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  1. I have searched this forum, cmmods and google and can't find a mod that removes the Red Cross when guys die. I am pretty sure I have it for either Normandy or Red Thunder... Is there one for CMBS? Can I use one from another CMx2 game? Thanks
  2. He just realized he left the hull plug back at camp...you can see the hole in front of the rear wheel.
  3. I run Parallels on my Mac. I would not recommend running a PC game using Bootcamp or Parallels. You are running two OS's at the same time. The Windows portion ALWAYS runs slower. I have had no issues running CMx2 games on any of my iMacs.
  4. You must be referring to this very historical portrayal of Pip Cub scouting. I know, it gets even better at about 6 minutes.
  5. Magnetic lasso tool is great, background eraser works when the background is a solid color
  6. For those of us following along...will there be screen shots etc?
  7. The map is looking amazing, love the dark morning. Adds a lot of ambiance. I'm ready!
  8. Heh, yup That snow isn't gonna be white for very long...cool map.
  9. How do you view the map? I put it into the QB map folder, but I don't see it when I look for maps in the QB area. thanks
  10. I edit video and have done a few quick things from CB games. Downside is that is takes more time than screen shots. BUT, I think the result is so much more captivating...when done right. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Zllhm-I4pclVuauh7bU5w/videos
  11. I am in for a PBEM foot soldier. Axis would work. Cool. Thanks. BTW...how do you manage four of these things?!
  12. This will still be Bulge in CMFI? How big will the map be and how many units? I have a new iMac, so I can handle big-ish maps and units, but it may be a strain on some peoples machines.
  13. These are all amazing tips and ideas. The one thing I have learned though, is even if you collapse the building, you need to be aware of survivors. Seems a little unrealistic, that anybody could survive having a building collapse on them and then be in any sort of shape to open fire as your guys approach. But it's happened to me a few times, so just one more thing to be aware of. Has anybody else experienced this?
  14. I love this... This is a great topic and I am learning some very great stuff. I like the open discussion format a lot.
  15. He does mod vehicles. loads of them. Start here and work forward. http://community.battlefront.com/topic/117795-kiemes-modding-corner/page-19
  16. Bump. The dropbox link is dead...where can I find the file? thanks
  17. I played the first version only til about 50 min left; my approach was crap. I will try this version and try to do better. Thanks for this.
  18. I was a Boyscout while my dad was stationed at Subic Bay in 1970. Some of the stuff we ate was either C or K rations. who knows what year it was from. This was while we were hiking the Bataan Death March route. I was one of two casualties...heat stroke. Not the food.
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