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  1. It is a Windows XP computer. As I said the weird part is the basic game works but the expansion PDE doesn't. Both were installed, licensed, unlicensed and then relicensed at the same time.:confused: edit: Well I feel a bit stupid but problem solved. I unlicensed and uninstalled and reinstalled and relicensed and now for whatever reason it works.
  2. I have previously played PDE on this computer (my dads), unlicensed it when I thought I might have to reformat this computer (my dads) it but didn't have to and went to relicense it and it seemed to go fine. All seemed to go fine, game loads fine BUT I get this message upon the first turn ending """"FAILED(Store): Permission Denied""" The basic SC2 game works here and both work on my computer (this one is my dads that I am on trying to get this to work with). I have tried to un-license and redo it multiple times and it keeps acting like it is working fine but the same error upon trying to play. Campaign loads fine and if I play as the starting side the first turn works until it tries to go to the other side or if I am not playing as the starting turn faction.
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