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  1. Dust storm about to overtake those M1s.
  2. Tashtego

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Another attempt at photo posting. Thanks lanL. Sorry for the very late reply.
  3. Tashtego

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    http://<img src="https://image.ibb.co/dZkpno/CMRT_Looking.jpg" alt="CMRT_Looking" border="0"> Old pic. Just a test of an image hosting site. Well, that didn't work.
  4. Tashtego

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Thanks for the info. The site I started using is called PostImage, seems to work ok.
  5. Tashtego

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Lost my account at Photobucket now that they charge $$$. This is just a test of a new free site I found. Two old pictures. This new FREE site seems ok.
  6. Tashtego

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    A Tiger leans into it.
  7. Tashtego

    4.0 installation problem.

    Thank you. All ready to go now.
  8. I currently have CMBN 3.12 for Windows. Purchased the 4.0 Upgrade and when I went to the download screen there were 4 selections checked. 2 for Macs, one for a full CMBN 4 GB, and one for just the 4.0 upgrade at 63 MB. I de-selected all of them except the last choice. After installing, I am getting an error message that says " LICENSE FAILURE: Base game 4.0 is required. Please run the ACTIVATE NEW PRODUCTS Utility and enter license key." Do I have to download all those other files? Or is there another issue? Thanks in advance. Mike.
  9. Tashtego

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Haven't posted a picture in awhile. Simple shot, just a careworn Tiger hunkered down in the snow.
  10. Tashtego

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    The STuG is an Aris mod for CMFB. The trees are Benpark's CMFB Snowy Trees. The German uniforms are from CMFB.
  11. hello   in that last  scrrenshot is that RT game with FB game winter uniforms?

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    2. Tashtego


      Sure. I had to break them up into 4 separate e-mails. 2 for the Germans and 2 for the Russians. They are on the way.

      Also I used uniforms in the subject line, should be faces.


    3. Jorge MC

      Jorge MC

      nice thank you

    4. Tashtego


      By the way the faces were from an aris mod.

  12. Tashtego

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    The uniform mods came from CMMODS III. Go to the jump list, select CM:Red Thunder, CMRT Infantry, and download Tashtego's and Baron's SS Uniforms. This file also has helmet liners and a bunch of other stuff. For more helmet liners, go to CM Reposity: CM: Battle for Normandy: Uniforms, and look for German SS Helmet Covers, and German SS Helmet Covers Pt. 2. Glad you liked them.
  13. Tashtego

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Thanks, Heinrich. I didn't do much to the screen shot. A little adjustment to brightness, contrast, and sharpness. I have to give all the credit to CMRT itself, the modders who did the grasses I used, and of course the troops. God bless their little pixel hearts.