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  1. Tashtego

    CMusic Mod

    Thanks for your work.
  2. Tashtego

    No Tracers

    I removed all the tracers except red, I find that seems to work better.
  3. Tried out the CMRT Winter mods. I thought I might use them for winter fighting in Afghanistan. Two samples below.
  4. My video card is an Asus 210 Silent. There isn't really too many things to adjust on it. "Set it, and forget it." That's basically what I did when I got the card a couple of years ago.
  5. Thanks. No mods, the only adjustment was a little sharpening with Photoshop.
  6. Some Marines keeping an eye on things.
  7. A terrorist bomb wipes out an open air market.
  8. Thanks for pointing that out.
  9. This is from page 11 of the manual. Just wondering. Editor • Improved load time for 3D Preview, especially large maps. • Customized "Mod Tags" for most graphics. This allows for multiple mods for the same item without the need to move items in/out of the mod folder. • Ability to specify specific mods be used for a specific Scenario. If CM fails to find the specified mod it will use the default graphics. • Auto-Assemble linear terrain tool. Roads, walls, fences, and hedges can now be automatically drawn across the map instead of placing them one tile at a time. The old manual selection interface still exists to allow tweaking specific Action Spots. • BMP map overlay. Instead of having to create game maps by freehand you can now trace over a real world map within the Editor. Four different levels of transparency
  10. Thanks for the info, Gents.
  11. "Thunder Run", by David Zucchino available as Kindle $2.99. It tells the story of the US seizing Baghdad in April 2003. A lot of scenario potential. The question is when I am in the scenario editor using the unit editor US Army lists no formations. US Army Stryker infantry does show formations. Is this the way it's supposed to be? Thanks.