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  1. Thank you for your input Bud. I personally am not so sure this observed divergence of performance is really as big as some say - it might also have to do with how different people perceive things. For some playing on 15 - 20 frames per second is great while for others it is completely unplayable as I learned on this forum. I can't play this game on max settings at all. I can't play with shadows and shaders on, nor with 3D model quality set to anything above improved on a what was top tier computer hardware-wise one year ago if I want to keep my frames above 20 FPS in most scenarios. The ony thing that I haven't tried is using the Nvidias g sync technology with it which some people say makes the game much more smooth and less stuttery across the board. These monitors are still on the pricey side so haven't splurged on one as of yet. Would have to really see it with my own eyes to be able to determine if it is worth it.
  2. It is what it is then. One can not have everything. Would be so good if this aspect would be adressed though.
  3. Thank you MikeyD. You don't experience any better shadow rendering and faster less stuttery camera movement?
  4. Seen a couple of posters mention that their game runs better with the latest content/patch. Was something done on this front by the devs and how better would you say your agme runs now if at all? Devs, can we expect such performance patches for other titles too?
  5. Yeah, it is like when my wife is feisty - no matter what I do it often ends as a wrong move.
  6. Yes, indeed - new vehicles/units should come out with deisgnated scenarios and one campaign tailored for them. Seems the most reasonable packaging to me.
  7. This should be cheched into by the devs I suppose. CM's screenshot was taken while another game was being disscussed: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/commercial-gaming-industry-offers-creative-solutions-to-defence-analysts
  8. Excellent, thank you and defenitely a route to follow - hotfixes have been dearly missed with Battlefront in the past.
  9. FINALLY!!! Installed them so long awaited patched without a problem. Thank you for finally deliveringthem Battlefront&Friends.
  10. The Battlefront devs are actually Greeks disguised as the US guys - the delays are the ultimate proof of their Greekness!
  11. I now installed the new 418.91 driver and the problem remains. Uh oh.
  12. If you have more then hundred games installed on your PC and among those games many recent that haven't gotten a proper driver support yet, then you need the latest drivers. If you sport only old and older non recent games then sure, you can install an older Nvidia driver and forget all about it.
  13. No, the current driver is still the driver version that made havoc in my PC: 418.81
  14. Ah so they made a new driver yesterday, I missed it. They might have solved the problems introduced in the previous one with this one. I will try how it goes, wanna get my full monitor surface back.
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