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  1. A great book on battlefield psychology is Brains & Bullets. https://www.bitebackpublishing.com/books/brains-bullets
  2. OK, I see it now! So it was a false alarm. Thanks.
  3. OK, I'll wait a little more, but it was already 7:37 when I played my turn.
  4. In the scenario Verdenne and victory, the Americans are supposed to receive the artillery support from 0730 hrs. There's a message around this time, that the artillery arrived as reinforcements. But then the arty is not available for the fire mission selection. It could be a bug.
  5. Ivanov

    How do you counter tanks with ERA?

    ERA is usually not a great obstacle in this game. The most common US ATGM is Javelin, which is top attack. The Russian Cornet or Metis will also defeat ERA. Basically ERA is only effective against LAW or RPG ( but not the one equipped with tandem warhead ). ERA also doesn't offer much protection against the modern tank rounds.
  6. Ivanov

    AT gun crews

    Well hopefully it will be addressed in some future ( CM 3 maybe ). Since the guns are practically immobile under the attack, it would greatly improve their survivability under fire.
  7. Is there a way to detach the anti-tank crews from the guns ( for example for the duration of the enemy artillery fire ) and then attach them again? There's the Bail Out command, but I it seems that it's impossible to reattach the crews back to the guns afterwards.
  8. Don't kid yourself guys. A best selling game has to include American forces, so no Eastern Front or North Africa 1941-42. Maybe the first CM3 game could be something like Torch to Tunis. But unfortunately it seems like Normandy would always have the priority. I personally would love to see Barbarossa or France 1940. As to North Africa - sure the open terrain gives you a possibility of sweeping maneuvers, but the maps would need to be huge and the whole concept of the game should be different, with the introduction of planning and operational phases.
  9. There could be maps, that would represent nuclear wastelands and a new category of units - post nuke stragglers
  10. True. But anyway, there's a potential for a FB expansion - Patton at Metz, Colmar Pocket, crossing the Rhine, Ruhr pocket... And of course the British expansions with Canadians and Poles - aforementioned Scheldt or Rhineland. Well, that would be at least two expansions - one Americans with the addition of the French and second British with the Allied nations.
  11. Given the limited resources of Battlefront ( look how painfully slow is the proces of remaking SF ), I don't think Fulda is even on the horizon. But in some unspecified future - why not? It would sell like crazy.
  12. Ivanov

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    The demo is excellent! CM is getting better and better with each release, no matter if it's WW2 or modern. It's a pity we'll have to wait for a final, complete game. Oh and by the way - Fulda!
  13. But two MG 42's per squad, with their rate of fire, surely are able to hit something. From my experience squad vs squad, the Germans are able very quickly to achieve a fire superiority and suppress the US squad.
  14. Yeah, I've always thought, that the German and Soviet squads are too lavishly equipped with the automatic weapons. Two MG 42's, MP 40 and StG 44 per squad seems way over the top. Compare it to US squads in Bulge game and Waffen SS looks like space stromtroopers, against the medieval peasant rebles with pitchforks and sticks. Same in case of the Soviets, they have too many submachine guns per squad. Maybe some elite recon troops, the Spetsnaz precursors were so equipped, but definitely not the regular units, not even Guards. I think that the German and Soviet squads in CM had been boosted for the game balance reasons.