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  1. I loved that mod. Since I've wiped my computer since way back when I no longer have it. Can will maybe send it along to me too?
  2. The guys that throw all the work into these games and support them so quickly and so well. It''s amazing.
  3. I know this AAR is over with but I just looked at the number of views for the game AAR. Over 29,300 is pretty extraordinary. And while I know a lot of us are checking in over and over - that's still an amazing number. They are wonderful to watch and I personally - being a poor player - learn a lot from seeing the pro's in action. Thanx.
  4. I have found that when I open the maps screen 'after' the initial turn of the Germans, 'all' of the sprites for Germans and Italians shift over considerably to the right. For instance the subs end up in Sweden, and all the land units end up in Russia, or if you are Italian - who knows where. Now if you click on the unit it takes you to the right location. I have tried reinstalling the patch a couple times but not the original program. Jim - The dizpatcher
  5. Thanx for the info on the rail hubs. Gotta tell you that I loved the match between the both of you. Well done and well documented. It's a real joy to watch some pros at work. Thanx again for the help.
  6. Absolutely facinated by the AAR for Storm 1939. While I was able to track most of the action, I heard a lot about rail hubs and supply. I pretty much understand supply....so.... How do you know if a city (whatever) is a rail hub. Is it just that a rail line is passing thru it or are there a set number of rails - say 4 that go into the city. Told you I was new. Thanx in advance. :confused: Dizpatcher 911. What is your emergency?
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