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  1. Soon presenting by Aquila CM The Shifttain The Centurion The Merkava The BTR 152 Water Cannons and much more...stay awakes !! Like always zipped files to download will be available, enjoy. Sigh !!
  2. Details makes always the difference...not only buildings are nice but also ground and rubbles.
  3. ...a word a gesture Aquila-CM does the rest !
  4. Look very nice and real...more of this !
  5. Since the first day I said about Aquila-CM Posted July 18 You seem to manipulate all these tools of the game, like to take your breakfast ! here on the forum you will get a place of first choice and your knowledges will be apreciated and sought... some good modders will take care of you ... or you will take care of them but I m sure together you will do a good job hope to see more, I have lot of projects, like everybody ... And I maintain what I said, Aquila is a MUST on the forum... @sbobovyc give the 3D available keys @Aquila-CM open all doors The others one, let us discovers ! ! BF watching on a staff map the situation !!
  6. If CMs can be FPS he will looking like Arma 1 with mod Arma 2 !
  7. chain tracks in the ground... Disappear after some sec/minutes like most of the games on the net...is only to give a real effect... well in the reality there is also nobody to erase the tracks and footprints on the ground... you want reality you have reality... scouts are there to detect eni !!
  8. Yes we have already beautiful games sleeping in ours drawers, and it is sometimes good and interesting to open it, and remove the dust of time...
  9. Very interesting Mord I didn't know there is so much possibilities of Campaign in this game. I think It will be better to have a view more close when you have a hand to hand combat... but I never play this game. You give me the wish to play again with my old Medieval TW.
  10. Resolved happy cos ... I found more thread about Soviets thank you to your detailled infos !
  11. Not sure perhaps also a old Mod from Ez or another modders. I think from couple of month I saw somes pic from a Soviet uniform with some strange camo ... I will make some research !! ??
  12. ...me not, want only that you recognized that "A FRIEND" was helping you, so small the help could be...I was thinking only that the new generation lost the sense of polite forms and expressions...You hope also to be respected when you help peoples...
  13. snipping tool is a little application in the windows programme very easy and helpfull to use, clic on start and make a search "snipping tool" and start the program...
  14. Imagination is without limit with Blender crowned with Aqui /Sbo & Cie.
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