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  1. Amazing! Although the dropbox link isn't working..showing too many requests.
  2. Wow. This looks incredible. Thanks for putting all that work into it! Will have to clear a couple of weeks on my schedule for this one.
  3. Looking forward to seeing this and more Budapest battles. I started a map (based on Budapest HASL) awhile ago but cities are very slow going, trying to time it with the module release. Thanks for making the effort!
  4. OK, it's working now. Thanks for all the help. Along with not having the CMFI activation module (changing the shortcut settings target name worked), I did in fact need to go back and download V4 for CMFI (I had downloaded all the others when those became available and thought I already had CMFI 4.0) and then enter the key. Thanks to Steve, Pete, Mikey and Ultradave!
  5. Thanks for that Pete and Mikey. Made the change and it launches the activation for CMFI 3.0, which then accepts my 3.0 key, but my 4.0 Bundle key is not accepted. When I launch the CMFI it's still showing v1.2
  6. I don't have an Activate Modules file for CMFI/GL. I can only find one in the game folder for CMBN, CMRT and CMBS. Any way I can get that without having to download the entire game again?
  7. Thanks for the campaign Lille Fiskerby. Wrapping up the second mission and thoroughly enjoying it. Running well with 4.0.
  8. CMRT and CMBN working, but not CMFB and CMBS. Tried activation key for both as well as the bundle activation, no luck.
  9. I'm having the same problem for CMFB and CMBS. CMFB order # is: 303045
  10. Chris, just tried to email you my bridge file but it's too big. Do you have a dropbox or other?
  11. Anyone else have bridge problems in Stavelot? I'm on third Peiper mission and have had three vehicles and a half squad get stuck in the bridge. Interestingly enough my first mk IV made it across along with several squads and then another mk IV and two 251's fell inside and are stuck. I have saved games. Let me know if there is an email you want me to send them to, otherwise the campaign so far has been great.
  12. I'm on Windows and have the same issue as Wicky. Upgrade to 3.12 worked but I don't see how to activate the BP?
  13. Yup, that was one of the problems in the battle for west Malmedy. Several of the tank commanders were seriously wounded when trying to look around. The cupolas had been removed and replaced with a sheet metal hatch.
  14. I have some time to test if you want to send me the link.
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