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  1. Ivanov

    Broken tacAI

    The ranges were about 390 and 320 meters. In the first case the tank returned fire and wounded one member of the Javelin team. In the second case the tank didn't spot the shooter and the team fired the missile during the subsequent turn.
  2. Ivanov

    Broken tacAI

    Currently I'm playing the Al Hawl scenario. It's urban, where US forces have circa 6 Javelin teams. Within the span of 3 minutes, three different teams fired at the exposed tank commanders of three different tanks. In each case the Javelin team was safe and unspotted ( until their fired ). Now I realize, that I never noticed this behaviour in modern games, because due to the good optics, people tend to keep the crews buttoned up. In my current game, the guy I'm playing against is a vet tanker ( and a famous youtuber ). He decided to apply some real life tactics while operating those not so modern Syrian tanks, so he keeps the tank commanders unbuttoned.
  3. Ivanov

    Broken tacAI

    If a WW2 sniper is doing that, then it's fine. But In my current SF2 game, the two man Javelin team, fires first at the tank commander, instead of keeping it's position hidden and launching the missile. In this case, firing small arms will only piss off the tank, which may return the fire. Such a behaviour is suicidal, while self preservation should be the priority of every moving unit.
  4. In the scenario UK outmanoeuvred, the Syrian tactical map shows UK support assets instead of Syrian:
  5. My list of modern, post WW2 CM titles would be: 1. CM Middle East - mainly Arab-Israeli wars. 2. CM Fulda Gap - hypothetical WP vs NATO confrontation - different modules, from the 50's to the 80's 3. Ultramodern conflicts in the spirit of CMBS, more Russian and Chinese modules. 4. CM Vietnam, - a combination of conventional and unconventional warfare in the spirit of CMSF. To be honest, the modern warfare is what I miss most from the offer of contemporary games.
  6. I bought CMSF2 bundle a week ago using PayPal. No problem so far.
  7. I think still a lot of people like playing as the Germans. I'm also in this group, because their combined arms and support weapons work better, than in case of Allies or the Soviets. Still, I rarely play as the Germans, because most of my opponents insist on playing as the Huns 😁 What's new, is that there's a bigger interest in playing as the Soviets. Maybe it's because of the end of the Cold War? Maybe because more research has been done on them during the last 20-30 years, so now they are seen differently, than just drunken, faceless masses?
  8. I think 90% of sales on the wargaming market is the US ( the traditional grog wargaming, not World Of Tanks or FPS crap ). I know this, because I made pools on the boardgaming and computer wargming FB groups and such were the results. More than 60% of the players are also 50+ years old. That's why we will continue getting Normany over and over again.
  9. CM Fulda would be an instant success because it would include the American forces and the people who were in their twenties or served in Germany in the 80's, are probably the biggest demographics among the CM players. Right now, there's a huge resurgence in Cold War going hot on the board gaming scene. CM Blitzkrieg probably wouldn't sell that well, because there would be no Americans plus there's a common perception, that those campaigns were uninteresting walkovers. Strategically and operationally maybe, but on the tactical CM level, the French or the Poles had some tanks, anti-tank weapons or small weapons, that were at least equal to their German counterparts. Consequently there were a lot of small scale engagements, that were far from being one-sided. CM Middle East, as @slysniper mentioned, the Arab-Israeli fighting was the only high end and high intensity warfare during the Cold War, that could serve as a template for the potential NATO-WP confrontation. Personally I find this topic fascinating. The Lebanon 1982 could serve as real life Shock Force game, that would include a mixture of conventional and unconventional fighting, but again - there would be no Americans in it...
  10. 1. CM Fulda Gap 2. CM Blitzkrieg: Poland, West, Balkans, Barbarossa 3.CM Middle East
  11. I'm planning on buying the CMSF2 Big Bundle. If I get a completely new game ( no upgrade ), will it be already patched and will it have all the modules reworked to the CMSF2 standard? Thanks.
  12. A great book on battlefield psychology is Brains & Bullets. https://www.bitebackpublishing.com/books/brains-bullets
  13. OK, I see it now! So it was a false alarm. Thanks.
  14. OK, I'll wait a little more, but it was already 7:37 when I played my turn.