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  1. Bootie

    QB map pdfs

    Im back if anyone needs a hand getting accepted on CMMODS. Bootie
  2. Bootie

    QB map pdfs

    I'm at a medieval festival in Colchester just now but will be back to my HQ Sunday evening. If anyone needs assistance with cm mods I can sort it then if you drop me a mail.
  3. Bootie

    Posting Mods

    Yes I can easy add you as an author just drop me your email at greershane@gmail.com and I can add you straight away. @Scipio And thanks @IanL for mentioning me.... with an @ as sometimes I miss my name being mentioned in here if I dont get an alert.
  4. Ive processed you at TSDIII and made you an author... you should have received your email by now. Great looking map.
  5. Hes active at www.thefewgoodmen.com Ask him over there?
  6. Bootie

    When is Shock Force 2

    HAHAHA... yeah it's like shouting out in a crowded room... Bootie farted and pointing at me. Everyone turns and stares... But nah... nothing as exciting... its just I found an egg and onion sandwich left over from yesterday's lunch.
  7. Bootie

    When is Shock Force 2

    I just found a pocket of mods that havent been transferred and am working my way through them... apologies for the flare going up... purely accidental.
  8. Bootie


    Im just re-uploading mods that have never been transferred across.
  9. Hi Bootie

    Been pondering a way to upload my campaigns to your site and still retain the mods I have attached to each one for download convience. However since this creates quite large file sizes I understand the problem.

    I may have a solution. What if I list the campaigns on your site as usual with all the needed information but you can use the link directly to my dropbox. This enables the player to download everything needed without going to external downloads plus elimnates using your dedicated servers space up?

    I would like to list all of them on your site so playes can get better exposure to them. If this seems like a decent solution let me know and Ill get registered up and began the process.



    1. Bootie


      Another idea would be to link the mods through to the CMMODS website if they are already there?


    2. dragonwynn


      Thats true but sometime I adjust the mods to suit the campaign and include them in a seperate mod so to speak. Then they are tagged as such. There are a few exceptions such as the Stalingrad mod or Umlauts mod that are very large in themselves, then I just offer the direct links to CMMODS for them. But I would like to list them on the site as some of the earlier mods are lost in the forum topics.

  10. Bootie

    M1 Garand Sound Mod

    Seems to work fine for me... I click on it... it downloads as a 7zip file then right click extracts. @IanL
  11. As an aside the Few Good Men club is ticking away nicely and we havent had any drastic reduction in members or less activity on the forum. Members there flood new tournament recruiting threads as soon as we throw the chum in the water. CM is still very much alive in my opinion.
  12. Bootie

    Oleksandr's Modding Space

    Ive forwarded your email onto GreenAsJade who runs CMMODS and he Im sure will get in touch. Great work.
  13. Bootie

    Work on a Reshade

    Any updates on this?
  14. Bootie

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    That is a beast 2GB... what we could do is upload the cam file and have a link in the description to your dropbox mod file? Cheers for the heads up GeorgeMC
  15. I'm on a WW2 tour in Warsaw until tomorrow night. Will get it sorted then. Sorry for the delay.