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  1. I would like to offer opinion of more emphasis on destroying the enemy army, more than this old "objective model" that's been around since original SSI PG!!! Wars are won by beating the enemy army, then objectives come. This insistance on a total objective-reliance is not representitive of WWII; it is better suited for WWI. Most battles were fought "out in the field" so to speak. PLease get away from these contrived maps that only lend to the AI's static doledrum of enrenchment(WWI again, II). I just finished as Axis with new WWI, a major Cenral victory and was just astonished at the amount of firepower/units the AI had!!!! Should have been the reverse. Unbelieveable!!!!! I know that MP is fad of the day, but sometimes one just wants to go solo. Anyway, I just would like to see a real new concept of a game, instead of SOS(last S, is stuff.) JMK
  2. I have been away from SW2+ for 2-3yrs. and am a little confused by this board. I see it's tittled SCW WWI, but I see a thread for a WWII AAR above; what gives; is the bonus a upgrade to old SW2???, incorporating new innovations from new WWI?? I think that's what I am getting, but not sure. And what is bonus WWII?? a campaign, senario?? So, if I buy this new game, I can paly the newest upgrade of SW2?? The reason I asking, is I'm having a real hassle trying to get old SW2& WAW re-installed, because of expiration or something of lic.#. IF I can play an updated SW2, then I might just forget old SW2. Also, what let me back to this genre, was an update of a compettor, was advertised a great upgrade to their old version, and because I'm an older dog, have but not ever got into MP & modding. When I posted an fairly harsh critique on forum about a lame AI, I was rebutted that the purpose of upgrade was for MP, and they weren't into coding for any AI improvement. So, is the AI fairly decent, has it been improved along the way??? Thanks, JMKile
  3. I am not a geek & am very nervous about modding! Is there a thread that explains the basics and then how un-mod if not sucessful or dont' like mod. Thanks, JMKile
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