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  1. I kind of like having these formations avaliable in the editor...It simplifies scenariocreation imo...being able to easily see what those units condisted of... Just like most guys though i guess i rarely use these entire formations in my scenarios but rather pick small parts of them or asign 'my own' supportunits from the single support unit list...This way i can assign them wherever i want in my selected force. Having these formations avaliable though...is good imo 😁 Both as a reference as well as being able to pick selected parts of them... And i don't really think that it takes all that long to research their organisation, toe or whatever in these days...a simple googlesearch will get you started nicely 😎 Spend ONE day researching anti-tank battalions in Italy for example and i'm pretty sure you would find a decent amount of information... Spend the next day researching regimental artillery... The next...engineerbattalions... etc, etc... In two weeks time you will have researched quite alot of formations... After all...these support formations in the game seems to be pretty... 'standard' to me.
  2. That pic looks really nice ! Blown out windows and all πŸ‘ It was hinted that one of the main features of the next CMRT module would be improvements to damaged buildings IIRC. Hopefully this will actually be the case and that it will be an improvement that can be added to all the titles... Improvements in this area are much needed.
  3. It takes a long time unfortunatelly but ones complete... CM pretty much is 'full spectrum' imho... The russian front...Most certainly not ! But the western front and Italy (soon) pretty much is 'full spectrum' i have to say...The flexibility and possibilities here are second to none. I do my fair bit of complaining and wishlisting ...i'm not denying it 😎 and I want more of these games and i want an improved game engine...soonish But to be honest...CM is still holding up pretty well. Latest 'proof' of this imo is the new Close Combat game...An entirely NEW game-engine and all...After having watched the youtube videos of this NEW game i'm somewhat dissapointed. I was hoping that this would be a serious competitor to CM...But i don't think it will be... Things like graphics, game play, realism and 'spectrum' does not loook like an improvement compared to CM...It might still be a decent game though and i will most certainly give it a try....But better then CM...No i don't think soo..
  4. It would be kind of nice if BFC could confirm or deny that they are actually working on CM3 πŸ˜‰ If they answer is YES...that would be exiting news indeed and perhaps have the possitive effect of reducing the negative postings from the 'whiners' regarding long dev times... If the answer is NO...That would be...not quite as exiting news. But atleast we would know not to expect any new game engine in the forseable future.
  5. That's very deep and all... But...and i can only speak for myself... NO ! I do not only think about myself when i say that it might be a good idea that BFC seriously considders to expand their manpower... Personally...i don't need any new CM games being released right now...as i don't even have a computer to play them on... So not getting new games right now is not a big issiue for me... But i am geniually concerned about the releaserate we have been seeing during the last couple of years and is not totally convinced that something like this can be maintained for much longer without more and more people getting seriously dissapointed with the productivity of BFC and decide to move on to play other things... There has not been a shortage of threads and posts on this forum expressing dissapointment and frustration about the progress being made during this time. Besides new modules...the gameengine is starting to show its age. Will it be able to attract the intrest of new players for the next couple of years ? If not...that would be a bad thing... Personally i'm not mainly worried about not getting new modules to play - fast enough - i'm more worried about not getting them a all...in a few years... And that would be VERY sad !!
  6. Honestly...I don't understand why requests/suggestions for strenthening the BFC line-up has to be so vastely exagerated every time... No one is suggestion that BFC should hire "a massive amount of people"...and perhaps move their office to some Manhattan penthouse. One...or perhaps a few more guys will be a nice step in the right direction...No need for a massive migration 😎. That being said...I understand that the economic side of things has to be taken into account...If they can't afford more people...they can't...unfortunatelly but when they can It will indeed be very welcome news to hear... that BFC are strenthening their manpower...It would be a good thing !! It's a god damn shame that not more people are buying these games...What's wrong with them ? πŸ˜‰ Why don't they understand that this is the best tactical game avaliable...uummpf, uumpf..
  7. Almost...You only missed the dots...πŸ˜‰ Not your fault though...blame it on the keyboard... "De flesta mΓ€nniskor hΓ€r gΓΆr det felet ocksΓ₯"
  8. i'm pretty sure the OP is not suggesting that BFC should hire something like a hundred people... but rather one or two...to start with. Honestly...the productivity of BFC during the last couple of years have been 'dangerously' low... Being TO SMALL also have its risk...doesn't it ?
  9. One thing that needs to be considdered when doing larger maps is the capabilities of the AI. The AI is fairly limited in its ability to react to a changing battlefield...Larger maps makes this somewhat more obvious imo...and therefore more difficult to set-up...to provide a decent AI defence... The number of avaliable AI groups, The limitations with the current trigger system, the time it takes the AI to move from one possition to another are all things that makes larger maps atleast a bit more tricky to work with i have found... It is by no means impossible...but a bit tricky and something to considder with larger maps... How will the AI be able to handle it ?
  10. That is obviously true... But as you mentioned. It is a balacing thing...What a developer chose to 'take away' from such a discussion. Either they can apprisate and participate in the possitive/creative/helpful discussions and do their best to simply accept that there will be some repeated wyning along the way. Or decide that they are 'feed up' with the ever present wyning and considder it not worth the 'pain' to start such discussions. I think the first alternative is better 😊
  11. I agree with this...no problem there πŸ˜‰ Maybe with things like modules, packs and simular having a lenthy discussion might not be all that neccesary...I'm pretty sure that BFC knows (researches) more then most of us with regards to the various equipment and TOE/OOBs and stuff as well as historical accuracy for their scenarios and campaigns... But maybe with regards to any eventual CM3 upgrade having an 'open' (on this forum) discussion with the players might be a nice way to go... Maybe something like Paradox are doing with their development diaries....They took quite a bit of flak with one of their latest releases (imperator rome) for not listening enough to the customers...and that game is in serious trouble as i understand it...to few players ! They seems to have learned from their mistake and in their current development diaries both for imperator and EU4 they are sharing their thoughts on future updates as well as asking the comunity for their ideas/suggestions as how to move forward. What it looks like the developers does not have to spend a lot of time participating in the discussion ones the initial annoncement (dev diary) has been made. The forumites are doing most of 'the talking'...Sharing their wiews on the suggested change and comming up with various suggested tweaks and changes. The discussions in those dev diaries are pretty lenthy...and as said...not many posts needed by the develeopers... Something simular sounds like a good idea to me. Atleast with regards to any CM3 development... ex. - DEV.1. We are planning on adding multiplayer co-op in CM3. What do you guys think of this ? How should this be implemented ? What features would you like ? - DEV.2. We're planning to redo the entire AI programing interface for CM3...What would you like to see with regards to this...
  12. Various packs being released sounds nice but the fact that BFC now considders modules to perhaps be to large a projects to be feasable sounds a bit worrying i have to say... How about new basegames ? game engine updates ?... Will we see any more of those going forward ?
  13. Announcing things 'early' also comes with the benefit that hopefully a meaningful discussion between the developer and the customers can take place... Every now and again it happens that we the customers come up with some ideas that the developers have not thought of...good ideas 😎...that can be implemented in the product. Surely it must be a good thing for a developer to get a feel for what the customers want...what do they considder to be important...and what is less so... Such an discussion oght to provide the developers with some valuable feedback... Better to know what the buyers WANT...prior to release...prior to feature complete...as opposed to after...
  14. It would also be preferable imo if...when in the deployment phase (in-game 3d wiew) we could click a button on the UI to open a seperate window showing the 'purchased unit list' from the unit selection screen. This would be kind of an OOB list to help orginazing and deploying the troops. As it is now when we go to deploy our troops they ALL show up bunched together in...a big mess ! πŸ˜‰ Having larger forces it can take quite some time to get them seperated and orginazed the way you like them. The set-up zone can also be fairly cluttered with all the troops on the screen at ones. What i'm thinking is that the 'purchased units list' ( OOB-list) should have its listed units clickable...Only the units toggled on will be displayed on the screen. This would make finding your desired units far easier when deploying them... Let's say you have bought a battalion. At first you want to deploy your AT-guns and machineguns....Select those units from the list...and only those units will be present on the screen...making it easy to find them and deploy them. Next...lets deploy A company...Select it from the list and it will show up...ready to be deployed 😊...
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