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  1. Yeah, it is like when my wife is feisty - no matter what I do it often ends as a wrong move.
  2. Yes, indeed - new vehicles/units should come out with deisgnated scenarios and one campaign tailored for them. Seems the most reasonable packaging to me.
  3. This should be cheched into by the devs I suppose. CM's screenshot was taken while another game was being disscussed: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/commercial-gaming-industry-offers-creative-solutions-to-defence-analysts
  4. Excellent, thank you and defenitely a route to follow - hotfixes have been dearly missed with Battlefront in the past.
  5. FINALLY!!! Installed them so long awaited patched without a problem. Thank you for finally deliveringthem Battlefront&Friends.
  6. The Battlefront devs are actually Greeks disguised as the US guys - the delays are the ultimate proof of their Greekness!
  7. I now installed the new 418.91 driver and the problem remains. Uh oh.
  8. If you have more then hundred games installed on your PC and among those games many recent that haven't gotten a proper driver support yet, then you need the latest drivers. If you sport only old and older non recent games then sure, you can install an older Nvidia driver and forget all about it.
  9. No, the current driver is still the driver version that made havoc in my PC: 418.81
  10. Ah so they made a new driver yesterday, I missed it. They might have solved the problems introduced in the previous one with this one. I will try how it goes, wanna get my full monitor surface back.
  11. I never and I man never had such a global driver issue and I have been using a PC since I was 10 years old. That makes for 20 years of no problems in that department where you don't even think not to update as soon as the official driver pops up.(Yea I know, Nvidia's drivers weren't around back then but still...).
  12. The latest 418.x driver is faulty. It has messd many peoples comps including mine. If you go over to official Nvidi driver forum you will see people talk all kinds of horror stories about what happened to them after they updated their drivers. My monitor for example does not work right any more - my viewing space on the monitor has shrinked by 1 cm on each side of the monitor. I rerolled the drivers, DDU-ed them in safe mode and installed some older ones but so far the problem persists.Many users do report their problems got away as soon as they instelled the older driver so try it and se if you get your fast vsync back.
  13. Ta-daaaa! Nice news. When it comes to packs I would love to see all the CMBN missions and campaigns content being updated to the latest engine standards.
  14. No problema with digital delivery. I am from Slovenia, a EU country and have made purchaces on their site and had nada issues...
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