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  1. Bootie


    Excellent Oliver_88 thanks I will remove one of them.
  2. Bootie


    Loving the look of the site with Aris mods on it!
  3. Bootie

    New Website status update

    Thanks pal.... yeah week off work (but working on CMMODS IV)... uploaded quite a few... will get this parcel sent back to you tomorrow so should be with you on Monday.
  4. Bootie

    New Website status update

    I will just keep working on the task at hand and down the line we can reassess and see what we are missing.
  5. Bootie

    New Website status update

    Well I don't know what else I can do to address 'your issue' outwith what Im already doing as a member of this community.
  6. Bootie

    New Website status update

    Yeah we have a lot of those mods backed up and they will be fed into CMMODS IV in due course.
  7. Bootie

    New Website status update

    @37mm are you looking for a particular mod? When we knew the repository was closing a small group of us downloaded and saved as much as we could... some files were corrupt others were older versions of updated mods. If you let me know what you're after I can check our database. Bootie
  8. Bootie


    The vast majority of them are in CMMODS III... I am transferring them to the upgraded CMMODS IV and I believe any files lost through the original transition have been provided to me by @Erwin but as for the actual repository physical location and files... you need to ask the owners.
  9. Bootie


    Yeah that can be done.... will look into it now... Im off work with the flu so have basically spent 2-3 days sitting in front of the computer uploading and sorting out mods. Have done roughly a third of the mods so far....
  10. Bootie


    Im not sure but hosting them somewhere else would be a colossal amount of work as there are just under 5,500 mods for CMBO, CMBB and CMAK.
  11. Bootie


    At present I am working through all the files on CMMODS III... then I will be opening the 300GB file I got from @Erwin and cross referencing it with the files I have uploaded onto CMMODS IV and will upload any that are missing. Thats my current plan of action anyway so just now CMx1 mods isn't even on my radar but Im not saying no... just 'probably' no. How big s the existing player base. I know we still run tourneys and things for CMx1 over at The FGM but the player base is tiny.
  12. Bootie


    That is something you will need to ask GAJ about as I don't intend to host them. A lot of work for the numbers it would cater for in my opinion and not something @Battlefront.com has asked me to consider.
  13. Hello Gentlemen I had hoped to delay the announcement of this until the new CMMODS site was 100% finished and all the mods uploaded however due to circumstances I am pulling the announcement forward to... well now. After recent discussions between GreenAsJade and Battlefront it has been decided to relocate the CMMODSIII site to fall under the umbrella of The Few Good Men where The Proving Grounds and The Scenario Depot already reside. To this end work has begun on moving the modifications currently hosted at CMMODSIII to their new home at CMMODS IV. As you can imagine this is a major job and will take a few weeks. CMMODSIII will remain open until the full transfer has taken place so for now I request that no new mods be uploaded to CMMODSIII. Within the next few days CMMODS IV will be opening the requests section for folk interested in becoming Creators (formerly Authors) and at this time the new upload process will be implemented. This will be under the Instructions section of the new website but I will post in this thread to keep you all in the loop. A few points about the new website worth mentioning... all files will now be held in cloud storage so even a catastrophic website crash will not impact any loss of modifications. All files from the old CMMODSIII site will be relisted and recently with the help of @Erwin I have acquired approx. just shy of 300GB of modifications with quite a few that slipped through the net between the Repository and CMMODSIII transfer over 3 years ago. So as you can imagine Im going to be very busy over the next few weeks. Please do not subscribe to the new CMMODS IV just yet or you will be inundated with copious amounts of uploads... I think I uploaded over 100 today... you really don't want that many notification emails dropping in your inbox anytime soon! In closing I want to thank Martin for all his sterling work over the years keeping CMMODS running and it's an honour to pick up the gauntlet where he left off. Without further ado, here is the new site, still a work in progress but getting their quickly. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/ Regards Bootie @Battlefront.com
  14. Bootie

    Book Prize Draw

    Just a heads up folks that Im running a prize draw for this book over on Twitter if anyone is interested. https://twitter.com/WarGen39_45 #WIN @penswordbooks Images of War : M1 Abrams Tank. Follow, Retweet and reply to this tweet by 10/02/2019 to enter the prize draw. Subscribe to https://bit.ly/2G4L5lO for notification of the corresponding book review and the draw itself. Good luck. #competition #prizedraw