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  1. For some reason, I cannot assign the = and - keys and make them stick so I can scroll through units. Anyone else having this problem. I can I assign them, but as soon as I start a game or go to the main screen and log back in they are gone.
  2. OOOOO yeah I remember that one.... Ouch! That was me.
  3. I am absolutley reading this! This is fantastic! I mean the AAR not that your on the receiving end in our battle. I don't think anything we've played was this intense.
  4. I don't design scenarios, however, is it possible there is a problem with the C2 links on the scenario design level?
  5. Ha Ha! Wouldn't be the first time I have tried to get intel this way. Nothing like having a spy at the enemy Btn HQ!
  6. I say we go easy on Lt. Bull. I've certainly had my moments of frustration with this game. Once I really look closely at the issues though, I mind most of the time, that it has something to do with the way I interact with the game, rather than the game itself. All of the criticisms that have been mentioned, from the clunky UI, to the Icons, and even the action phase/replay phase confusion, I believe have more to do with the individual than the game. I don't have any other explanation that explains why some people have trouble with something, and others don't. I'll go ahead and address this, 'casue I know it's coming, those who say that it works the same for everybody, how could I interact with it differently. And that's precisely my point. Very few of us adopt the attitude of trying to get used to a different set up controls than the ones we're already used to. The camera controls are a great example, since there are plenty of ways to adjust your view, ie multiple methods on the keyboard, and the mouse! Try something thats different. Lt. Bull, if you are really having that much trouble, could you post a video of you playing the game, and solicit some feedback. I suspect if it's that hard to tell where your pixeltruppen are, that you might not be mentioning something about the way you play that would make all the difference. vK
  7. I think you're right, just like in CMx1. I don't know why I didn't think of that.
  8. Demo charges will work most of the time. I played Point du Hoc the other day and ordered a breach time to demo charge an occupied bunker from the back. I watched as the breach time tossed a demo charge at the bunker. The Tac AI of the breach time, observed that the first charge had no effect, so then tossed a second charge, which did the trick. This all in the same turn. When you plot the blast waypoint, be sure your team is behind the bunker, and place the waypoint just behind the bunker, so if it doesn't work, your guys will not run into fire. Just be sure you place the waypoint in the direction of the bunker, not through it. Bazooka rounds work great against bunkers, 1-2 zook rounds should do it. Also if you can manage to gain the bunker's rear, your guys will automatically lob grenades into it. Be careful, as usually this requires several grenades and you can run out very quickly.
  9. @sburke, Feel free to openly explain your plan including avenues of attack, planned force committments, artillery assets remaining, etc. I'm sure we'd all benefit from your comments on such a great map!:cool: @snake_eye I can't wait to get you our AAR, I've got lots of feedback and it's all good, but I'll get specific once our game is over. It's a monster! The clock is ticking, we're 2 hours in out of three, and the real bloodletting is about to begin. Although, sburke may have caught a stray neb round or two:confused:
  10. This thread is one of the more interesting I've seen, although not becasue it deals with asking for more info with less clicks. For full disclosure sake, I am a PBEM opponent of sburke and am generally in agreement with him on this point. We seem to be in the minority, so I thought I would discuss the opposing viewpoint in some detail. I think what people ask for in terms of upgrades to the UI says alot about the different playstyles that are out there. I can see how everything listed in this thread would be very helpful for the RT player, when being asked to manage your forces and give orders must be done in a very short amount of time! Reflex decisions have to be made not only quickly, but with enough info to make those decisions good ones. I am solely a WEGO'er. I'm playing Die Ammis kommen right now, and for those of you who know it, you know it's a MASSIVE Scenario, with alot of force management. Even then, I sort of know where all my guys are, what they are doing and what the status is. When I receive a turn from my opponent, I thank god for the VCR controls, because I watch the turn more than once, almost always. I don't want to miss a 60mm morter screaming down on a position just because the camera was on the other side of the map and to far away to hear it. I jump back and forth, in the turn, to get to a particular time when I need to witness the action up close. It's probably a more methodical approach than some use, but it's a rare thing when I totally miss an event. More to the point, I always have an intuitive sense of whats going on with any particular unit, even in a big battle. I sort of know generally, what a units morale is, ammo levels, what they can see and what they can't etc. I know this becasue if they were taking any actions at all, I just watched it on the video! I don't debate that the proposed changes would be helpful, I just would not need to use them that much. It's nice to know the status of an infantry unit over to the side and how many casualties they've taken. However, I'm more interested in how those casulaties were suffered, info that can only be aquired by watching what happened. I don't feel equipped to make good decisions for that unit until I know exactly what happened to get them to their current situation. I'm not saying I don't like the changes that are being recommened to BFC, only that I don't think they would add alot of value, or information that we don't already know, assuming we watch the replay phase more than once, which I do. Thoughts?
  11. I believe it should, lest the crew come back later and re-occupy the vehicle. I think I'd kick myself if that happened, since last thing I'd want is a panzer IV rampaging through my truck convoy full of ammuinition.
  12. Pak40, This is what I do now, It just takes more time. More time under fire isn't good. Just wondering if anybody had a better way.
  13. Thanks for the input all, and to clarify, I have enjoyed playing this game more than any other, IMHO of course. And it's certainly not broken. The point made above is a great one in that we can't have our cake and eat it to. I think the TAC AI does a great job at pathfinding. I have my own way of doing it, by plotting the appropriate waypoints. Just curious to get other thoughts on dealing with it. vK
  14. Hey all, I was hoping for some input on this. I apologize if there is a thread about this, but I couldn't find one. The only other BFC game I've played is CMBO. To the point: I notice that in CMBN, when you tell an infantry unit to move, say across a field surrounded by bocage, that I don't always get why they move the way they do. I typically find my self in a position where I'm behind my hedgrow, and the enemy is behind his. I have achieved obvious fire superiority, and determine it is time to perform a close assault on the enemy hedegrow. Often times, there is only one, maybe two breaks in the bocage, so I order a few units to quicktime it across the field, with follow on teams for support. If I were the platoon cmdr, I'd order the guys to spread way the heck out asap as soon as they left the gap in the bocage, so as to assault across the field on a wide front, and hopefully, minimize casualties. When I plot the way point to the next hedgrow, the guys exit the gap, but continue to run single file all the way to the point where they take a diagonal route to their assigned place in the next hedgrow. While they're running single file, they are FRIGHTENINGLY Vulnerable. One well placed AT gun could take out an entire squad, decapitating them in column. Obviously, you can plot other way points and spread them out, but that takes extra time and means guessing at the right pause length for them to advance together, etc. Anybody found a better way? My point is that when infantry advance, they dont advance straight to the destination. They always seem to take the straight line first, then the diagonal portion next to get to a given way point. I don't remember it being that way in CMBO. Any thoughts?
  15. It's about one in 10 for me and I do the same thing.
  16. In my current PBEM with sburke, I had a similar problem. I am expirementing with bunkers and if I can have their occupants bail out if they need to in advance of getting pounded. I tried the dismount command on a team that has not been under fire. The bunker is in good shape but upon recieving a dismount command, they do not leave the bunker. Can anyone offer any insight?
  17. Wise advice, Chops, especially since I've never seen Steve even come close to a personal attack. And I read all his posts to learn more about how the game is designed! I'm going to take your advice and not even look at this thread again. Back to Road to Montebourg......
  18. @ yapma, I don't post that often, but you've provoked my interest! Even though I enthusiastically admit to being a HUGE fanboy of this game, I still must say, I agree with Broadsword. Your points of view may be valid, but the way you express them is downright poisonous. If you don't like this game, why do you bother posting on the forum? You add nothing constructive to the discussion. I'd at least like you to offer some alternatives if your going to bother to comment at all. I think "the leader" might appreciate that as well...
  19. I think what some players suffer from is being impatient, which is not limited to, but very much including School of Hard Knocks. I find that if I use the darkness to get engineers to clear the bridge area of mines and wire, and get MGs and Mortars in position, it's wiser just to wait for daylight, when spotting ability dramatically improves. If one can do this, and withhold a major infantry or tank commitment, surgical mortar strikes and massed machine gun fire can keep the enemy surpressed long enough for you to move just a few guys forward. Eventually this will reveal the AT positions, at which point mortars are brought to bear. The tanks move forward and its only a question of time.
  20. Thought I would open a discussion about fighting in forests. Artillery can't be brought to bear effectively, and quickmoving reduces spotting to the point that you will almost always be spotted first and suffer the consequences. Walking doesn't get enough guys in spotting range quick enough before the unit drops prone, nor does hunting. The only tactic I have thought of that might have any success when you are the attacker, is using the pop smoke command for unit leaders. This obviously works only if the wind is blowing toward the enemy and even then the fight is only reduced to one of attrition and confusion. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  21. Okay, so this is my first post, but I've actively been following the forums now since before the demo came out. Overall, I'm favorably impressed with the discussions. I'll fess up to the fact that I have been the opponent that sburke has mentioned playing now and then, and I agree very much with his take on Huzzar and Bois de Baugin. Since he and I both agree that our battles are less about winning and loosing and more the sheer enjoyment of watching the stream of bullets from an MG 42 whizz past, or your guys getting shattered by an artillery strike, (even if they're your own, thanks very much sburke). One thing that I've noticed that hasn't been discussed, are firefights in the middle of woods, and the caution that must be excercised when in one. If any one has any suggestions on forest infantry tactics, I'd love to hear some input...
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