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  1. Logged into my main battlefront account, only key I have is CMBN which I had purchased back in 2011. I apparently have an alt account with an alternate email, but I’m only finding an activation email for the alt account and I’m unable to log in. I believe my CMRT was activated under my alt account. Am I able to find the key in a data file or displayed somewhere in game? I guess my next step will be contacting battlefront to see if they can help get me into my alt account
  2. In hindsight it would appear that something leafy and green might be the issue, but usually that sort of shenanigans gets me even more in the mood to play : )
  3. Want to start a PBEM game but sooooo lazy. Maybe I should finish the games I flaked out on with Aurelius or Nidan... but I'm sooo lazy. Soon my brothers in arms. Nidan... you're amazing for being able to always and quickly return your turns. Aurelius, the battle we had going was incredible. Hopefully I can get back into that CM groove and get back to tackling a turn or two after work. We'll see what happens. Maybe watching a replay from our game will get me back into it. Also... been hankering for a RT game of CMFB (Demo). Must fight "laziness".
  4. Thanks Mikey D and Buddy B for the info about the trees. As a matter of fact I plan on checking out the latest video posted in a different thread here, and I can always look through yours and the other AAR to check out the trees again. I'd love to see new fortifications in a module, if only for the fact that I can't imagine we'd be seeing much of them save for some France 1940 title or perhaps even an uber-Flak tower in one of the later Red Thunder modules. As for the "Serpent's Tail", I'd really like to see it on a few maps. I can imagine a campaign built around a slugfest at the West Wall could be done on a single map. At any rate, I can't imagine it would be too resource intensive/difficult to program and throw down some dragon's teeth, but what do I know?
  5. With the move towards Germany, I was wondering if there are any new terrain features being added in? I'm thinking denser, more varied trees to go with the new stream "terrain". I'm also interested in West Wall fortifications, including the walls of Dragon's Teeth and improved fortifications. Not holding my breath, but would like to be surprised.
  6. Excellent point. I guess I never really considered the implications a raging fire would have on relative spotting. Although I grant that spreading fire should be down on the list of priorities, I still want it. At least I can now understand where the issues lie.
  7. Didn't read your name; just kinda read through what I thought was another wishlist. Was about to write something witty like, "dream on" when I realized these were actual features. Rock on.
  8. The answer to the last question is of course, because why give any incentive to purchase the other (older) versions...? Why not charge us for the base game and the "upgrades" read: patches
  9. Half a year of nothingness and counting... But oh I can't wait until they start charging us for custom scenarios! Great Job BF! PS: Are we going to call the latest game CMx4 and have to pay to upgrade every other (carbon copy) version?
  10. **** Steve; way to pick sides. I figured even you'd be smart enough to read through this post and just realize its one great flame war. Speaking of which, work on getting fire into the game. Everyone else... have fun. But someone get Aurelius out of this conversation..... WE HAVE A PBEM GAME TO PLAY!!!! FLAME ON!
  11. I agree... its unfortunate that occasionally the AI just goes bonkers and picks a really weird force selection. Thankfully I've got a very good group of guys I'm currently playing PBEM battles with, but if I play QB against the AI, I usually do manual purchase for the AI. When it comes time to pick their force, I click the suggestions button several times until the formations I can see appear normal. If I don't mind gleaning a little more intel from the AI, I check the formations to see if they aren't goofy either.
  12. This, right here, says it all. You need to keep everyone within C&C (&C&C)
  13. I've been guilty of backing waves of halftracks and other light vehicles right up to combat areas so as to deposit their cargo (usually AT-guns) a little quicker than otherwise. Jeeps and other small vehicles that allow anyone to drive can be used in fantastically silly ways.
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