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  1. That is probaly the best option....or PM the campaign designer (if he is still around)...
  2. IIRC BFC have mentioned before that modules will never include any GAME ENGINE improvements. Base-games will ! I guess that if BFC feels that they have time to spend on developing the gameengine further and give us some new features they might do so and release a new base-game to include those improvements...And charge the product accordingly. If they on the other hand feel that there is no time for any significant game engine improvements in the near future they might instead decide on releasing a simular product with NO improvements and charge less for it...and caling that a module. Releasing a game set in an entirely new geographical area at an entirely new timeframe though will most likely be a new BASEGAME by neccesety. The new Products will need to have atleast some 'connection' to the existing titles to be titled a module i'm guessing...
  3. If you move those around i guess that you might have to tweak other things also...to match... Deployments, AI plans etc..
  4. RepsolCBR

    Subtle elevation changes

    These slight elevation changes is one thing that COMBAT MISSION does very well imo. They actually do matter !! (most of the time 😎).. Other games might look better but very few have a simular level of detail when it comes to these kind of things.
  5. RepsolCBR

    The state of CMSF2

    might be this one...
  6. RepsolCBR

    The state of CMSF2

    Applies to flavored objects also... Better have the mapsize decided before spending to much time adding the fine details... And i belive that the displacement of units and objects will happen regardless of wich mapside you expand...but i might be missremembering on this one
  7. RepsolCBR

    Who plays Real Time mode?

    NP, obviously... It's a 'teameffort' to try and share what we know (or think we know...)...We all should help out as best we can...
  8. RepsolCBR

    Who plays Real Time mode?

    And these are for scoring purposes only...They are not triggers that can 'activate' any movements or simular AI actions...
  9. RepsolCBR

    Who plays Real Time mode?

    Yes...you can obviously do some decent things with the AI programing. Especially with the AI controlling the defending side. What i mean though when i say that the AI is very limited in its ability to react to situations on the battlefield i mean things like... - having two AI groups of tanks moving down a road to cross a river. The first AI group gets shot up by the bridge. It would be kind of neat if the second AI group could 'react' and not continue down the same road...into the same deathtrap...but rather divert to a secondary crossing point. The AI can not do that right now. - Having an infantry platoon and a Tigertank defend a bridge. When/if the Tiger gets destroyed then the infantry platoon will pull back to a different location. - Having an AI group set up as a counterattacking force that would be able to attack in several different ways depending on how the player decides to advance. etc, etc... The fact that it currently makes no difference if a single sniper enters a triggerzone or if it is a full battalion that does the same thing is another thing that complicates AI programing somewhat. The scenario designer might want the AI to react in a certain way if the player moves into a specific area in force...and not react if the player only springs that trigger with a small scouting team...
  10. RepsolCBR

    Who plays Real Time mode?

    Given that your original plan is a succesful one i'm guessing... As a realtime player you can adjust your plan mid game. The AI on the other hand is very limited in this regard... More trigger options (or even better, conditinal triggers) would be very welcome !
  11. I don´t think it is neccesarely the 'terrain' that makes CMSF2 appealing...It's more likely the oppertunities for some varied and cool scenario making that is the big seller here.....
  12. Early war europe...that would be... OPERATION BARBAROSSA !!!, right
  13. RepsolCBR

    The patch?

    A depressing side-effect of this patch-fix dragging out is that no final testing and balacing of the future modules can be done until BFC has found a proper fix for the V4 update. If the patch will change the AI behavior again then the scenarios/campaigns will need some additional testing/ tweaking ones the patch is done. Resulting in no new modules being released either right now...we might be in for quite a wait...
  14. No need...If you have placed them on the map in the editor...they are there... Everybody can toggle them on or off as they please when playing the scenario/map using the keys you mentioned...The on-off state for labels are not saved for the individual scenarios...
  15. You score high !...for a first attempt ...Very cool looking map. Please do...More people might be able to find it there...In its current state (without AI-plans and such) it could still be a good 'playground' for some nice H2H battles... I don't think that a larger number of flavoured objects on this map will be a huge problem FPS-vise...most computers will be able to handle it quite well i belive...Like you mentioned...It adds to the map...some flavour ! I don't know if you are not aware of the LABELS option within the map editor of if you have chosen to not include any labels on this map...or perhaps have toggled them of ? For a historically correct map like this one atleast i find it nice to have some lables included to name things like the villages and where the exits of the roads are leading to...It helps to Place the map in the World ...Label the map simularely to your forth screenshot perhaps... Thanks for your splendid first work !