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    Seedorf81 reacted to rocketman in Night sky in Combat Mission   
    Isn't also the sun's position in the sky and where it rises/sets also modelled? It is cool that the moon shows the accurate phase in night battles. So it begs the question if out pixeltruppen fights worse on a full moon night¬†ūüĆö
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    Seedorf81 reacted to John Kettler in How individual weapons were really carried in WW II   
    This is a superb video contrasting common depictions in war movies of how infantry carried their weapons against real period sources and photographic evidence. Has lots of useful pictures, including squad movement through drainage ditches in Normandy, British infantry in assault configuration complete with T-handled full size shovels, GIs advancing, Germans in city fighting and the famous BoB StG44 equipped SS moving past burning US halftrack, plus images and text from German, US and British manuals and even training film. Also describes several sites where excellent information on particulars of weapon handling in WW II are covered. Not only is this information helpful for skins and terrain info, , not to mention potential VO chrome via German command to get down, but I believe it could be fed into the soldier animations. Might be interesting to explore animations for prisoner handling upon capture, too. Have read the GIs commonly cut the belt of prisoners, so they'd have to use their hands to hold up their pants, greatly limiting opportunities for mischief!

    John Kettler
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    Seedorf81 reacted to Warts 'n' all in CAAR - CMFI Rome To Victory Beta - The Kirpan & the Rhino   
    He thought, "Goodness gracious me". 
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    Seedorf81 reacted to Buck72 in Rome to Victory Pre-orders are now open   
    I note that that Battlefront have amended the home page and now say that the "Rome To Victory" module is now expected in September - rather than August. And so it continues... ho hum. I've almost given up caring.
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    Seedorf81 reacted to General Jack Ripper in What I'd like to see in CM3...   
    I'd like to see a return of the old 'Move to Contact' command.
    Then the 'Hunt' command could revert back to something slightly more useful.
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    Seedorf81 got a reaction from quakerparrot67 in Time for some bones.   
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    Seedorf81 reacted to kohlenklau in CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread   
    Where are the %$#*&%! schwimmwagens? 
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    Seedorf81 reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Lend lease Independent Soviet Tank Regiments   
    This is an interesting site, with some smashing eye-candy:

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    Seedorf81 reacted to Thewood1 in CMFI Rome to Victory Bones   
    Wow, that bone thread was 3.5 years ago.  So that means the CMFI module has been in development for over 3.5 years, and looks like it will be 4 years to deliver.  That's a long time.  The patriots have been in three Super Bowls since that thread.
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    Seedorf81 got a reaction from Sgt.Squarehead in Any one want to take a guess or make a wish as to what the Rome to Victory campaigns will be?   
    The "finally it's here, the Schwimmwagen" - campaign?!
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    Seedorf81 got a reaction from zinzan in Time for some bones.   
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    Seedorf81 got a reaction from Ultradave in Time for some bones.   
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    Seedorf81 reacted to Aragorn2002 in Time for some bones.   
    Elvis, I'm waiting for your reaction. Steve mentioned some time ago that he would ask the guys working on the modules to make some screenshots. He apparently thought it is a reasonable request. Since you're the new kid in town, could you answer my post please? Two or three screenshots per module would cause a lot of joy among those who are waiting, I'm sure. Shouldn't take too much time.
    And before some people will state that it will only cause an endless discussion and thousands of questions, we could simply agree that we're not going to discuss them. Just post them and close the thread.
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    Seedorf81 reacted to Aragorn2002 in Time for some bones.   
    It's almost the middle of May 2019 and it's probably fair to say the new modules for CMFI and CMRT are not around the corner yet.  The community showed remarkable patience all in all and will continue to do so in the coming months. It would however be a justified and fair gesture if BF gave us some bones, in the shape of a series of good screenshots for both modules. After all this time in development there has to be something interesting to show to us. I'm not talking about release dates or pages full of information. Just some juicy screenshots so we all know what we are waiting for and why it is worth waiting for.
    It's time for some bones, me thinks.
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    Seedorf81 reacted to MOS:96B2P in BATTLE DRILL - A CM Tactics Blog   
    In the WWII titles I have found it useful to give platoon HQ's a 50 meter 360o Target Arc. (100 meters across)   This serves the purpose of keeping the HQ from firing at far off targets and drawing return fire.  But it is also a visual reminder of the automatic C2 voice distance.  I attempt, with a few exceptions, to make this the area of operations for the fire teams of the platoon.  I will especially keep the forward (in-contact) fire teams in this arc.  The reserve squad, teams giving medic aid, 60mm mortar etc may fall a short distance behind this arc and are called forward when needed.  My self defense arc for Company HQs & Forward Observers is 32 meters.    

    In CMBS with the communications  gear that is present I am still experimenting with the target/command arc concept.  It is not needed as much for C2 but I still like a defined area of operations for my platoons.    
    Just FYI reference the Hide command.  It will reduce the automatic 50 meter voice C2 to about 16 - 20 meters. 
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    Seedorf81 got a reaction from kohlenklau in Any one want to take a guess or make a wish as to what the Rome to Victory campaigns will be?   
    The "finally it's here, the Schwimmwagen" - campaign?!
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    Seedorf81 reacted to kohlenklau in Some Fortress Italy Christmas bones...   
    I only want the mules if they are in a schwimmwagen!
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    Seedorf81 reacted to aleader in Best order for building entry   
    The bigger issue I'm having in the 'Breaking the Bank' battle is getting destroyed by forces on the other side of the street once I cross into the 1st building.  I wish there was a way to keep them back from the windows once they enter the building.  There's so many buildings in this one, and you don't have any AFV support unless you go around the outside edges, which I always assume is a death trap. 
    Another thing I've run into a few times now is infantry entering the side and front of a building instead of the rear door, which is a much safer option obviously.  I've had a few squads chopped up by fire because of this (happens even when I split the squads).  I do give shorter orders outside the rear entrance, but they still spread out and go in three different ways.  I'm assuming this is a 'feature' of 4.0?  I do like that they spread out better now, but it causes some dumb behaviour if that's what's going on.  I have also had a few squads run away at the first hint of fire coming their way even though they aren't panicked or routed.  
    Anyone have tips for these issues?
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    Seedorf81 reacted to BFCElvis in CMRT - BETA AAR - German Side   
    The souls of the departed.
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    Seedorf81 reacted to Josey Wales in CMFB Meeting engagement AAR   
    A CMFB meeting engagement between Big Joe of the FGM and myself.
    Part One;
    Part Two;
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    Seedorf81 reacted to WynnterGreen in The CMBN Theater is open! Post cinematic CMBN vids here.   
    An oldie.....

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    Seedorf81 reacted to waclaw in CM: Battle of the Bulge Stream gameplay   
    I do not understand the excitement - I am disappointed, I hoped that it would bring a new quality, and we got some new models and lots of white color (it is not a texture snow)
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    Seedorf81 reacted to GreenAsJade in CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2   
    Nice one!!!!! Be excellent to each other. And... Party On Dudes!

    Oh, and here's what the guys at the top is looking at, courtesy of Sergei's Esper machine:

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