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  1. This is sad to see... Any issiues with pathfinding and doors better be resolved before release.... Expericing situations like this will be very frustrating ! There should be no doubt wether a door is usable or not... Berlin being a center-piece of this module...it would be a miss if urban fighting does not work proparly...
  2. This is not something i usually do but i wounder if it would be useful (vs the AI) to place some smoke at the intendent overwatch location just prior to making the final move into position... Allowing the team to be stationary and set-up as the smoke clears (hopefully 😎)
  3. Looks good with thoose add-on plates... Are they for looks only or will they help protect against hand-held nasties...?
  4. The forum as a whole is VERY inactive right now...close to nothing being posted by anyone unfortunatelly... If that was not them case i'm sure you would get far more support for your suggestion... Probably alot of guys who would like a WW1 game...
  5. Yepp... But what i would like even more...a toggle-state to get ridd of the intact windows... Looks really out of place in a bombed out city...
  6. It would require quite the effort on the part of BFC to give you all that though...If they could do it fairly easy...then by all means...go ahead and do it...and I would buy it ! 😁... But how long has it taken them to complete ONE year of the WESTERN front during WW2 ? 10 years or something like that (CMBN to the final modul of CMFB) 🥱... Granted...a WW1 game would probably be faster to develop due to less complicated TOEs if nothing else...far fewer vehichles to design etc...but how much faster ? 3 times ? 4 times ? To include the early year fluid battles, the other fronts appart from the western, the later years to allow for some armour...etc, etc... It would mean lots and lots of work...taking MANY years to complete....or should they perhaps only do a 1918 game and forgett about the rest ? Or do you see WW1 as a CM3 game CM2 has been around for a long time now and Imo they still have a lot of things left in WW2 to complete before CM3 comes around To namne one...the eastern front 😁... I agree with you though that it would be nice to try something different... The current WW2 games are pretty simular A Sherman tank is still a Sherman tank regardless of if it has a red or a white star painted on it...and a Tiger is still a Tiger regardless of if its fighting in France, Italy or Russia... Therefore i think it would be a good idea if BFC could skip staight to Barbarossa and go forward from there...instead of taking small steps backwards from 44 to 43 to 42... The change of equipment will be to small this way to feel completally fresh...and something new... A skip straight to 41 though would allow us to try something new... As would north africa... Not doing a WW1 game is obviously a personal prefrence....i would much more prefer that they concentrated on WW2 compared to devoting time to a completally new multi year, multi front game that would souk up precious resorces... Their current releaserate is simply to slow to embark on such a project imo...
  7. Eastern front WW2....sure But WW1 ? Imo...NO ! A WW1 game would be pretty much limited to artillery and infantry i fear... Sure...late war there where a few tanks around but not a great variation of those...germany for example only had one i belive...fielded at the very end of the war...and these machines where not exactelly fast...perhaps not superfun gameplay... Same thing goes for support weapons...would we have all that many to chose from that could be brought forward to join the infantry in an advance ? A WW1 game would probably be fun for a while but imo it would soon become quite repetative and boring compared to the other CM titles If we ever are to experience early tank warfare i would very much prefer to do it in 1939, 40 Poland, France or north Afrika 😎
  8. Where these decission not made outside/above the scope of a normal CM scenario..? That is...something like a battalion sizrd force.. Would a standard battalioncommander have any say in those matters at that time ?
  9. That would be kind of nice 😁... The forum is/ has been (for quite some time) very quiet...the majority of threads seems to be some kind of bug/tweaking threads... I guess we are running out of things to discuss...most things seems to have been brought up at one time or more before...including this topic. I like the initiativ though...😎 A few more tips: - don"t forgett about smoke - recon is a good thing...get- and try to maintain good Intel on the enemy - try to maintain C2 - "shooting without moving is a waste of ammo...moving without shooting is a waste of lives"
  10. I missed that guy...seen it now 😊 Thanks... Thinking about it Elvis also managed to take out atleast 1 armored car with his AT-rifles... Good stuff ! 😁
  11. Yepp...the maps where a dissapointment in the 'derailed' books...very difficult to read...i guess i can expect the same here... There is a 4th volume in the 'derailed' series with better, colour maps i belive...i might buy it some day...having good maps would be nice...
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