked at to see if they had a reasonable AI scheme.
  5. Ultradave

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Tactics II, Blitzkrieg and Afrika Corps were my first. Oh, and Bismark. When Panzerblitz came out it was a revelation.
  6. Just to be clear, the big profits are due to the big ticket price and not excessive percentage. The margin is about 8% profit, both on the design work and the construction. If a sub is delivered early, there are some incentive payments based on how early. But nuclear submarines are very expensive, so 8% is a good sized number. Machine guns, even IFVs and tanks, are pretty cheap unless you buy a WHOLE BUNCH of them.
  7. BMP-3 are available in Special Forces selections in the Scenario Editor. They don't show in Quick Battles.
  8. My original comment and second comment I responded to was that having a spotter the way it lets you now was not silly and is in fact worth it, which I still maintain. That's all. The rest is you putting words in my mouth about things being impossible. So I think I'm done here. Thanks for the discussion.
  9. OK, fine. I gave my opinion as someone who's been there, (having been a FA FIST Chief). You're free to have your own opinion. I'll let you explain to that mortar crew why they have to set up out in the open 🙂
  10. Not at all silly. It gives you some capability to keep your mortars out of the line of fire while spotting for them. As was related, you need to be close to the mortars but how about a spotter in a building or on a rooftop, with the mortars deployed just behind the building for cover.
  11. Ultradave

    CMSF2 v2.01 Released!

    Not sure what's wrong. Works for me in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Try this. It's the direct link to the download on the share file site (it's what you'd get when you click on the correct patch link): https://battlefront.sharefile.com/share/view/se81ce7d5b424d478/fo1acf54-2f50-49ab-9b2d-21aaa0ba764d
  12. Ultradave

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    One of the companies that we got some COTS radiation analysis software from - small company - called me their Charlie tester. Just when they thought they'd covered everything I'd stress the code a little farther and find something no one thought of. To be fair to them, I was finding new ways to use their code on unique problems, so they aren't really to blame. 🙂
  13. Ultradave

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    At work one of the programs we use for radiation analysis has been around in some form since the mid 60s. Of course then, our mainframe had 64K of main memory and they had to pull all kinds of tricks just to have room for the data the program used (there are still places in the program where 3 numeric variables are stored in one program variable - too hard to unravel and it work. The programs has grown (just a little 🙂 - about 150,000 lines of code now, not including the GUI, 2 satellite programs for pre and post processing, and a 3D visualization program, maybe a total of 500,000 lines in all). The original developer, who is one of the smartest engineers I've ever worked with, would say as a joke "We just fixed the last bug in GRAD" Every few months. Every one always got a laugh. Our group wrote/writes most of our own software, usually 2 people working on that one, 1.5 on a different suite. We thoroughly test the new features, do extensive regression testing, distribute to 2 national labs who also run their own tests. Still find bugs now and then. Seems there's always some odd combination of configurations that didn't come up before. The only similarity to CM is the scale of the operation. Completely different kind of software (scientific computation), and no beta testers 🙂 Just an anecdote, no commentary.
  14. Ultradave

    Semper Fi Campaign not available

    My bad. That was a different scenario that was fixed and posted. The Semper Fi fix is coming in the 2.01 update. Soon.
  15. Ultradave

    Semper Fi Campaign not available

    Not what I meant. Steve posted a FIXED SF2 Marine campaign. I'll see if I can find the post.