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  1. Erwin try to play scenario by scenario/campaing if you want create two folders one zzz scecampworking another one scencampNOworking Put the ones in the correct folder after the try ...and let it on the side, there are enough scan camp working to make you happy don't make you headache for some there doesn't work !!
  2. This is also what I was thinking to make a difference with the usual US Icons Identification, (when we are using only the british force of course), a real british situation and not the "NATO model" like the US ones, a little like the OKW German Icons, a touch of reallity ! (Canadian Cat Icons) are the most close to the reality to representing the ww2 Icons, including Icons for CMRT, but...this is only MY opinion, correct me if I m wrong !
  3. 3j2m7

    Fortress Italy bugs

    oH mEIN Gott ...!! oH mEiN Gott hielf uns... and this is only one Module...what would be when we (they) will starting with the others Modules...best is to say and show what is not wrong...!! or asking BF to make a new forum with new games...what will be also with the new one R2V and new module with the Russian Offensive... Another issue could be that ...they dont like Battlefront games... !!! Kurz und schmerzhaft...and point on the line. !!
  4. Happy birthday Guardian of Darkness ! ...I wish I could be so young again, ...years are treasure !
  5. Vert interresting thank you to post it !!
  6. Longtime ago, Mord did the pixels soldiers....and Battlefront did the Time Machine...!!
  7. It would be interesting to create a wish gauge CMs, that we would like to see develops, only for the fun ! Everybody's could have three wishes...faites vos jeux !!
  8. Ok tomorow send you the list scenaris campaign only...
  9. Hi Zveroboy1 I will send you my contribution too, but by 600 I think you have really really all, ¿don t you ? anyway I will send you soon...
  10. 3j2m7

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Very good idee Steph, sure the mod will coming out !! 😁
  11. Erwin try first to check if you don't have copy of copy mods in differents folders names cos seam to be really really much... this was happened to me and now I am cleaning-up my hard(s) drive(s) and found lot of place there is a lot of software to do it, dont be afraid to loose something most of the time the soft make a reserve copy with the deleting files I use anti twin for the little story and he make a folder anti twined files with the exact location...
  12. Propose that somebody has to be the POC (point of contact) making a list of "missing" mods from the past, he can recieve it from (a mail Dropbox...) and make an update to send to CMMODs (Bootie) or somwbody else...
  13. Ok Erwin I will check all these old mods could be that I have it already now that you give me more infos Euroscape Syrope doodads... I keep also all since the beginning from CM's...thanks to the added infos...will tell you if I found it...
  14. Hmmm !! Erwin, where did you find some Balkan terrain...?? In the past for personal use I did a test and a little mod about Serbian Croatian and Bosnian war but dont find a correct terrain for this...or do you mean the game in the past ...Balkan in fire from BF...?
  15. Yes and this really usefull...I did some tests, in case that one day I want to created some maps...
  16. 3j2m7

    New Scenario - Assault on Port Cros

    Yes and in my "understanding" this is what I mean when I say step by step, ...a correct and detailled explanation about all what ou did untill now...
  17. 3j2m7

    New Scenario - Assault on Port Cros

    Quality in details very interresting nice to see the developpment step by step !!
  18. 3j2m7

    USMC Helmets and Gear

    Look very great , very professional and nice detailled, I don't have the version 2 of CMSF but could buying...or apply patches...thank you for your job !! Waiting for the "announced " others, like IDF...with all these news mods CMSF is reborn...
  19. Tuto a la Falaise !! not happy enough to show the right ways...he show also the wrong one s (poignees et accolades friend )😂