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  1. @Mord No no !! you dont understand You are complaining (in right)to dont recieve enough answers of yours news Italian PortraitsV2 in these thread, and me I told you : Don't forget that you have already answers of ANOTHER THREAD.
  2. Don't forget that you open already another threat and have some answers of yours Italy Portraits not finished ! Mord's Mods: Fortress Italy Edition
  3. indeed very nice you have only to import it all in CMBN than it will be Ramelle for everybody !
  4. Blender and Ramelle No sorry is not a mod but this could give some Ideas later for modders I found this only beautiful ! View from the church and view of the German !
  5. Perhaps this have something to do with the high of the gun and the muzzle fire...no Idea ? ? ! ! I was tried to import mds in 3d Max Autodesk/Cad2019 ZModeler2 they but , they don t reconized the format... nothing happening... ...and all infos that I found about mds file on the net make a reference to an iso disk image, but this is not the kind of mds file that we are talking about, I dont find anything else about mds...any Ideas ??
  6. Hmm mds ! I never try, but I can check it out, I read somewhere, I think from Geezer, or Sbobovyc, that this kind of files was not possible for now, don t existe the Python addon but I dont remember where, ask on best @Aquila-SmartWargames me I will try to import a mds file in max or another 3d program, but not sure, I dont think I saw this extension to import...
  7. @Aquila-SmartWargames I have a licence from 3D Max and sketchup, and already converted a lot to obj and in case in the same time in fbx and 3ds, so if you need some, i can lend you a hand...
  8. It will be of course very interresting to know how move the mds files... The only persons that I know and have sufficient knowledge in Blender and Python could be Aquila-SmartWargames Geezer sbobovyc perhaps one of them could created an issue via Python ? If some peoples on the forum or not, have some knowledges in this areas, it will be very helpfull that they come out from the shadow. The last solution could be, that BFStaff himself, open the dance, this could be also a way to prolong the life of CM serie for long long long time...
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