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  1. Hello everyone, A long time ago I took JuJus CMBN interface and made it for Fortress Itally by adding the missing mod files for vehicles, weapons, etc. Well, I just finished updating it again to include everything for Rome to Victory. Compressed, it's 7MB. I just posted it to onedrive. Please feel free to distribute or host this file wherever. The majority of the credit all goes to JuJu. I just ported it to CMFI and updated it as needed. https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApexU4UM-mdGsSZCkYTL4IUN2tnO?e=3Hrd3g
  2. Finally returning to my favorite games... So, I really like the behavior of the troops in the 4.0 engine, patched to the most recent updates of course. When they're under MG fire, they go to ground pretty quickly and even fall back if the fire gets too intense for them. This all feels quite realistic since they're very careful to protect their little digital lives. However, The campaigns were designed before this behavior was implemented and don't seem to have been adjusted accordingly. For example, I'm now playing the Troina campaign in Fortress Italy, It seems nearly impossible to beat. It feels really gamey to use first round barrages on all enemy positions (after finding out in a previous defeat exactly where they are located). And even when using the first round barrages, the casualties that the allies suffer in their assault, for example in the second and third missions advancing up the hills, are massive and the squads can hardly move without going to ground. - which is realistic. But, like I said, the scenarios just feel unbalanced - too few resources for the attacker or too many defenders, not enough artillery or registration points, no armor support, etc. Taking your time is also difficult when a single barrage on a position can take 15 minutes to call in. Again, this is realistic and I like this very much, but the scenarios themselves just seem unbalanced and require gamey solutions and multiple attempts to even have a chance to win... or do I just really lack tactical skill (granted I'm way too impatient sometimes and get my litle guys killed, but those are the kinds of mistakes I usually preface with "I know this likely going to be stupid, but... charge that building!" and then order them to their deaths with a "hmm, well I guess that didn't work"). So what do you think, are the campaigns unbalanced now due to the much higher leathality of MGs and lower casualty tolerances? Changes which I think are good though.
  3. Which file is it. I can only find 1 smg ammo pouch. Wouldn't turning that around mess it up every other soldier armed with a Thompson?
  4. "Hey Lieutenant, you haven't seen any Thompson mags lying around, have you?" Anyone notice that squad leaders armed with Thompson Submachine guns (and wearing full winter gear and greatcoats) have their magazine pouches upside down?
  5. Thank you for clearing this up. As a design decision I can certainly accept it. Better that someone jumps on the MG right away (when they're stationary - which covers probably 90%) of all situations than everyone just standing there staring at the MG and wondering what to do. The other 10% is then covered by 80s era action movie sequences where even the smallest explosions throw guys 20 feet into the air. In said situation, the team leader simply catches the MG while running by.
  6. I had a machinegun team quick moving to another location. They were pretty spread out but the gunner got hit from a grenade at long range and went down. His MG immediately appeared in the hands of the team leader, who was a good 10 to 20 meters away and also moving. On the next turn, he was hit and the MG immediately landed in the hands of another team member. I would think that buddy aid is necessary to recover the MG. Anyone else seen this? I can't imagine that it's working as intended. This is the latest version of Black Sea.
  7. In the Interview, Steve mentioned that he had worked on a game called Onslaught. Was it this Onslaught? This was the very first board wargame that I ever cut my teeth on. In fact, I still have it and enjoy playing it to this day. It would be funny to think that I've possibly played nearly every game that Steve has worked on. I don't have them anymore, but I've been a customer of Battlefront since they had a different name and were working with Avalon Hill. I loved playing Flight Commander, Achtung Spitfire, and Over the Reich. Anyone remember those? By the Way, Steve if you read this, what was the title song for used for Over the Reich? It sounded similar to Glenn Miller's "In the Mood", but it was something else. Anyone else know? I've looked for it on and off for years.
  8. Here's an update on the topic. It looks like the problem is related to a piece of software that loads on startup called "Nahimic Audio" that came as part of the motherboard from MSI. After I shut down the firewall (which didn't help), I figured I would reboot and try it again. To my amazement, it worked and I was able to lauch the "activate modules" shortcut. I activated one module and then went to relaunch the program to activate another module. Once again, it wouldn't lauch. On a hunch, I rebooted again and was able to again lauch the activate module program and then quickly checked to see what software was loading into the system try. By the time they all loaded, I couldn't launch Combat Mission anymore. I started going through and shutting them down one by one. With Nahimic turned off, the problem dissappeared and I have my favorite game again. Hopefully this can help somebody else in the future.
  9. No luck. I deactivated Windows Firewall, but no change. I simply can't get the program to launch. Everything else is working normally. Internet connection is fine, etc.
  10. I just upgraded to a brand new system (Intel i7 6700k running Windows 10). I installed Fortress Italy with no problems at all. However, I have had no success after multiple attempts to Install CM Battle for Normandy. Actually everthing installs just fine (using the complete 3.11 version installer), but nothing happens when I click either the "activate modules" shortcut or the executable. Trying to launch them in administrator mode does nothing either. I have also tried installing to different paths on the hard drive. Any suggestions?
  11. It worked perfectly. For the life of me, I couldn't figure it out last night, but I notice now that I was creating a layer mask instead of an alpha channel, so I couldn't get the "save alpha channel" option to even highlight when saving the file. Of course, I fixed that this morning... and the very next thing I did was then save it as 24 bits out of habit, which also didn't. Thanks to you both for the help.
  12. Hello, I'm working on a mod in photoshop, and the one thing I cannot figure out is how to add some kind of alpha channel or transparency that I can then save in a bmp file that Combat Mission can then use. I know it's likely something simple that I'm neglecting, but any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. Ian. Thank you. I absolutely love your cattacticalicons for BN, FI, and RT. Thank you for releasing them for Black Sea as well.
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