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  1. thanks for your help, yeah it's frustrating, but I'm glad I'm not the only one with this nutty problem. Hopefully someone will find the answer soon
  2. Hi I tried the various compatibility settings and selected a few other options as directed by people trying to get other games working in this mode, but no luck. In my Nvidia settings there is no extension limit option, I did read - try to roll your card driver back - to see if it appears, but think this is starting to clutch at straws. It really is the most odd of problems, but I have seen that I'm not alone with it, hopefully someone will have a solution that's tried and tested up on this forum soon enough. Thanks for trying to help :-)
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply, I did try that comparability setting which was unchecked and did try Windows XP - but that was before installing the latest video drivers, so will try again. I'll also look at the NVidia control panel - many thanks.
  4. Hi I've seen this posted in a few places, with no conclusive solution. The demo has worked fine, but when playing the actual game - the soldiers are invisible except for guns and helmets. I have a Windows 7 PC 64bit with a Nvidia Geforce GT 220 video card, now with latest drivers on, but still no solution. Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks
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