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  1. 3j2m7

    Soldiers Movemens

    Accept yours comments with a smile Steph, hope that more peoples like it also...well when I see the number of download can think that they like also but want stay in darkness of silence, to give impressions, they are only to proud or to fearful to let theirs opinions.
  2. 3j2m7

    Soldiers Movemens

    Thank you Steph, but it's mean that the sound Mod affect bad/good the kind to play? ...eni detect the squad more quickly as with the normal sounds ??
  3. 3j2m7

    Soldiers Movemens

    so mean that you dont like this mod ? seam to be too much, too loud, ??
  4. 3j2m7

    Obviously, not much to see here yet!

    Also when nothing is to see here, is a pleasure to see Steve Battlefront banner float, mean that soon we will see more somewhere else...
  5. Thank you Coop to commenting, this is important for me to know how is the new concept.. Soon give you the link on Dropbox to the Lehr Uniforms Mod... JM
  6. Happy that you found the way to present your job Steph, like I told you I appreciated the way that you go to the peoples to searching the truth, one story battle very important to the rest of the war, thank you to share it on the forrum.
  7. Took time to understand the meaning of your text but now that I understood, the point come you 😁
  8. 3j2m7

    Soldiers Movemens

    So have modified the file with advices that you told me and changing the "Roger"more hard...deleting some smalls talk and let little more sounds without radio talk... Dont want put on the CMMODs cos already problem of version...see topic about explanation of list of my mods with Erwin big discussion... If you want can send you exclusively for you the modified file...must be by Dropbox because the size of the file...@+ JM
  9. 3j2m7

    Soldiers Movemens

    Experimental part 01 is a clip of internet a real radio cheat from 1944 (hard dog7) (a unit asking for an artillery support) I cut the sound to have and created only a report observation explained to the high echelon, (sad that the high echelon dont say "out" after his message) I was putting one but this don't sound good...cos another voice. Somebody tell me that from hard dog 7 the sound is too low... By roger you mean the experimental mod part 1? by the tank ? You mean the noise of radio (interferences) is too loud...? C'est magnifique que tu perçoives les sons comme je voulais les faire sentir...merci !
  10. 3j2m7

    Soldiers Movemens

    Merci Hehe with the Experimental one you feel young again !! 😁 Good point for battery...was not thinking about🀣 Don't understand really about Roger ? Can you give more infos? Good point about Small weapons yes I saw this also...and you have the good sounds now with the coup par coup ? I will check again the files nd regarding to yours comments and yours advices to try to changes some part of sound... @+ JM
  11. 3j2m7

    Soldiers Movemens

    Thank you to post JoMc67, I try to give the player an acceptable real situation on the battlefield, try to make everybodys happy, and listen of theirs comments advices or critics and make another version with the news changes, this bring sometimes of confusions, I m not an expert on Mods, but I like to share what I do and what I like, and perhaps let open for another modder, some news ideas and concepts, ...so than I invite you to download what could be interresting for you and waiting in a couples of days/weeks to yours recommendations, critics... Will be kind of you... JM
  12. Hi there New Mod in the CMMODs Mod 6 for CMBN but also all categorie of CMs games. This represents soldiers on movements with combat gear and weapons. You will listen : Soldiers crawing, walking, running with combat gear with their weapons and cartridges, listen shoks helmets, but also listen, noise of mess tin and water bowl, (water moving in bottle when they are moving ), showel, gaz mask...reserve whisky, pin up poster, cigarettes,lighter... and all what a soldier can carry on with him ! Enjoy ! And please let me know !!! JM
  13. Wait you don't know there are also Patches...Just Kidding 😁 No but there are two others mods soon on the way... 6 Soldier movements 7 Voices and Environnements Just to helping gamers 😊 When you have time to test them let me know cos of yours advices I will make a version 02...kidding ..again..πŸ˜† No but please let me know if there are some bugs or something weird... πŸ€” I have also to know if all these mods are useful or not..??
  14. 3j2m7

    Priority !!

    Sorry Erwin I was busy with all mods... I understand now how you can be focussed on your job, I didn't know about so much preparation, sad that I don't have CMBS...perhaps I will think about to buy it ? Thank you to take time to explain in details, very very interresting and useful, I was not thinking that you will tell me in details and loose your precious time.πŸ‘