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  1. Hi folk, New Mod awaiting on the CMMODs... Hope will be usefull ! Enjoy an let me know !! JM
  2. 3j2m7

    Modding Buildings

    Good point friend I will have a look later on this, interresting to know ...
  3. 3j2m7

    Boring Time

    Indeed depend what and where you will do something, inside outside...?? I m sure with 3d forms we can do beautiful things...
  4. 3j2m7

    Modding Buildings

    JulianJ this could be interresting to you. Have starting something similar with modding something on the wall...
  5. Stubborn by troubles of details since years now, not really happy with his job, researching always things to perform his passion...they are looking Hells amazing Mord, you don’t win only ours admirations but win the title of “Hells portraits Master”.
  6. hehehe I think there are CM players who pimp theirs CM more than they are playing ! Thank you for the encouragements I really prefer yours more style and better details. So have just to waiting that yours are done ,) Allez allez au travail
  7. Good choice Mord, I much prefer those, it is more varied. At work now I would like to have the USA and Cmwz before Christmas (just kidding) ! Below when I didn t make a mistake this is my version (not finish) ! You can perhaps reconized some figures like yours ! Missing only yours wonderful details of units ! They are not so beautiful as yours but me I dont have to share it
  8. 3j2m7

    Early War

    Yes is a awesome effect and it's must be interresting to take part to do it...
  9. 3j2m7

    Early War

    Hey friend sburke I found the link directly...what do you think about now...😁
  10. 3j2m7

    Early War

    Wait Erwin I will send you soon, is a vid clip similar as the first one, that I have already posted, nothing special...
  11. 3j2m7

    Early War

    yeah you got it... but the hells buttun is also the "enter key" of your computer that one time pushed is "irreversible" or here in CM the button "submit replay" ... how many times we have hesitated to send a message! ? before pushing this key link... ?? this button have to have another name..."warning are you sure you will send your message"???...or "warning with these answer your text will not have a good impact"... Yes I know, is a hell text to explain a link procedure !! 😉
  12. 3j2m7

    Early War

    So I mean that the way they present the clip is funny but also ... the habit that I am always too fast to send a message if my text is readable or not ... don't tell me that you don't let a smile escape from your face when you watched the clip ... !!
  13. 3j2m7

    Early War

    Yes i was too quick to send it, is nothing special to download...something only funny, no possibility to delete it apologyse about..
  14. 3j2m7

    Early War

    You wanted a early war, you got it !! Yes the Somua and the BMW Motorbike are now in CM Enjoy https://r2---sn-ab5l6ndr.googlevideo.com/videoplayback?mm=31,26&expire=1533581442&id=o-AJtfWwx8hqM__ghKTv_OZN7v2uwYa1ZEGTfQLC-33x7l&ipbits=0&source=youtube&mv=m&pl=64&ei=IkRoW_a-K4qR1gLhuYvoBQ&ms=au,onr&ip=2a01:7e01::f03c:91ff:fe49:6d3b&ratebypass=yes&lmt=1518148024633730&fvip=2&c=WEB&dur=272.370&clen=18308252&mn=sn-ab5l6ndr,sn-p5qlsndr&gir=yes&mime=video/mp4&key=yt6&initcwndbps=385000&requiressl=yes&mt=1533559701&signature=C20989659F2A7FBF627BE56911CD528CB2A557BE.C1FBDFB954E7AB7BC79D1498A3998CB37DD03A8E&sparams=clen,dur,ei,gir,id,initcwndbps,ip,ipbits,itag,lmt,mime,mm,mn,ms,mv,pl,ratebypass,requiressl,source,expire&itag=18&title=1940+Lego+World+War+Two+Second+Battle+of+Sedan.mp4 JM