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  1. MKNelson

    Is Dropteam Dead?

    Yeah! I was very disappointed the last time I tried to play and found I couldn't because the registration server wasn't running any more.
  2. Hello I just upgraded to 2.0 - I've reverted to a Backup of 1.1, fresh update to 1.11 then 2 to try to resolve the issue. Changed graphics settings. I have managed to load one QB saved game perfectly. New Quick Battle, new campaign, freezes at the 70% load screen (after briefing, etc.) I tried to load an older campaign save - froze at 25%. The "Music" keeps playing… Game is unresponsive. Any thoughts? I'm tempted to trash the prefs - any idea where BF parks them on the Mac? Mac Pro 1,1 8GB, Radeon 5770, Mac OS 10.7.5
  3. MKNelson

    Churchill's tracks

    Hmm… Yes, they do look backwards. I was just flipping through a book I have: "The Churchill Tank… etc. Part One… etc." by David Doyle, published by Ampersand press. There is a photo of a Churchill Mk III "Betty" wrecked at Dieppe with similarly backwards heavy tracks.
  4. I've seen some similarly bizarre pathfinding with vehicles in close quarters. Earlier this week I repeatedly tried to send a M20 through a reasonably wide gap between a building and a hedge. For some reason the vehicle insisted on turning left towards the building when it looked like it could have gone straight or since there was about 1/2 a vehicle width clear on the right a right turn would have been logical… Playing real-time I managed to, 1 foot at a time, with a dozen or more individual face and move commands, get it through the gap. I then gave it a "quick" command forward across an open field, then 90 degrees left towards a hedge line. It turned right at the waypoint and went about 20ft towards a fenced opening in a hedge on the other side of the field. It then tried to turn around 1/2 way across the fence and continue in the correct direction. So, I guess not just tight quarters!