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  1. 3j2m7


    Don't have anything wrong about yours beautiful uniforms skins, but there existing a lot on these address... http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net
  2. This was a part from all old mods on Battlefront webpage, the old "Repository" before the CMMODsIII from (greenasjade.net)... the CMMODsIII dont have all the old mods from Repository lot are missing on the new place, but probably also too olds for the new generation of CM engines...now this links doesn t existe more on the new Battlefront.com webpage...I reconized it with all the Syrian mods... SYRT_1.1 S1 Camo (Dirty) REGULAR Infantry and Mord Mods Mord's Total Chaos US With Radio Chatter DayMord's Total Chaos US With Radio Chatter Night
  3. 3j2m7

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    not coup au but...but "coup de Maître" !! Like Warts 'n' all said the gunner have the fear of his life !
  4. try the command "hot key" (alt + r) toggle shader or (alt +w) toggle shadow !!
  5. In the past I was playting chess with a friend, and very good I can say, the particularity of these chess was lot little bottle of alcool with differentt taste...the diffence were differents colors and a draw of a tower or king...was really funny...only in the time we were a little of effect of alcool taking chess pieces from your opponent cos you have to drink it direclty and in one drop well was not too much but anyway ... Sorry was not a relevant story !!
  6. 3j2m7

    CMFB Modern Style Floating Icon Mod

    Bill yours Icons are talking, and very useful I can not say the same from mine on the cmmods
  7. Me too dont care about a nuke conflict want only a typical strike between big nations or satellites nations, I would be reallly happy with FG but also in another scales view over Seven_Days_to_the_River_Rhine ...thinking to use the nuke weapons or chimical ,will be an act criminal hyprocrite and from low level , also in the real world, we have already these kind of men in the reallity so let these Ideas for the fools, CM is a game that we love, because responding to ours hungry wishes of tactics and strategy, including these weapons will stop all funny ways to play, I dont understand why we have to talk about these "economics and devastator weapons" I dont think that we have some criminals members in CM world, ...isnt ?
  8. ...a good tactical clash of Cold War units in CM... with all these vehicles pak, we have already a foot in the next areas, of Arabs Israely war...have only to change weather landscape and names...
  9. If I may + 1 for Aragorn2002 The old school seems to be more and more forgotten in our times...!!!
  10. I Was just in the sky, ...dreaming already to move some east germany and soviet tanks to the german border...in case I take the red player place of course...:)
  11. Sniff...Joke ... so no chance to see my english vehicles, I dont saw anywhere these vehicles in a gameplay... I mean a good gameplay...
  12. +1 also British army I would like to see Chiftain and Centurion...
  13. I was a little suprise from Erwin answer, cos he is normaly always very kind and give always a good word to help peoples...but everybodys have a bad day sometime, and is true that we recieve from couples of weeks agos, some strange message, in China Corean or Japan...some strange behaviours that we have to pay attention. About Thief2125 I will say big thanks to be present on the forum and let us access to the big work , polite to ask if he can use a mod already done to make himself some modifications, I m sure appreciated from each of us, this is the kind of guy that we need with Oleksandr and all the futures news modders, to bring "a sherry of the cake" of ours favourits games series from BF, and I m sure there is more to awating in these kind of new members, wait and see...
  14. Awesome immersion Thief tank you ! So now that we have also somewhere on the CMMODs or on the Forum Romania and Finland and with Italy we have already almost principal Germans Satellites troops in Russia, we can created big battle between Russia Finland or can created Barbarossa...
  15. 3j2m7

    New features curiosity

    Welcome Euro guy