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  1. CM3 has a good name and I m sure will be good, but until now, only the stars are able to listening the cracking floor of the building's from BF, soon perhaps !
  2. I iwill try Erwin I will try ! Don t be sad we will have better days soon...F and R are on the way...well I hope, and after this a module for cmbs than cmfb than...bigG Exclamation mark.
  3. Horses 1. June 41 - april 42 2. Maj 42 - maj 43 3. June 43 - maj 44 All eastern front 😁 Some of the more common requests as far as I know... - game performance improvments - graphics improvements - additional editor features - additional gameplay features - finish CMBS- and CMFB module the skip to CM3 - WW2 early war, 1939-40 - WW2 north africa - WW2 pacific - WW2 eastern front - 1945, 46 west vs russia - WW1 - Korea 1950- - Vietnam - Fulda gap - Arab - Israeli wars - modern day Syria , Irak, Afghanistan - modern day USA/NATO vs China - modern day USA/NATO vs North korea - China vs India war - more battlepacks for existing titles Combat Mission Blitzkrieg. Warsaw to Moscow. 1939-1941 2. Combat Mission Fulda Gap 1970-1990. 3. Combat Mission Afrika Korp. Libya, Egypt, and Tunis. 1942-43. 4. Combat Mission Case Blue. Blau to Stalingrad 1942. Don't forget a new version of the afghanistan game (CMA)!!! CMRT Fire and Rubble and a module (CW?) for CMFB, IIRC. CMFB needs a big end-of-war module that includes Brits, crossing the Rhine and the Ruhr pocket. CMBS needs a module too, I think with Marines (from both sides) and whatever else they want to include. CMRT's almost all wrapped up and CMFI module of course was their last big release. Not to mention (literally not to mention) the government work we're not supposed to mention  N A lot of (news countries) to see and helpful for Barbarossa Invasion from Yugoslavia 1941 Germany Italy (Bulgaria Hungary Romania Yugoslavia Partisans). SO...LONG LIFE FOR COMBAT MISSION BATTLEFRONT WE LOVE YOU !
  4. Nice one Pete, brand new just out of the Ruhr paint factories...
  5. Mj and S Falaise sorry I am in holliday now dont took the time to check out your mod and also the Job from Rockingharry that also very active for CM, but I saw the cry from Aragorn2002 and give him right some feedback must be soon when I come back I will give you a feedback, but when I read all positives comments seem that all will be saying good job boys ! JM PS next I will take the laptop with me ...
  6. Sometimes I would like to know what is going on in the head of Steve and BF Staff, when they read our posts, our desires, ...probably only a smile or simply a short nod, or they check togeher and writing a cross the different possible modules that they could prepare us, with a date very very later in the futur, in some columnes YES, NO, CAN BE, GOOD IDEA, ...who know ! ! ! ? ? ? ... Will be nice that send us pictures, of the staff and the work environnement ! JM
  7. @RockinHarry I propose that you try to use also this little program for the alpha channel this is easy to use ! I now get most im- and export MDR file working smoothly. Just have all required texture files with mdr file in place in single folder. Then in Blenders object view mode select all of an objects hierarchy and there you go. Off course sticking to the game objects internal terminology and file names is another requirement. In one experiment I "converted" a PAK/AT bunker to normal concrete shelter type successfully. I deleted the guns object hierarchy and associated crew positions. Then substituted these with ones taken from a normal shelter type bunker (leader, leader1...., gunner, gunner 1...etc). Seems to work fairly normal ingame, but there´s issues with hit- or bounding boxes. I figured same issues are with the original, unedited Pak Bunkers. So likely more of a general game problem with bunker/vehicle types (confirming many my other impressions) So one can do lots of neat things in Blender and get them working, though with some limitations due to hard coding and other not too well known data. At least it helps understanding some the game mechanics treatment of objects a lot better. Think for now I´m filling up many the unused flavor object slots for special use in my mission designs. To remember, by change of the UI button size to smaller (mod), one can have and place at least 16 flavor objects per type. Maybe even more, but not tested. this is the part of your text that I appreciate ! 😉 Hope you will discover more things this is very interesting and well comented !
  8. @tomcio_p@gazeta.pl (Unfortunately, the alpha channel contained in Gimp is not recognized by the game) I propose you to save your file first in png, than to use the small program Grenfish Icons Editor, delete or cut the transparent part, and save your file in bmp format. JM
  9. I was moving infantry in mode hunt but is too slow, and tanks in mode slow and already I found the slow mov for tanks are quick, but Yes the good one for me now is, infant quick and tank slow with some pause for the tank, without to forget to active the pause button to coordinate both movements, thanks guys I think I have almost what I need... JM
  10. Hi there, I try to manage a movement with squads with support of tanks in CMBN in the same time, than alternated tanks and squads when approching villages or hedges, like I would have tank riders but one of them are always quick as the other. What is the key order in the command menu to support each others, to move approximately in the same speed, without using more time the command pause or avoid to the infantry to move quick? Thanks in advance
  11. @BootieIs probably because this movie has two title ! https://www.google.com/search?q=indigene+movie&client=ms-android-samsung&prmd=vin&sxsrf=ALeKk019u80rySyUax0iX8lI7P5HZvKLng:1592846719789&source=lnms&tbm=vid&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj9nqi3-JXqAhWMERQKHQQkBSgQ_AUoAXoECBoQAQ&biw=412&bih=652&dpr=2.63#ip=1
  12. Oh man enjoying is a little word I savour it 😉
  13. A very nice buildings and map and this is from two years ago, graphics seem to be from yesterday... How is possible that I dont saw this before ?... thank you @Warts 'n' all to dig it !
  14. Breathtaking @Lucky_Strike !!! With this kind of graphics we are in mood to admire the beauty of the nature, only the bullets whistling in ears remind us that we are on a battlefield !! I think with yours beautiful collage mods, you makes us awakes checking the config of our graphic card 😁!!
  15. Very nice job MJ this mod is a must in CMFI, we cannot download at the moment the real one but soon... the pictures are saying already a lot, I like very much the job from the typical sandals and the mixed helmets, this give a touch of reallity,... impatient to donwload it ! Pity, that this mod slept so long on a hard drive forget... ! ! but now now all together from the forum ! ! Bootie bootie bootie... ! !
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