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  1. SUPERBE Stephane, je pense même m'inscrire,car il y a des vues fabuleuses du débarquement, et plus loin sans être gênés par les autoroutes actuelles, de plus je peus également voir mon ancien village â Strass.! 😉
  2. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=266 Old CMMODs III Was I liked by old CMMODs III. was to make a research by Authors, now by CMMODs IV If you are searching to a old mod without to know who did it...tomorrow you are always searching for... I think a link to the Authors has to be available !!
  3. unforgivable indeed ! my common sense of wanting to help others, will kill me one day 😁 !
  4. We can better help you, if you tell us witch country are your looking for !
  5. Very interresting didn't know about this situation... The "Drava Operation" could be interresting , Bulgarians and Yugoslavs fighting hand in the hands with the Soviet force ! slowly Yugoslavia could perhaps see the light in CM one day !!
  6. Yes you are right, this one must remain only a good reference model for possible realizations, Blender in a good hand, seem to be without limit, thank you again to let us discover, it was very interesting to follow step by step the differents phases.
  7. Amazing work and...live, hope that you save this mod and let it in your famous Mods Folder thank you very much for this 5 detailled min job !
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/yugo/yugoslavian-armor-of-ww2%3famp This was the infos that I took, but this will be after CMRT F&R, this module will introduce very interresting stuff with shermans and partisans features reporting to a futur Yugoslavia Mod !
  9. Is incredible what kind of details from all levels we can find in CMs series, everybody's like to put a touch of knowledges and is always very interresting I have the feeling to read again SOP SOI,... from my unit !
  10. Hope you will come home safely soon and enjoy with your family, I was also in ISAF in Kabul and waiting impatiently to my fly, but the snow and fog were cover the airport and because the mountains around, we have to waiting another quite day to take off...have a save trip !!
  11. I see that you were not tired from my talk How do you think to do it ? I will check on the net, and will send you a pm, if somebody is interresting let us know, "Union is strength" !
  12. I am interresting to all battles or all little fight in these regions, the theatre of the Yougoslavia allow us to created all, from a big tanks battle to an action of partisans guerilla, rescue from commando or to saving civilian life's our imaginations is our limits. And not only the "modern conflict" but also the German occupation in ww2. With BF serie from CMA to SMSF2 technologies and some very good modders, we have almost all the potential and knowledges, weapons and vehicles to recreated all nations including, part of NATO and Warsaw Pact. The yougoslavia war was a mix of vehicles from this bigs blocks, vehicles from ww2 with somes specialities from some country, in the beginning of the war some of them were really poor and have only vehicles from ww2, but I dont have to tell you, some of us know with details...I mean only with a mix of CM series we have almost all what we need to recreated the Balkan war. 😉 I know only that some of us are also interesting of jumping in these region, the day will come when the wind of certain news mods will be forgotten, I guess in 3 4 years, let coming first CMRT module... Big Brother of BF himself will perhaps be interresting also, who know ? I like some battle and situations to preserve a "poor" country, but also to conduct a big German offensive and conquest some territory, and with this I think in the beginning of the war 1939.😎 And with all these amalgam we can turn to the hot sun of the middle East countries. So, so far from me now, I guess I am very far away to the answer that you were waiting, and me with an empty mind... But I am like the politician, I like to speaking and try to created new things, but saddly for the time without bigs results my mods don't have any impacts of the games !
  13. Ahh yes the Airfix soldiers, a big story I hope that you have also the Japaneses...😉 remember time tu put all preciously on the living or dining room table, ...waiting to put in ambush the Japaneses, than was time to eat 😂
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