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  1. Sorry to disappoint you Strat, but hereby I surrender and announce the end of this AAR. I talked to Ivanov and he agreed that it’s better to stop it now. Soviet advantage is too big so that I can stop them. I neglected producing new units when I had plenty of MPPs and now it’s getting worse with every turn, because my losses are too big to be replenished with new units. Moreover I don’t have much to write about after my turn, I just withdraw and try to avoid losses. I guess that it has already become tiresome to read. Here are some screenshots that prove my point. Unfortunately the war is over for Germany. MPPs production for Soviets and Axis. Research values. Probably Ivanov will soon have all the technologies at maximum . So thanks to Ivanov for the amusing game and thanks to all the forum members for reading this AAR. I hope it wasn't very boring . In the next few days, as soon as I find some time, I will sum up the German strategy and will write few words about the things that need to be avoided by the Axis Player.
  2. Sorry for the slight delay, but holidays with the family are not the best time for strategic games . So, the recent moves of the Soviets were very concerning, they seized Kiev easily. Our reaction at this stage of the game can be only one: withdrawal. Looks like the Dnepr line will be lost within the next few turns. Honestly speaking, it will be a miracle if the Germans survive 1943. The MPPs production is getting lower every turn . Additionally we had to face yet another decision event- forming special interceptors squadron which will defend the industry in western Germany from the air raids. It will cost us 30 MPPs per turn, though I can imagine that the losses from the air raids may be even bigger. So it looks like the distribution of MPPs will be even bigger challenge for OKH than facing the Soviet Hordes.
  3. Very nice propaganda. We all know how people love the Soviet “liberators”. Though on the other hand, those citizens of Riga who don’t love them, may have been already sent to Siberia… On the South it was all quiet. However we observed that many Soviet armies have been sent away from the Southern Front. Ivanov is probably concentrating his forces in order to create new front, maybe in the centre? We also managed to withdraw most of our units from the steppes on the eastern bank of Dnepr. Gen. von Manstein certainly did a great job. Führer was pleased and Erich doesn’t need to buy a plane ticket to Argentina… for now. In the North we struggle to create a stable frontline. OKH sent some infantry units to the northern front this turn, we’ll see if they manage to hold the advancing Reds.
  4. Yeah, the thing is that in North Ivanov wasn't pushing very hard, so far (in comparison with the South). That's why I felt I needed more troops in the South where I was trying to build a defense line on Dnepr. But maybe I was wrong and will pay for this dearly :confused: Anyway Dnepr seems to be a good solution for the rest of 1943 and in the next couple of turns we will see what to do with the North.
  5. I am afraid it’s too late to save the Reich now . Not much changes on the Eastern Front and I feel it is going to look like this till the very end. Army Group South has built a sensible defense line based on Dnepr river. Will it be enough to stop the Soviets? I really hope so, but Ivanov has already shown he can perfectly control this human swarm. Till now his Red Army was focused on attacking our southernmost forces which was good, because we could entrench our troops on the western banks of Dnepr. However we have lost many units and it will be really hard to re-create them as the MPPs production is lower every turn. In the North, gen. Model hasn’t received many troops to stop Red Army, but we will send him most of our troops which are currently being produced. Therefore good ol’ Walther doesn’t have much choice, he needs to withdraw quicker than he initially planned as the gaps between our forces are too big. I am afraid that the fate of Riga has been sealed.
  6. Losing Dvinsk (not Ovinsk! it is a mistake) was rather disappointing. OKH believed we could hold on to that city for another couple of turns. After the city fell, we decided to abandon our positions near Polotsk as it would be impossible to hold the line of Dvina. We are still defending the Riga. In the south there was a violent battle around Dnipropetrovsk. In result the Soviets lost couple of units. We also managed to cause severe damage to one of their advancing Tank Groups. Further South, we are continuing the withdrawal, therefore we abandoned (on purpose ) the city of Melitopol.
  7. Given the numbers and Soviet superiority I must be really lucky to be still alive . Anyway, numbers are not everything in our little war, Com. Ivanov, though I must admit, I feel I am doomed to be defeated, unless Fuhrer comes up with some Wunderwaffe… The situation hasn’t changed much since the last turn. Army Group ‘South’, led by the Magnificent Two: Gen. Guderian and Gen. von Manstein, withdraws slowly, causing casualties to the Soviet spearheads. Meanwhile, recently resurrected Gen. Kleist organizes the defenses along the Dnepr. At the back of the front we reinforce our Luftwaffe forces, as much as we can. Remember that Fuhrer decided that we should strengthen Sicily? Well, it still costs us 30 MPPs every turn. In the North we try to prevent Soviet forces from capturing Latvia. The heroic defense of Dvinsk (or Daugavpils as the Latvians call it) brings effects: Soviet mechanized units suffered heavy casualties and the Tank Group withdrew after the counterattack of Gen. Model’s forces. In the region of Riga, gen. List does all what he can to build an efficient defense line. Given the fact, that his resources are really limited, OKH is really afraid what will happen in the next few days. We will try to send him some reinforcements in the next turn. That’s all for today! Stay tuned to witness the Axis’ struggle for survival!
  8. Thanks Strat, I am far from being demoralized . Let's see how long I can stand, though I guess the game will end long before Jan 1945.
  9. Alright, plan for the next couple of turns: RUN AWAY!!! And seriously, I need to get Army Group ‘South’ from the Eastern Ukraine as soon as possible. I will try to base my defense on the Dnepr line (like the Germans actually did in 1943). Though it won’t be easy, cause the left flank really is in danger (as I predicted few posts back, unfortunately I didn’t have any resources to take any actions against it…). Fortunately I noticed that many Ivanov’s units have low readiness too, so he cannot pursue as fast as he would probably want. Gen. Model took the command of the Army Group ‘North’. But there isn’t much to report, as we continue withdrawal towards Latvia. Soviet mechanized units were silent this turn, so they will probably activate themselves in the next turn. Meanwhile in Sicily…
  10. Not many interesting news to report. We continue our withdrawal towards the west. This turn we also managed to solve our little problem with the Soviet airborne/marine attack on our back. Also we try to create new stable frontline in the north, but currently the Soviets are really numerous and it’s pretty hard for us. ****** The Soviets have already proven in 1942 that they fight till the last man, now the Germans show that they are fighting till the last bullet (and the British are fighting till the last Aussie and New Zealander, but the British are not in the scope of this campaign).
  11. Another day of struggle against the Soviet War Machine. It turns out that this time it is going to be a struggle for life . Army Group North lost its leader, Gen. Hoeppner, but the situation is not that bad. The Soviets are not as numerous as in the South. Additionally this turn their advancing panzer forces have been cut off and severely weakened (they lost a Mechanized Corps). Their readiness and morale will be much lower in the next turn. The airborne and marine operation was daring and unexpected, though Soviet troops were actually convicted to death (not the first time during this war when STAVKA decided to do so). Most of the attacking forces were destroyed and we managed to capture Taganrog. In the next turn we will destrouy the forces defending Melitpol. Though one thing is sure: STAVKA managed to distract our Panzer forces from the frontline. Overall situation looks alarming after the recent movement of Gen. Rokossovski’s forces on the left flank of Army Group ‘Centre’. Now they are a great threat for our main forces in the South, which may be cut off from the mainland. We will surely have a tough nut to crack in the coming turns.
  12. This turn there is not much to report. We continue our withdrawal and counterattacking enemy units which are too much ahead. OKH is worried about the situation of the Army Group ‘North’ and sent some reinforcements for Gen. Hoeppner . Unfortunately we are unable to send any Panzer units, which, I afraid, may be used by the Soviets. STAVKA behaves like a shark when it feels blood in a water : they pursue without any break with their minds set on one thing . Anyway, we will continue the evacuation towards the West. Also, though Army Group ‘South’ is a formidable force and the Soviets do not risk frontal assault, our situation between Army Groups ‘North’ and ‘Centre’ is becoming more and more dangerous, as the gap between them is growing. From the next turn we will start strengthening of their flanks. This turn we also used the fact that there was a bad weather on the Soviet side of the front and Red Sparrows couldn’t defend their forces . All in all, maybe it wasn’t coincidence but our new ‘Wunderwaffe’? Maybe from now on, the Soviets will suffer from the bad weather all the time…
  13. The numbers may be against us, but numbers are not everything, Kamerad Ivanov! During the next few months we will prove it. OKH was quite surprised with the Soviet production over the winter 1942/43. We didn’t expect them to build armies that large so quickly. In this situation it would be pointless to perform major offensive actions, we should continue withdrawal westwards. This tactics should bring us success, as we need to persevere till the end of 1944 (the game ends on 1.1.1945). Here is the overall situation: Soviet steamroller pushes our main forces in the South from two directions: Kursk and Stalingrad. However the main part of the battle took place between Stalingrad and Rostov. So far we manage to withdraw orderly to the west, however the losses were quite high (as you see from Ivanov’s graphs). The plus is that Ivanov didn’t destroyed completely that many units, so we will be able to reinforce them quickly. That damn decision events are not helping but from this turn on, we don’t need to pay 75 MPPs per turn for the Waffen SS units, so again we will earn 460MPPs per turn. This turn we managed to destroy many advancing divisions and armies. We also heavily damaged Soviet Tank Group near Pavlovsk which seemed to advance too quickly. Probably it was not commanded by any HQ and its readiness fell below 50% even before we started to attack it. We expect Soviets to attack Rostov in the next turn, as they are gathering many forces on the other bank of Don (including heavy artillery). We’ll see how they manage our defense lines. Especially that from the last turn we have advanced in anti-aircraft defense, therefore Soviets won’t attack our cities so eagerly. Our situation in the Baltic States is not good but Gen. Hoepner will receive some reinforcements in the next turn (as promised by OKH). It was observed that the morale and readiness of the attacking Soviet mechanized forces was not very high. It looks like their forefront units may have some supply problems. Army Group ‘Centre’ withdraws smoothly, counterattacking the units of the Red Army. In Kursk perimeter we keep the steady frontline.
  14. Another day and another turn of Titanic struggle against the Soviet hydra which seems to attack us with all its heads at the same time! In the north Führer decided to change the person in charge and sent experienced Gen. Hoepner to command the wholly Army Group ‘North’. Hoepner’s objective is to stop Soviet forces from capturing Baltic States. He has limited resources, because facing major Red Army’s offensive in the south, OKH treats Baltic front as secondary. And because of strengthening Sicily and Waffen SS decision event, we still get 100 MPPs less every turn. Yep, definitely May ’43 has been the worst time on the Ostfront since the beginning of Fall Barbarossa. In Kursk region, OKH decided to abandon Voronezh as defending the city under these circumstances is pointless. Army Group ‘Centre’ will be withdrawing along with Army Group ‘South’ to keep the frontline. Soviet attack focused on the Army Group ‘South’, therefore it received the biggest blows. Nevertheless they managed to withdraw in order and struck back many times, in this turn destroying Soviet Mechanized Corps and making Cavalry Army to retreat (after they suffered 80% casualties). OKH sees that the situation is becoming more and more crucial at this theatre of war and reported this many times to Führer. Germany should focus on strengthening the Ostfront, not some God forsaken Sicily! However Führer has a different opinion and probably nothing will change in terms of MPPs distribution. Therefore it has been decided to withdraw from Borisoglebsk for the same reasons as in case of Voronezh.
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