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  1. For infos Arma have a lot of Camo faces on his website... I am searching to a camo paint, looking like the screaming eagles 506th airborne, with mohawks camo faces, but dont find anything for now, if somebody have something about, let me know... mixing with a mod similar as (Mos Remove Some German Helmets), this must be possible to do it, but for Usa or CW of course... JM
  2. ...mouth-watering for all these added futurs little projects and effects, that you made already with perseverance, or obstinacy (don t know exactly which one I have to use) never completly happy with your job, and searching always the perfection ! I take you at your word...(those vines jar with me, we’ll see ...) jM
  3. Amazing map really look like another CM Module these @Paper Tigermade a lot of things in the past!
  4. Very nice job ! Thank to let us enjoy !
  5. Very nice trio distinctions, perhaps faces and hands are too clean for paratroopers ? Thank you for these news looks !
  6. Some files appear on the forum but not on the CMMODs, Bootie have to have the time to place it and prepare the link...
  7. Its important to be awake on news on the forum, and keep a place on HD to place mods scenarios or updates, not for the time directly availables on the CMMODs ! JM
  8. Very nice job Damian45, I like very much that we see the evolution of these uniforms, and the reworked details from the Airborn ! JM
  9. Like in the Casino... "faites vos jeux" ! 😎
  10. ...that s why with tears in my eyes, but without admitting the defeat, because... it is only a postponed game, I turn to the exit door and I bow to a wise decision !
  11. 3j2m7 - Minus 5 Poinst Man hey ! how much minus points I would recieve when the links are uninterresting ? !! 😆
  12. Very interresting link Erwin thanks to post it !
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