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  1. How dare they say that about hardcore wargamers! That makes me so angry! 😡 😄What exactly do they expect?
  2. Awesome news guys! Congratulations! This will increase your player base exponentially.
  3. I'm an engineer so explaining things clearly comes very... very hard for me. New Engine or Engine Update. It beat out new content, modding ability, horses, etc... A new engine, I would think, would come at a high price with many new bugs to deal with. A greatly improved, yet proven engine with many new features would be a more realistic request. Who knows what Battlefront actually has up their sleeves. I assume they wear sleeves and not cloaks or togas.
  4. I have a feeling a Vietnam game may still be a pretty raw subject for older US wargamers. More because politicians dictated rules of engagement that were ridiculous (bordering on criminal), that the Army/Air Force had to follow. The war would have been over so much quicker with so much less loss of life on both sides if the politicians weren't calling all the shots. I was just a child at the time. My dad and my wife's dad were both involved with the war. I didn't really get angry until well after I was older and understood what RoE was. I cannot imagine the level of frustration that was felt by our military folks. The only thing I can think of that is similar, in my lifetime, is the situation that caused the "Blackhawk Down" in Somalia. When I found out that our troops were denied the armor they requested to stay safe(ish-er) and do the peacekeeping job I about blew a gasket. I couldn't watch the movie for years because it would make me angry just thinking about it. I imagine there are still a lot of non-US players who would love to have access to both scenarios.
  5. @Aquila-SmartWargames did a little video about combat mission settings and he mentioned a little app called Reshade. Wow! I had never seen this before. Really made a difference to the graphics. Here is a link to about the time he starts talking about it:
  6. Well it would seem that updates to the Combat Mission Engine is going tobethe clear winner in this little informal Poll. Thanks to all for putting your "two cents" in. That would be your "two As'es" in in ancient Roman coinage. Maybe "Bias" in Latin? I don't know, but I digress. Now without any kind of poll format, may I ask one more question? If you could pick only 1 thing you would ask the developers to add to the Engine, what would it be? For me it would be Field of View/Line of Sight enhancements. Buttons to show exactly what a unit could see in it's configuration. Optics, buttoned, weather, etc... This could be shown in arcs like Graviteam does or what would be REALLY cool is you can see only the terrain that your units see. Anything else looks like a "paper" map or is blacked out. Using shaders to dim the view would be cool also in hazy situations. See attached without/with optics. Can Battlefront comment on anything in the works @BFCElvis?
  7. Holy cow! That's just too long if CMBS was a successful title. I can't help think how much more successful these games would be with a good marketing campaign, but that doesn't come cheap. So I guess its the job of the community to get the word out there so they can focus their $$$ on the programmers.
  8. @MikeyD, You make great points. Now imagine modders had just a tad more ability to add content (free labor ) and the risks you point out become much more mitigate-able. (I took the liberty of inserting comments above). Honestly, when I bought Black Sea a few weeks ago the Ukrainian conflict did not play into my decision. But I'm a child of the Cold War. I'm also the kind of guy who would want to see not only how well the latest Russian tanks stand up against M1A1s, but also how long a platoon of M1A1s would last against a battalion of Tigers and Panthers.
  9. Thanks to those who have responded! I also own CMFI now so I can add that to the PBEM list.
  10. @IanL, Thanks again. If I have Combat Mission on both my Desktop and Laptop, can "Who's Turn is it?" manage the same PBEM games from either one as long as Dropbox is configured properly?
  11. I just wanted to give a shout out to the developer(s) of the "Who's Turn is It?" PBEM Manager. It really works great for handling your PBEM games automagically. It is free and works with the free version of Dropbox. Removes all the hassle from PBEM. I am pretty sure it will work on all the Combat Mission games. Thanks @IanL! or https://www.lesliesoftware.com/products/WhoseTurnIsIt/
  12. This happened again, but this time I knew exactly what changed. It turned out to be me switching from speakers to headphones. I couldn't get my computer to switch to my Bluetooth headphones. So I disabled my speakers and Windows 10 switched to my headphones right away?!? Next time I started Combat Mission I did not have my headphones on AND my speakers were still disabled. Up comes the black screens for both of my CM titles. Re-enabled my speakers and presto, things went back to normal. Probably the windows update was just a coincidence, but turning the speakers back on definitely fixed it for me this time. Hope this helps.
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