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  1. Woaaw this is really in details thank you I will compare some functions with my config in the way, anti aliasing, vertical syncro, negativ, trilinear all littles functions that make the difference...!
  2. Very nice work, looks very good, don t forget to added a zip in the middle !
  3. umlaut A few shots from the very entertaining "Smokey's Challenge" scenario. Great fun. Short infos about your config, including shaders and so on... will be welcome pls !
  4. I am happy like Warts 'n' all that you could resolve your music problem, sorry that I couldnt help you more, I was busy, and also because you were in good hands with him to resolve the problem, anyway, for the future try to use the Mod Tools, include in all CM games but read and backup yours files before !
  5. We have to know the name of the file that you want put in your Z folder?
  6. Check first is the name is the same as the original file that you want to change, a simple space in the name can change sometimes lot of things so, verify first the whole name and compare it with the mod name that you want to added ! Otherwise search the mod name that you want added make a backup of the original one and replace it !
  7. Again a mod that will be a success Stephane, thanks for all these calculated details, appreciated your patience to your job and your kind to share it ! JM
  8. Thanks Elvis is more clear now thanks to take the time to answer, your presence is a must on the forum. Thank you to take time to added these infos, I was reading on Wikipedia, and found only this, (regarding to the picture on the screen, SP 17pdr, Valentine, Mk I, Archerfront (and direction of driving) to left, engine to right) !
  9. Ok you are probably right, happy that you are a Rubbish players like me, and perhaps I am also novice, but tell me what kind of vehicle have this behaviour in RT and FB I just check the To and E but dont find ?
  10. Yes very different never using a Archer...so in fact I have to give a reverse order to move on, and move on the front to take cover and move back... !!! In this case I dont want to see the nose of a tiger or ATK cos the order will be back ,hmm ,I mean go in the front no now is time to ... escape ¿¿ Can we not change this behaviours in the game, or change the front side of the vehicle, this give really confusion?? Or because all CM players are ACES, and know already this behaviours, nobody think about it to mentioned, I feel me without resource I go back and learn to drive a tank...
  11. Thanks to BF and team to let us enjoying the new module on time for chrismas... First Battle first first strange behaviours, (Scen Flames in the Mist) the Archer Antitank is a little weird, when I give order to move, the Back on the vehicle is on the front and of course the front is on the back I was checking the silhouette of the vehicle I saw 2 light in the front so in fact the vehicle move from behind... Do have somebody also this behaviours ?
  12. Yes like in a cartoon movie, cherry on top (on the cake) ;)) "Une cerise sur le gâteau" to be more precise !
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