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  1. ah ok, therefore u can add later cuba or saudi arabia in global conflict? only 5 more countries and the world is complete
  2. hi, have anybody make a ww1 map with the WHOLE world or plan to make such a map? markus
  3. the ww1 melody is very good, better than the global conflict melody. eiffel software have said, that there's no limitation of nations figure with 65, is that simply a decision of fury software? markus
  4. but the whole world is never a topic for you/for fury software or do u know persons, that have a ww1 "whole world map" created?
  5. thank you hubert...i miss the engineers, they available later in the game and do u plan a addon for scww1 like the gold extension for scww2? markus
  6. hi, thank you for the great scww1 dear developers! what means the script errors when i want save my editor changes? was the click on update right? and what can i change with the de-moralization value, e.g. from 0 to 20 %? markus
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