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  1. I have noticed that those annoying gaps that are present where modular buildings are joined are a lot more noticeable in industrial complexes where the internal walls have been removed. (The gaps are the same width as the thickness of the internal wall). FYI Ian it's the same in Final Blitzkreig too. I haven't checked the other titles but I suspect it's a common fault in all the games. Will they be also fixed in the 4.0 patch?
  2. Hilts

    CMSF2 Release Update

    I haven't got a screenshot of that particular example. It happened a while back when I was playing the demo. I don't think you can order a move through it. It my case it happened when I entered a building with no windows in the far wall. The troops gravitated towards the gap because there were enemy across the courtyard as if it was a window/door and one slipped through into the open and was promptly shot. The gaps are visible in all the demo scenarios where buildings join but you will only notice troops firing through them if there is no window available.
  3. Hilts

    CMSF2 Release Update

    The big unsightly vertical gaps where modular building are joined. Looks ok from outside but move troops inside or even just the camera and you will see them on any urban scenario. Troops can can take and give fire through them and even move through them at ground level. Particularly annoying on Breaking the Bank where you can take fire through a supposedly solid wall.
  4. Hilts

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Damnit! That nasty building bug hasn't been fixed. It's a pretty big deal and thought it would have been taken care of by now.
  5. Hilts

    Demo Feedback

    On the "Bank" scenario there are unsightly big gaps where many of the modular buildings are joined. Troops can move and fire through them!
  6. I have to say I'm quite impressed with the new troop behaviour under fire. Not tried it with entrenchments yet but in the Bank scenario I've got several exciting inter-building firefights going on which would have been impossible before as everyone just ran away. Seems like Combat Mission is fun again! I'm looking forward to the release of the patch to bring the other titles up to this standard. Well done Battlefront!
  7. Hilts

    The patch?

    Finally, somebody has come up with some sort of reasonable answer instead of just ranting off..... Thank you.
  8. What's the latest on the forthcoming patch? It seems a bit strange that we are halfway through the fourteenth month since 4.0 was released and we have still had absolutely nothing....
  9. Those guys seem about as reluctant to perform "buddy aid" as my men.
  10. Hilts

    Deploy Maxim M1910

    If the Maxim M1910 is that Russian contraption on wheels, it deploys automatically.
  11. This is great Steve but when can we expect some kind of a patch to correct the problem that was introduced with version 4.0? I am referring of course to the fleeing of troops from buildings and fortifications when a HE round lands anywhere near them! We have been waiting over a year now and many of us have had to revert all our games back to version 3.0 to get a decent game.
  12. Hilts

    Setup bug?

    It's nothing to do with version 4.0 or Mac. I've encountered this bug since 2011. It occurs with Hmg teams and buildings. You can re-locate into one building fine but then if you see a better position in a second building and try to re-locate again, you get what has been described above. Only way round it is to start the scenario again or get the mg team to run like hell to the second building and set up before the action starts. Its a bit annoying but should be easy to replicate, Ian, without a saved game.
  13. Hilts

    WeGo Moments

    Just had a situation in the Aachen campaign where a German machine gunner shot up one of my trucks and was keeping the two squads in it pinned down in the open. He was using small bursts so I couldn't pin point him but I knew which building he was in but not which of the four floors. Anyway, I managed to sneak a flamethrower team up to a hedge 35 metres from the building. I took a guess at the floor and directed a 30 second fire order. The flame spewed out and though I still never saw anything, I did hear a lot of screaming. There was no more mg fire from the building so I assume I guessed right. I think it's the first kill I've ever had from a flamethrower and it was very cool.
  14. Hilts

    Aachen campaign

    Nice work on the map, Ben.... Not sure about the great clouds of dust thrown up by vehicles, in mid October Europe but that's probably not your fault.
  15. Hilts

    Aachen campaign

    OK.....Thank you for your replies, gentlemen.