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  1. Happy that you found the way to the forum Wim, peoples are, checking first the forum than the CMMODs III and IV, thanks for the updates, I will send you soon by dropbox the others files ...
  2. Merci Steph je vais m'en tenir â ce que tu me dit, je ne joue pas a CM pour l'instant et ce depuis plusieurs jours voir semaine car j'essaye plusieurs autres jeux comme Graviteam, Call to arms... mais jattends surtout la sortie du nouveau CM R4V et je reste donc branché des nouvelles sur le forum.
  3. Seem to have some problems? So now question patch or no patch ? Stay by 00 ? Patch 01 and stay by 01 Or patch 02 ?
  4. Ohhh silly of me...yes is true Dday is the meaning...dont have my place here on this forum, anyway I don't exist here sorry to disturb your read Gentlemen...
  5. Love it is very very interresting thumb in the air for all this job for the time to the peoples having created this untill now... a lot of ideas for futures periods of mods... if only we could modding not existing, or replacing somes vehicles... we could created differents historical periods, and see my incredible hope to see the m48 m60 Centurion Chieftain merkava... let me dream...hope with the new cm3 will bring us something news and modulable... sorry i let me go... sigh !!
  6. Very nice vid good job, I guess soon we will have a CM Vietnam... well I hope very much !!
  7. For my part I use the net paint program I save my files in png and resume in BMP with the program greenfish, is perhaps much job but for what I want to do I am happy with... there is certainly a function to add an alpha channel in paint net, to speak only of this one, but personally for the time like I tell you I am happy with ... to be more professional I use photoshop or lightroom for photos that requires more precisions ... it remains to see what you want to do ... voili voilou !
  8. Glory to a solid pillar of CM !!
  9. Alpha channel is the tranparence "color" of certain files like .png... files are composed from red, green and blue channel colours this is a fourth channel colours... My answer is probably not exactly explicitly but I hope to give you a short overview to your question.
  10. Could be, not sure ... and probably "an amored unit on foot" looking desesperate to theirs destroyed war machines, under the smoke of an already an active fire...vorsetzung folgt...;)
  11. Yes !..imagine some old german soldiers after discovering the Thor hammer, disguised in Roman soldiers, unable to read or write, armed from some poor mg 42, hidden a understanding fear under a little smile of theirs tired faces, waiting anxious in the Teutonburg Forest, some inexpliquable kind of troop marching and destroying their country, nobody know how these invaders will be looking, how much they will be and what kind of weapons technology they will have, this new army that everybody talk about but nobody know... Diese Verdammten CM3 ! Who a smile of myself have some difficulties on this time to appear to my words...
  12. I don t know if these one are Goumiers or fighting with the Allied, but for sure R4V and the futur CM3 will be a surprise !
  13. I flight now on Chernobyl ...will be funny to listening thanks
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