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  1. If any changes are made...I would much prefer to be able to asign off-map artillery to AI groups rather then having them on the map... Not the same thing...i know 😎 But that would be a nice change imo... To be able to use the 'area target trick' with all artillery assets...
  2. Well...personally i would not like to see this. And not a sound notification either. I don't think it is needed.. But as i understand it Steven482 have some trouble spotting these Things easily enough... What i ment was that simply Having a beep will not help all that much With spotting them...he would still need to scan the map to find them... He could do that even without a beep 😎
  3. I don't think this Will happen. A simple beep will not really do much. To be more meeningful imo the recently spotted trenches and what not would also need to be flashing or something to make them easily recognicable. I belive this will be to much work on the part of BFC compared to the improvement gained. Are you in the habbit of rewiewing the map at different zoom levels at the start of each turn ? IIRC trenches are quite easily recognizable on the map when wiewed from high altitude...atleast at daytime..
  4. Yepp...that would be good. The floating incons are currently not used to their full potential imo... Many functions could be added to these... For example hotkeys to toggle colour coded indications for morale-state, fatigue, headcount, ammolevel etc... Would be kind of Nice 😎
  5. Yes...That is the one downside to ditch trenches as far as i know. But like Freyberg and myself mentioned above...in some situations it does really not matter all that much if they are recognizable from far away... Sort of simulating that the enemy possition is known to the attacker...through areal recon, scouting Or previous fighting... If designing a scenario With rather large defensive trenchsystems it might look...a bit wierd to first see all the ditches and only then After a short while they Will be filled in with trenches... To avoid this the defending trenches could be picked as friendly trenches (from the attacking side)...This way they Will all be there from the get-go...
  6. I agree With this completally 😎 In situations where the defensive possitions are likely to be well scouted/known by the attacker... 'Ditch trenches' could/should be used. I do it myself...
  7. The 'ditch trenches' looks good and works well imo... The only downside is that they to some degree ruins FOW...
  8. Yeah...If the soldier actually opens fire the second time he takes a kneeling possition it is a quite nice feature but if he goes prone ones again...to shoot...and fail... Not quite as much...
  9. Is this something new ? I don't remember seing this before... Looks really wierd
  10. Yepp... Or Things like when two tankplatoons advance on an objective and The first one gets knocked out... The second one would have the capability to switching to a secondary path forward as opposed to now... Continue down the same path and in turn get knocked out in a simular way as the first one. That would be Nice! 😊
  11. What the AI needs more then anything is some sort of branching/option- capability. The fact that the AI only has one 'programed' option avaliable at any given time is the most severe shortcomming of the AI in my opinion.
  12. CMVE...Combat Mission Victory in Eroupe...
  13. If you like tactical (realistic) war games...Buying one of these titles will be the best value for money you will ever spend...😎 The majority of players here have spend several 100 if not 1000 of hours playing these games... They are addictive ! Choose the theatre wich intrests you the most...the WW2 titles might be a bit more forgiving when it comes to making mistakes compared to the modern titles... ps...I guess the 100 dollar is a typo ?
  14. Being able to alter the basic gameplay technics/rules...NO...I don't think i would like that either... What i would like though (maybe not the same thing, i know 😎) Would be for BFC to allow outside developers to produce various OOBs/TOEs that could be plugged into a 'free/open' basegame... Not going to happen...i know. But i would like that...Simular to how DCS allows outside developers to release new aircrafts to their basic engine...
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