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  1. Since I JUST bought a new MacBook Pro, it will be a few years before the next one. The last two lasted 5 years each, and the previous one to this was doing great until my cat knocked it off my lap onto the wood floor.
  2. CM is good to go. My comment was in general. Most everything with a few exceptions is already 64-bit.
  3. Yes, you occasionally get messages on your computer when starting up an application, something to the effect that this version will not work in the future and to request an updated version from the developer. Many already are 64-bit. Many though are not and will have to be updated. Presumably, developers would be working on doing this, so as not to lose a sales base.
  4. Ok, I've been able to duplicate this and posted on the beta forums to have someone (or two or three) double check me. Also a couple thoughts on the specific situations that are happening (I'll hold that for now until I'm sure or someone confirms what I think I'm seeing).
  5. Good point. For BN, in the bottom right corner of the menu screen, you should see "v4.02, Game Engine 4"
  6. What specifically is your issue (or issues), so that it can be checked? And a saved game file if possible. If not, some good screen shots showing the unplayable issues.
  7. Interesting. I replayed your saved turns and see the fleeing toward the enemy behavior. I started my own Scottish Corridor campaign 5 times and did not get this behavior. So far the only German soldier I've found in that part of the map ran backwards from the hedgerow when fired at. There were not the 4 or 5 guys that are in your save - no idea if there are different German setups for the scenario and we randomly got different ones. That's why I ran it 5 times and seemed to see the same setup each time. The campaigns weren't changed in the updates/patches. I'll post this in the beta testing and see what happens with someone else. One other point. I'm on a Mac. I don't *think* that would make a difference but there are both Mac and PC testers. [edit] there WAS quite a bit of testing and there was a concentration on exactly this type of situation and it appeared to be fixed. I ran a dozen scenarios just in BN alone and did not see this, so I'm not sure what happened here. Dave
  8. Second this. Great small sized scenario to play from the Russian side and you have plenty to accomplish the mission as long as you aren't (too) reckless.
  9. Yes. If you post something that clearly sounds like a bug in the title, beta testers will key in on it. If you can add a saved game file that reproduces it that's ideal. That's not always possible, I know. Or some good screenshots. If it's something like TO&E that's incorrect, just a detailed description is probably enough. The beta testers do have an application to submit and track bugs. So fire away if you've got something.
  10. That's what Steve did for SF2. We were all invited to upload a variety of screenshots for him/them to pick from. (When he felt it was the right time, and to not show something that was still to be fixed or not ready for prime time).
  11. I'm just a beta tester and do not have that kind of knowledge. There are a couple who have encyclopedia like knowledge. They aren't me 🙂 I only wanted to point out that there are a lot of variables.
  12. One of the issues is that TO&E and unit types available change by the year and sometimes by the month. To take Fortress Italy as an example, multiple countries involved, each of those with arrival and withdrawal dates of types of units and those unit types TO&E changed many times as time passed. You theoretically could write an all encompassing TO&E document. Theoretically. If you had someone to do it.🙂 I think it ok to say that the patches and modules are being worked on simultaneously (without getting into gory details or violating any confidentiality).
  13. Well, without being able to actually say anything of substance, testing.
  14. No, just the two campaigns that needed updating, which as Steve has said, are being worked on.
  15. Looking at the picture, any reference to anything is a real streeeeeeeeeeeeetttttcccccchhhhhh.
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