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  1. Well which ever it would seem and this is from other posts ive read that the shadow are poorly optimised,more options in the graphics section to allow people to change things like shadows from high,med,low grass,draw distance ETC would help alot of the problems people have.Im sure some of these are in the fast balanced ETC but you cant tweak them individually which leaves you with either fast poor graphics or slow great graphics.In my case the ability to turn the shadows down but not OFF would mean still having shadows but increasing the FPS. Also as im sure others have maybe said adding multi-core comparability would increase the FPS a lot on a CPU heavy game,2 of my friends have been put off buying this after seeing how slow it runs on my system and like me they play a lot of War/Strategy games.If battlefront would even consider these options i for one would champion this game to all my friends and as a business more people means more money which is only a good thing for them .
  2. I know it doesn't use multicore and my motherboard has the ability to run the CPU as 1 core,2 cores or 4,none of which make a sleight bit of difference.If you have a link to these threads i would love to read them as the ones i can find seem (Mostly) be be Nvidia and AMD CPU's and my spec is intel and ATI cheers.
  3. Well as a small developer i would of thought your customer satisfaction would be the NO1 priority,as as you have said your self being a small dev people are probably not that bothered about pirating your games because of the small fan base. As a fan of these game types(i have around 20+ war strategy games)mostly from your selves and Matrix/slitherine i do my best to support the smaller dev teams but when my possible gaming enjoyment is compromised,by the possibility of not being able to play a game i have bought then i would think again about buying your games,which im sure you'll agree is a BIG loss for ME and YOU. But anyway i dont want to cause a big fallout so now i know and that is that,thanks for your time.
  4. Well it would seem that its the shadows mate,if i turn them off with alt/w the game speeds along at 30 fps min,if i turn them on it crawls to its knees at 12-15 min.
  5. Wow i have to say Your customer service skills are terrible,telling people that have paid you money that they should maybe not buy your games is utter madness,i understand all the reasons for copy protection but as long as someone can prove they have PAID for a game then i see no reason why they should have to worry about activations. Anyone who wants to get an illegal copy will get one,When you buy a car you dont have so many rides then you cant use your car.I would think it better to have infinite activations but a limit on the number of different machines you can play it on say 4,that way no activation worries but it stops people giving the game and cd key to all there friends. Myself and many of my friends upgrade and reinstall windows on a regular basis its not that uncommon for gamers,if your going to use your system then at least introduce a revoke method.
  6. Im running at 1920x1080 i have found the problem (which isnt my CPU ).Its the shadows if i turn the shadows off it jumps to around 30+ min FPS so the shadows are poorly optimised imo,im also running the 11.6 drivers and have CF disabled for this game.Its not CPU/AI bound as the game doesnt get any slower the more thats going on its the same for tiny battles and big battles,but alt/w the shadows off and it triples the FPS.
  7. Is there a config file hidden somewhere i can edit,cant seem to find one but maybe its some place obscure ???.
  8. But my CPU is fine its a I5 760 3ghz quad core more powerful than some I7 CPU's look it up on CPU reviews,it cant be my CPU mate,i know your trying to help and i do appreciate it,but my CPU is not the weak link cheers any .
  9. Seems a VERY harsh way to treat paying customers,i see no reason aslong as you can prove payment/ownership why you shouldn't have infinite activations.
  10. Just to clarify for people like me that upgrade there bits regularly,what happens if i run out of the 4 will you reactivate me or am i stuck with a game for 12 months i cant play,just because i like to upgrade alot ??.
  11. Windows 7 64,I5 @3Ghz cpu,8 gig ddr 3 ram,2xATI HD 5870 GPU,OCZ 220GB PCI-Express X4 Revo Drive SSD. 12-25 FPS if i choose the lowest graphic setting i get 15-40 FPS,why is this game so poorly optimised ,also there is hardly any graphic settings,there needs to be more options.IE shadows:low,med,high.Draw distance:near middle far.Textures ultra,high,medium,low ETC all graphic settings should be separate so you can tweak and also find the setting that is causing the slowdown. Same with sound no options for sound provider/renderer no speaker option,i can play some of the most graphic intesive games around at 60fps and im struggling to play this at all.I have the theatre of war Kursk and run it at full settings 40+FPS.
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