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  1. No problem 3j2m7. Thanks for taking time to check if you had those files. And thanks for modding and sharing
  2. Maybe you could release a version without the sound of shell falling? I don't like it because it's too loud compared to weapon sound, and secondly, I can fight battle in the open, with grass all over the map and still hear shells falling on hard surface everywhere, which is weird. But I like weapon sounds.
  3. The problem is that even in WeGo mode, when paused, so without any need for all those CPU consuming calculations for LOS, AI etc., this game can choke a little without any apparent reason (turning on shadows can cause even more slowdown), while other games run smoothly with even more objects on screen and action running forward.
  4. I always thought that one of the reasons for CM engine being turn based was that it could do a lot of calculations before the turn was played, without straining the CPU with them in real time. This way graphics could be much better, as everything that is happening on screen is just an pre calculated animation. From what Phil is saying i gather that the engine is real time oriented now and does not profit much from this philosophy. Too bad in my opinion.
  5. I think that wooden footbridge looks perfect. Can't wait for that mod.
  6. Happy birthday I've had CMBB on my harddrive until few months ago too, when I decided that it should go, sentiments aside, as I was unable to run it properly with my video card anyway.
  7. You should remove other versions from the Z folder just to be safe. It seems that Aris version overwrites one of mine. Actually, I still have Aris mod in my Z folder, but because my mod is in a folder whose name begins with B and his with A, my textures overwrite his.
  8. http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=1157 This is nice and historically acurate mod. Main uniform of german infantry at that time was feldgrau woolen tunic, trousers and anckle marching boots. Some soldiers wore camo tunics or trousers as well. As far as I know Wehrmacht used mostly one camouflage design-splittermuster. There was also tan&water camo pattern used by both Heer and Luftwaffe. All other camo patterns were designed and used by SS units.
  9. This "Three Color Camouflage" was introduced in 1943 with dark yellow color used as a base instead of old dark gray base color. All new tanks were painted in this new color at factories and two additional colors were issued for painting of camouflage: olive green and red brown. There was no centally enforced pattern of camouflage, allowing every commander to adjust it to his needs and environmental requirements and in most situations individual vehicle crews were responsible for painting their equipment. Those colors were issued as a paste and could be thinned with gasoline or water, sprayed (most tanks had compressors to provide needed air pressure for painting with spray gun) brushed, mopped (or whatever) onto the vehicle, alhough spraying was most popular. I'm not sure what texture i'll make next, but I was thinking about Sdkfz 251 series as being most popular (and possibly little less time consuming). Maybe Panther or Tiger will be next. But I don't think I'll manage to retexture all of the german vehicles.
  10. Took a little longer that I've expected (there was early version to make too, since it uses the same hull and turret texture, and I fell ill in the middle of it) but it's finished. I've made some versions of hull, turret and skirt textures to make it a little more interesting. Early version: Panzer Lehr divisional markings version: Actually the divisional markings are on the rear but I haven't made a screenshot of that. But here is the shield of II Battalion (Prince Shoenburg-Waldenburg family crest) and small tactical marking on the front that tells that this vehicle is from 4th company. It's in obvious contradiction to what tactical number on the skirt tells us, but... File should be ready to download at repository soon. I'm looking forward to reading your opinions. Regards, B.
  11. Oh, I know what you mean - that's why camoing is such a pain in the... back This one looks great!
  12. OK, here you have pink(ish) version: http://www.2shared.com/file/GZEqJvSy/boccage2_pink.html Now this game starts to look more like a "Barbie D-Day", or "My Little Pony Blitzkrieg" Happy New Year to you too
  13. Hi, Stingray. The problem is, that there is no separate texture for hedge model. Well, as a matter of fact there is one, but game never uses it - i guess it's just leftover from development version. There are two textures (boccage.bmp and boccage2.bmp) used in all three hedgerow types. But (!) bocage and low bocage use both of those textures, while hedge uses only one (boccage2.bmp). Therefore it is possible to distinguish it from other two types by changing one of those textures (making it slightly lighter for example). The one composed of only one type of leaves will be hedge. Here is a link to zipped boccage2.bmp file: http://www.2shared.com/file/Juv9rNh0/boccage2.html Just Unzip it to Z folder and check it out. If you want I can make it brighter, or even pink, but maybe this will suffice. Regards, B.
  14. Thanks for good suggestions. I'll work on that and try to improve, or rather wear it out a little more. As for the CO...he sure looks young... maybe that's some kind of Career Day photo taken by his proud father?
  15. Hmm... orginal game textures for ausf H late version have zimmerit on turret skirts also (as opposed to early version). This wasn't that uncommon practice in real life too. Only horizontal surfaces were not covered at all.
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