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  1. I want to start by saying sorry to anyone that is offended or will be offended by my first post I did not know that the term kebab is offensive to the Turkish I'm sorry. I agree, I think they would bring an interesting amount of variety. Though I wonder if the turks have any plans of implementing a system like trophy to thier armor.
  2. Do you think we'll see the Turks (The Kebab) appear in a module.
  3. For this game is intimidating my last quick battle I had 400 something soviet troops to set up and I didn't even know where to start.
  4. So I just finished playing Black Sea and I have to say this game is merciless I thought CMSF:Nato was hard till I had to take a small town from the Russians with mechanized troops there was anti armor everywhere. Eventually I pulled my IFVs back (playing as USA) and fought from house to house twas a very fun QB lost in the end but I still enjoyed it, I am horrible at recon I realized this in CM-SF. Alas good game Battlefront, good game
  5. As I saw the announcement for I was listening to the partisan song from the USSR choir and then immediately re-downloaded cm Afghanistan. I forgot how unforgiving that game was, It was not afraid of spanking you when you did bad and the mujis were relentless in CQB meh maybe its just me:confused:
  6. My beyond overlord wont show certain text I mean the important stuff shows the other text does not show I was wondering if someone had a fix for this.
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