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  1. In 5 years or so, I can apply for social security. The BFC principles, countable on one hand IIRC, are all older than me IIRC. With all due respect, I figure we will not see another East Front release for CMX2 after Fire and Rubble. If we SOMEDAY see Kursk as CMX3 then does the CMX2 world slide off the edge like CMX1? If we can get this special request granted to allow some scenarios to somewhat represent earlier timeframes, that will cover me before my next (last?) cardiac episode or first and final brush with oncology. Also, I just took a delve into partisan warfare and it seems Bagration was really the final end to that aspect of the Ost Front. Partisans availability could be argued as linked to the date of the scenario and not be seen if beyond a few weeks after Bagration. https://history.army.mil/html/books/104/104-19/CMH_Pub_104-19.pdf
  2. Special request: Can the new CMRT Fire and Rubble module include the already modelled axis vehicles from CMFI's earlier July 1943 timeframe? Just sweep them in as purchasable single vehicles, set the rarity as you deem appropriate. No TOE concerns. I am thinking of the Panzer III's (Ausf M and N) but there might be a few others. Krupp Protze also. Please
  3. Thanks Steve! Winter in Northern Hemisphere began on Saturday, December 21 and ends on Thursday, March 19, 2020
  4. This has been racking my brain a bit... Partial quote from initial post by Steve: "The inevitable question is… when will it be ready? Winter 2020 is as specific as I think I can be at this point. That’s only a few months and it seems about right for what remains." Winter 2020 to me is like saying the Battle of the Bulge happened in Winter 1944. It means that Fire and Rubble gets released at the end of 2020? I request a more specific answer! Some suitable answers would be: 1. By the time I get home from work on the day after my first master's degree term is over...say 1730 CST on 3 March 2020. That would be most lovely. But I can hang for an extra week so the Schwimmwagen looks DoublePlusGood.
  5. Please show some screesnshots of Soviet winter uniforms!
  6. Thanks waffelman. I can't really remember if I uploaded it. So many years ago.
  7. @umlaut Thanks Dennis. Yes, I remember you did that. I am always willing to use the creative workarounds that folks come up with while impatiently awaiting the legit BFC version... Like here is my amoeba camo...while hoping for BFC to release a version.
  8. Please give me a StuG III Ausf D so I can try and make a scenario based on this old image I have...
  9. Here is an artist's painting from the book "Bloody Streets"... If Fire & Rubble includes this earlier war StuG III, we can mod it to be able to go earlier on Ost Front. Another thing I remember is that old CM1 CMBB scenario editor allowed you to have a dropdown menu to select 0 panzerfausts, whereas, even with low ammo availability the straggler groups have panzerfausts. Nothing is perfect for trying to mod CMRT to portray earlier war situations... For the purists, it is a no go. But I will probably try anyway.
  10. I am excited to see if this module will include the historical presence of Germany scrounging the bottom of the barrel and training units to employ obsolete, earlier WW2 vehicles as a last ditch in the Gö́tterdämmerung. I have a book around here somewhere.... Because I think this would allow some modding to create or attempt to create pre-1944 East Front situations... ...obviously doesn't hold out hope to get us earlier versions or models of Soviet vehicles.
  11. In the beautiful screenshots, that Soviet soldier looks a little under dressed for the cold winter. His babushka is very worried he will get the sniffles. Can we expect some telogreika quilted uniforms and valenki felt boots and ushanka fur hats? Will we perhaps see the amoeba camo for razvedchiki?
  12. Thanks @Thief2125 I plan to download this but will just ransack what I want out of it... I am happy/happier with most of what we originally did. In my pea-brain I had always thought of the Winter Mod as trying to go earlier in the war and though it did have late war vehicles, my efforts were to have grey opel blitzes and such as that. My goals were always beyond my photoshop skill level. I did the telogreika uniform freehand, (and the Hungarian green collar tab), though I was kindly given a higher quality version I am sure we will see in Fire and Rubble...
  13. I went in and Winter Modded a bunch of the smaller stock scenarios and a few I probably downloaded from CMMODS. It sure will be great when Fire and Rubble is released...
  14. Thanks guys. I used to have all these typical things at the tip of my fingers and ingrained in my brain. It leaked out over the years I have been on vacation from CM.
  15. @mjkerner Hey Mark. I might post a few screenies IF I can reawaken my photobucket account. I have not used photobucket since I went on a vacation from CM.
  16. Hey fellas, @Bulletpoint Thanks for the feedback but I don't plan to change anything. The trenches themselves are already kind of oddly modeled (I am sure BFC has reasons for this limitation) as opposed to something that provides full protection of a standing soldier. Your troops end up crouching down when they fire. Here in the next few days, I am starting up a CMRT Winter Mod PBEM battle against @Heinrich505 ...after I upgrade to 4.0
  17. Thanks Mark. I hope to stick around... Ian: I tried to modify it with Notepad++ but somehow failed and got goofy entries in the game. It seemed fairly simple to copy and paste over but it didn't work.
  18. I recently upgraded my 2016 era CMFB to Game Engine 4 and latest patches. I had done a forum search and looked at CMMODSIII but got confused. Which Vin text mod do I need for my newly upgraded and patched CMFB? I only saw 1.01 and 1.02. I guess I thought it would say 2.02 to match the CMFB v2.02 but maybe 1.02 is usable? Thanks guys
  19. The Z directory had 8GB of mods that were working fine with CMFB before the upgrade...but I did as suggested sir and yes, it fixed it. Thanks much @Waycool.
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