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  1. 3j2m7

    New features curiosity

    Welcome Euro guy
  2. 3j2m7

    Sherman engines and more

    Thank you John this is the one that I was using in my first mod I like alwyas yours differents subjects to post 😁
  3. Thank you to explain "the problem", some of users were reporting the same situation, and I recommend them to open these files with another program, like zip rar…and the files works fine. Let me know...
  4. 3j2m7

    Can I cut and paste my CM game...

    Secret no, only some tests with trying to use and renane some brz german files to using in both side to represent polish soldiers, it was on the beginning and I test some, but I make a mistake when I rename some files in the brz and have a lot of uniforms cos I have to copy full German army in the Russian one and rename step by step all German soldiers in a Russian soldier with "polish German uniforms... But than i lost the view of some files and dont have the mood to continue...
  5. 3j2m7

    Can I cut and paste my CM game...

    This is my Hd Structure the second picture is the link from the shorcut of the first picture
  6. 3j2m7

    Can I cut and paste my CM game...

    Important is to be registered, than you can make so much copy as you want...this is the way that I use, (news brz some personal tests...)...in case of the original game crash, you can also rename it, but keep in mind to working on the good game when you make some modifications and keep an original one, in case of...
  7. Mord is like K, Jagerfeld, L, Vitton, Ch, Dior...contempling and dressing his models with passion, finesse and patience ...a scarf left and a hat smaller, and a red a little more clear to the right..than ready for the big defiler, for ours eyes on the carpet of mods ...
  8. Holly crap !! They are moving alone !! So nice and so real thank you Mord for this amazing job...
  9. Like "sitrep" remind my soldier time...
  10. 3j2m7

    Murphy's Laws of Combat

    John, eyes and ears around CM !!
  11. 3j2m7

    ARMA 2 and 3 demos

    True sburke, that right, is this case a message in pm is better welcome...
  12. 3j2m7

    ARMA 2 and 3 demos

    True is not the right place to talk about this but little info is always good welcome...so I don't have Arma 3 in demo but in real CD I buy it not for the modern battle principally but to use the lot of Mods that you can download, and principally mod of ww2 and I have really appreciated, in fps where you can also commanding a little squad created yours maps and using the battles editors... Little mistake is Arma 2 and not Arma 3 sorry for this...
  13. Mord, brother like you said, everybody's can choose his portraits now, you can take some quiet time and rest a little, didn't know that you have a hidding face in your job...
  14. 3j2m7

    Murphy's Laws of Combat

    Check list before and after each movement, good study, and usefull when apply !
  15. Could be perhaps interresting for you, to know what kind of background are the most loving and used by the fans in the forrum, this will make your huge job more easier. Have perhaps to make a vote to know...