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  1. I've read quite a few of them and I tend to find a common theme running through them. When something goes wrong its another unit's fault, when something goes right they're claiming the plaudits.
  2. There are lies, there are damn lies, and then there are regimental war diaries 😉
  3. People are gullible, although most on the BF forums seem to have enough analytical intelligence to realise that Hollywood is more than happy to fabricate history, 80-90% of the movie going public take what they see as gospel, or at least close to it. It also happens in literature, for example it's comical the number of reviews on Amazon for books written by a 'Wolfgang Faust' - which purport to be autobiographical accounts of his service as a panzer crewman - who take him at face value and praise what he wrote. I read Tiger Tracks and found I only had to go a couple of pages into the story to realise it was complete BS, but most who took the time to review it thought it to be genuine - this being despite the fact they probably had a prior interest in WWII military history if they went to the trouble of purchasing and reading one of his books. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tiger-Tracks-Classic-Panzer-Memoir/dp/1539588114/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8
  4. Steve, any word as to when 4.1 is due? Apologies if it's posted somewhere else and I've missed it
  5. After my old laptop ground to a halt I have bought a new one. I am now midst reinstalling software. I have just purchased the 4.0 upgrade, but want to know if I'll have to download and install all of the CM upgrades and modules before I install 4.0? Thanks
  6. So just to confirm, I should also drag the 'my documents' folder to the SSD hard drive as well?
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. By the sound of things it's worth me going for a larger SSD so I can put all my CM installs and mods on there. A quick question - it sounds like I will have to reinstall all my CM games on the SSD, rather than just drag them over to the new location and change the shortcut exe path?
  8. The storage on my pc is nearing its max capacity so I'm thinking of purchasing an external SSD hard drive (USB 3.0). If I transfer my CM installs and game files to the SSD will this result in faster load times than keeping them on my old non-SSD hard drive? I mainly play PBEM and find I usually spend 2 minutes upwards loading some of my larger PBEM turns, so I'm hoping an SSD could cut this down. What say you good folks with experience in this matter?
  9. I reckon I'm roughly with you there Phil, possibly 70% watching replays and 10% inputting orders for me (although higher in the setup phase, first few turns, and turns where reinforcements arrive), but even so the actual input of orders is by far the smallest element of my playing time. I'm not saying I wouldn't want to see a 'move via cover' option for example, in order to take away the need to plot movement paths at all times (although I would still probably want to plot my own paths a lot of the time), but if there are significant constraints due to man hour shortages which BF can put into improving the game mechanics for 4.0 and 5.0, for me there are more important elements to improve. Although I admit I have absolutely no know knowledge of programming, my gut feeling is some of the simpler 'FOW' ideas, like having options to extend turn times or adding a time delay to area fire (with an extra delay for units without C2C), wouldn't take an inordinate amount of time to programme, so I hope BF can crowbar some sort of extra FOW options into the game in either 4.0 or 5.0 .
  10. While I'd agree it's not the prettiest of UIs and somethings take a while to learn, I personally think the UI works well once you've got your head round the basics. For example, rather than trying to move units individually I'll often move whole platoons or companies in one go by selecting the platoon/company HQ, and then adjust the movement paths of individual squads if needs be. While for target commands I pretty much always use the target briefly command to limit the amount of micromanagement required for targeting. Making good use of those two features alone saves me a lot of time. A lot of the FOW suggestions put forward here would not add to the time it takes to micromanage the game (eg a time delay to area fire commands) and, ultimately, I don't play CM because it is a quick game, I play it because it is an accurate game. But I suppose it goes to show that different players have different priorities.
  11. That's sad to hear as ultimately CM stands apart from its competition on its ability to simulate RL tactical combat. What we are talking about would also largely be optional features, so those that didn't want to go down the extra FOW restrictions would not need to.
  12. There could be an OOB 'data' button which if pressed at any point in the game brings up a list of your own side's units, the units' strength, and numbers of casualties suffered by each unit. At the final AAR screen this could be expanded to list the number of casualties which the unit inflicted (which is already available to see) as well as access to your opponent's OOB data screen. If these could be downloaded as spreadsheets all the better.
  13. Implementing those suggestions would certainly make the AI more of a challenge. Re things that BF could do to increase the effects of FOW through an extra difficulty level, a really simple idea would be to add a time delay to area fire commands, of for example 20- 30 seconds. This could be increased to 45 - 60 seconds if the unit being ordered to area fire isn't in communication with its HQ. With BF's time and resources being limited, including an extra difficulty level like this could be a quick and easy hit for those of us wanting extra FOW limitations.
  14. I couldn't agree more. Also interesting house rule, I keep telling myself at sometime in the near future I will try to force myself to play under self-imposed harsher FOW rules, but because I only play PBEM I keep chickening out.
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