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  1. Yes...😎 Does this seem to be the case in these stock scenarios ? I realise that most guys have not played many of them yet...but do you see these features implemented to any great degree so far..?
  2. One more question... This is the first BBC product released I belive with the new V.4 features in mind... Do things like area fire, face and revers/ withdraw make a significant impact on the way the AI plays ?
  3. I have actually been thinking quite a bit about this the last couple of weeks and have come up with a 'concept' that I think would work really neat..😆... Going by memory...I have not messed in the editor for a long time...due to not having had a gaming computer for a while....soon, soon I will have one ! 😎 As far as I remember though this concept should be doable and will be the first thing I will try ones I get my new machine. What this concept will allow is a campaign with... - player adjustable difficulty level on the fly.. - partially player selectable forces for each scenario.. - equipment upgrades through the campaign. - experience loss (due to cassualties) and experience gain. I belive I have found a way to do this without it being to much of a hassle for the player 😉.. I will obviously do some more research before getting cracking but what i'my thinking is to try and do a sort of semi historical campaign involving a kampgruppe from the 6th panzer division... The basic kampgruppe will be the remains of a panzergrenadierbattalion from the 114th regiment supported by a few tanks from 11th panzer regiment as well as some artillery... To complement this force the player will have a wide variety of other equipment from the divisions other formations to 'request' to be included in the kampfgruppe for the various scenarios. This might be things like the odd Tiger tank from the 503 heavy tank battalion or a pair of 88mm AA-guns, some engineers or maybe an additional HMG platoon...some more infantry... The player will be free to choose what he feels suites the situation best...there will be limits to these extra equipment though... This will bring some variaty/ flexibility to the scenarios and also be part of the system to allow the player to 'tweak' the difficulty level... For example for a particular scenario should you pick what might be the safest card...a pair of Tigers to complement your kampfgruppe or do you want to give yourself a bit more of a challenge and go with two StuG IIIS and a few AT-guns instead ? The player will choose 😎 Both the kampgruppe as well as all other formations comprising the 6th panzer division will upgrade their equipment as the campaign moves forward... What i'm thinking is something like a 15 scenario campaign devided into a number of chapters..each being 3 scenarios or there about... As of now i'm considering to start the campaign with the battle for Karkow in 1943...3 scenarios...and then move on to things like Korsun, Bagation, Hungary... 3 battleso for each chapter... Between each chapter there will be equipment upgrade as well as some experience gain/loss amongst the troops... As said...I will do more research about the division before getting started to get somewhat correct locations, equipment and enemies...etc And about the enemies..your troops will not be the only ones upgrading their equipment.. so will the enemy 😲 This is the plan 😎...it may well turn into nothing ones I start to put this concept of mine into test...it may not work..but I do belive it will. I will indeed give it a try... It will no doubt be a long time project even if it works...A year at least I'm guessing... I'm really eager to try this out though...if it works it would be... kind of cool 😊
  4. Yep...it would be kind of nice to be able to play campaigns one day that stretched over a longer period of time then what currently is the case... For example follow a certain formation through Barbarossa , typhoon , case blue etc etc...maybe to the end of the war... Seeing equipment upgrades and stuff as the campaigns moves forward...
  5. If charging a small fee for the upgrades in any way helps BFC to continue making these updates i have no problems what so ever to spend my money on this... I just wish they could produce more of them...faster ! 😁 But unfortunatelly that would cost even more money i guess..
  6. They are all good 😎 but the WW2 ones are not quite as...deadly ! One of those might be a good pick to start with... Ones you do take the plunge i would recomend a mix of playing scenarios and improving your 'equipment knowledge' through running dedicated test using the QB battles... To be able to formulate good tactics it will be vital to know what strenths and weakneses both your own and the enememy equipment has...As you become more and more familuar with these strenths and weakneses the game will become even more fun imo...and you will be a far better player ! 😉
  7. Yepp...it is a completally different experience... I have only started playing H2H...No doubt it takes CM to another level... Very fun and challeging 😎 Vs the AI is a good startingpoint though
  8. I don't really think that this game is all that difficult. Atleast not when playing against the AI...Will just a little bit off experience you will be doing fine in vs AI gameplay... Facing off against a more experienced human player is a different matter though...😉 I agree with most of the above comments...regarding playing QBs in hotseat vs yourself... It's a very good way to learn the effect of different weapons on different targets...What kind of suppression will guy get from a HMG, from a 20mm auto cannon, from a rifle squad...At what ranges...What damage do they do against various targets ? Playing hotseat against yourself you will be able to see the results first hand 😎 Like Combatintman said...The link to Bil Hardenbergers stuff is really good reading... as well as this stuff...
  9. IIRC a side effect of changing the size of a map is that flavoured objects gets moved out of place...Atleast when you change the mapsize in two of the 4 directions... This makes it fairly unneccesary to add flavoured objects to these master maps.. Add the flavour ones you have the mapsize decided..
  10. Often when i play a scenario i have a certain part of the fight as 'my favorit'...for each turn. When i press GO the first thing that i do is to watch this section of the front/unit close in... It might be a tank destroyer turning in place from its ambush possition to get the gun on a juicy target... Will it get a shot of ? will it hit ? Tense moments 😁... It might be a panzerfaust guy sneaking up towards a big, nasty tank...will he make it...will he survive.. These movies are one area where CM2 truely shines... After watching these favorit scenes i usually zome out for the next replay to get a feel for the big picture... If i spot anything of intrest i play the movie again and zome in on those spots... Fairly often i also watch a replay or two from the enemy side...mostly for the cinimatic value...but also to...feel good ! about a nice move on my part 😎... With regards to radio chatter...I to think that it would be cool...but difficult to implement i guess to avoid 15, 20 radiomessages going off at ones.. One thing that would be very cool for CM3 would be to be able to play non-pausable co-operative multiplayer with 'live' radio comms... Things like...one overall company commander and 3 - 4 platoonleaders in charge of a platoon each...😁
  11. When playing a battalion sized game i do not considder it 'cheating' to wiew the replay multiple times... IRL subordinate commanders and even single soldiers can act on their own initiative to a greater degree then what is possible in CM... They are also far better at sharing information...atleast comparing to playing RT... In CM you are pretty much on your own imo...😎
  12. I kind of like having these formations avaliable in the editor...It simplifies scenariocreation imo...being able to easily see what those units condisted of... Just like most guys though i guess i rarely use these entire formations in my scenarios but rather pick small parts of them or asign 'my own' supportunits from the single support unit list...This way i can assign them wherever i want in my selected force. Having these formations avaliable though...is good imo 😁 Both as a reference as well as being able to pick selected parts of them... And i don't really think that it takes all that long to research their organisation, toe or whatever in these days...a simple googlesearch will get you started nicely 😎 Spend ONE day researching anti-tank battalions in Italy for example and i'm pretty sure you would find a decent amount of information... Spend the next day researching regimental artillery... The next...engineerbattalions... etc, etc... In two weeks time you will have researched quite alot of formations... After all...these support formations in the game seems to be pretty... 'standard' to me.
  13. That pic looks really nice ! Blown out windows and all 👍 It was hinted that one of the main features of the next CMRT module would be improvements to damaged buildings IIRC. Hopefully this will actually be the case and that it will be an improvement that can be added to all the titles... Improvements in this area are much needed.
  14. It takes a long time unfortunatelly but ones complete... CM pretty much is 'full spectrum' imho... The russian front...Most certainly not ! But the western front and Italy (soon) pretty much is 'full spectrum' i have to say...The flexibility and possibilities here are second to none. I do my fair bit of complaining and wishlisting ...i'm not denying it 😎 and I want more of these games and i want an improved game engine...soonish But to be honest...CM is still holding up pretty well. Latest 'proof' of this imo is the new Close Combat game...An entirely NEW game-engine and all...After having watched the youtube videos of this NEW game i'm somewhat dissapointed. I was hoping that this would be a serious competitor to CM...But i don't think it will be... Things like graphics, game play, realism and 'spectrum' does not loook like an improvement compared to CM...It might still be a decent game though and i will most certainly give it a try....But better then CM...No i don't think soo..
  15. It would be kind of nice if BFC could confirm or deny that they are actually working on CM3 😉 If they answer is YES...that would be exiting news indeed and perhaps have the possitive effect of reducing the negative postings from the 'whiners' regarding long dev times... If the answer is NO...That would be...not quite as exiting news. But atleast we would know not to expect any new game engine in the forseable future.
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