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  1. Awesome...The best global WWII just got better.
  2. Because this bug is during the AI turn. To get this bug before it happen you will need to save before hitting next turn button.
  3. I also experience this for a turn or two. And then it went away. I guess the AI is doing some serious reorganization after Pearl Harbor. At one point I thought the game froze. But then it started working again.
  4. The AI forgot to bring in a HQ unit. This is the first time I had ever seen this as the AI is usually good at bring in a HQ unit during an invasion.
  5. I just took Algiers North Africa after a long fight against France and America. And this event happens. I selected yes and the Italians immediately get a carrier. You may want to change this a little bit. It was really a cool turn to a really awesome game so far. France finally fell. And Spain, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria all joined the Axis at the same time in February 1944.
  6. The farthest I got in my game without any diplo-chit investment before war was declare is April 42 for the Russians and may 42 for the United States. Both declaring war on Germany. The turn after that I had Japan declare war on them. Also the Japanese fighting the Russians in my game is helping the Germans out a lot. As the Russians are moving more and more troops over to fight the Japanese.
  7. In the games that I am playing the Japanese are also overpowered. But disbanding 11 armies may be too much.
  8. WaW scenario the Japanese have two aircraft carriers called Zuiho. And in Russia there are two cities called Novgorod. The one at 198.60 looks good. But I think the one at 217.62 is called Gorky.
  9. Its winter 1942 the Russian and the Germans are in a cold war. The Russian are 100% on the allied side but had not declared war on Germany. I am playing as the Axis. I am planning on having the Japanese attacking the Russians as soon as they declare war on the Germans. In January 42 the Russian winter event strikes. My Japanese troops in Manchuria take Russian winter damage.:eek: Also USA is not in the war yet. And the German troops in Poland and Germany did not take damage from the Russian winter event. This is good. The only problem is the Japanese taking damage from the Russian winter event. This should not happen as no one is at war with Russia.
  10. German U-boats in my game are not attacking the shipping lanes for some reason. But are actually looking for a surface fight. Is this suppose to happen.
  11. It still says version 1.0 when I click on the link above. And also I want to give you a big thanks for adding BF to AoD.
  12. I like what I am seeing so far. The Axis AI is very aggressive. But I have a question, is moving a unit from Canberra to Pretoria suppose to take one turn. I would imagine it would take a little longer.
  13. Not really... But a three way World War would still be interesting.
  14. I hope your wrong about that. Because that would really suck big time if it true.
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