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  1. It's is looking pretty dang good too me. I also noticed the large boxes on the rear turret of the LAV... 25mm extra for the main gun.
  2. Hope to see something like this in the near future
  3. markus544

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    I like it.....Thanks Steve
  4. markus544

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    "Earth to Battlefront come in please...Do you copy....
  5. markus544

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    Yeah I think some news is in order on above post....I'm just more than interested...
  6. Oh yeah the Hurricane with 20mm or is 30 mm cannons, that will rip the crap out of your MK111 or 4 panzers.
  7. Well talk about bailing....CMFI the scenario named "Catch a tiger", which has a disabled tiger tank being assailed by infantry.. Well I tinkered with the units and gave my guys a whole bunch of arty, 155 and 105 stuff. I plastered the tiger with god knows how many rounds and that crew would not bail from that tank after several minutes of indirect fire. Finally the cat took a direct hit from a 105 and they got blow away... Those German tankers sure got guts and it's 4.0 version.
  8. markus544

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    I do not think it is whining..who else do we have to type/vent to..Not my wife that's for sure. I check the website everyday looking for some update, some tid bit or news about the coming games. I check the forum as well. I would just like to see something on the website that is less than two or three months old. I don't think that is too much to ask. But I am on the outside looking in. I am sure the guys are hard at work on these games. Some little information would be very welcome indeed.
  9. I know they guys said when it's done it done...but is anybody heard anything about when we can see some new stuff


  10. markus544

    BTR-4E Armament

    Not especially, a choice was which type of round to be employed would be a nice thing to have.
  11. markus544

    BTR-4E Armament

    So it seems that this vehicle has this capability but it is used in a way that is not particularly selective. It depends on the amount of expended ammo from the main gun. Am I wrong about this or what. I think based upon my experience with this game that this vehicle is devastating in the 30mm cannon alone, but the grenade launcher is a anti personnel suppressing capability that is quite impressive.
  12. markus544

    BTR-4E Armament

    Yeah I can find the BTR-4E...no problem there, just the one with the attached grenade launcher on the vehicle itself, not the troop units inside.
  13. markus544

    BTR-4E Armament

    I was trying to locate the BTR vehicle that has the 30mm cannon and the 30mm grenade launcher as well. I thought that the grenade launcher was coaxial with the main gun, I can't seem to locate it in the Ukrainian inventory, or am I dreaming?
  14. markus544

    M-26 Pershing..Super Pershing ??

    Yeah...probably so, but in that movie the AT-gun missed at what appeared to be chip shot type range was a little much.
  15. markus544

    M-26 Pershing..Super Pershing ??

    So the guys in the field made these modifications because the panther tank was kicking their asses Or they could try the Tiger Sherman circle jerk in that movie "Fury"...that was very weird indeed...Hollyweird. Sandbags were a big help as well.. I guess back then it made you feel better if you were a driver or asst driver.