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  1. John your memory does not fail, there was this thread by the forward observer fellow...http://community.battlefront.com/topic/123279-fos-conduct-of-fires-net/ with some interesting discussion.
  2. I've had real problem's firing most ATGM in buildings, the large amount of suppression they receive seems to mean they 'guide' poorly and usually miss. Even the ones like AT-7 which supposedly only have a small amount of suppression still often miss for me if fired from inside.
  3. There's a list of them also on page 139 of the BS manual. The same vehicle sometimes have differing ones depending on the options taken @ purchase eg BMP-3's can be ERA or SHOTRA equipped, or just plain.
  4. Yes 2's not a lot but if you have SU-76M's in a fight , you tend to have a lot of them so can put up a semi-useful near-immediate smokescreen for you.
  5. Feel a small correction needed to the above; most soviet artillery of below 122mm in RT can fire smoke. No soviet armour, other than the SU-76M can fire smoke.
  6. Well seeing as the majority seem convinced there is a issue with morale; can we narrow it down some? Is it a problem only when under artillery fire or is it also occurring by direct fire? Is the effect there with small arms or is it just he-type weapons? Is it fortification-specific or is it happening in anywhere eg. forest's and houses.
  7. The BMP-3M can have laser warning receiver on the shotra version but no other BMP's or BTR's have it.
  8. I'm not convinced all of these behaviours people are seeing are new; I'm still running 1.04 without the v4 upgrade. I have certainly had troops take a morale hit because a team was killed nearby as I have had armour get 'rattled' if 3/4 of the platoon is lost in a round. From what folk are reporting It seems under arty there may be problem with them too willingly abandoning fortifications, but other then that I have a suspicion the rest is phantom.
  9. I meant the 'floating' icon is no longer showing a gun but infantry figure. As for the Russian m12 I thought they were off-map only with only the Ukrainians actually fielding them as AT assets, whereas for RUS I think they only available as artilliary.
  10. Also the spg-9 recoilless rifle has a generic 'infantry' marker; but in all honesty I can't remember if was always like this. Will see if I can dig out a vid/screenie to check. This is all in patch 1.04, without the v4 upgrade; can v4 users tell me what their seeing? ( I know there's some differences between the two; eg US infantry breach kits missing in 1.04 but returned with v4 upgrade.)
  11. Seems that since patch 1.04 my Ukraine 100mm AT gun is not showing as a gun icon but is now displaying as generic infantry icon; do others see same ?
  12. Don't forget there are 2 'pause' buttons to confuse matters further: 1. Pause button immediately below 'action screen', part of a group of 3 pause/cancel/evade; this 'pause' button will ONLY do a permanent pause. 2.Pause button that is integrated in the order/movement subpanel in special action; this 'pause' button will do the variable timings on multiple presses.
  13. I assume the battle pack requires the new v4 patch also? Haven't got this yet as it seems to have a few bugs re dug-in troops and I was also a bit miffed that 'engine' update didn't mean multi-thread support or dumping openGL.
  14. You seem genuine enough to me; sometimes many English speaking westerner's forget that it not everybody's first language and it's easy for a non-native speaker to come across as abrupt or even rude.
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