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  2. My comput is packed up for the move, so can't at the license agreement, but was wondering if it's possible to play any non-hot seat MP game with one copy? I know license allows two installs, but as I am writing this it occurs to me that might not mean we are able to have both active at the same time on separate systems. So a broader question, are we allowed under the license agreement to have installs on two separate systems at the same time? Asked the first question because this is one of the few games my son wants to play with me that possibly doesn't require I buy him his own copy. Thanks
  3. Not sure where exactly to put this, so apologies if this is mis-posted. Is there a way of extracting your key from your install of SF and/or it's Modules, Normandy and/or it's modules? I know I have been able to do it with other games in the past, with or without 3rd party applications. And I am pretty sure I have done it with every non-dos or enterprise installs of Windows, as well as other apps.
  4. How can CMBO be considered the peak of realism of squad level combat when the squads were abstracted. A 1:1 ratio is sort of a pre-req to be considered realistic IMO.. If you were talking about armor, you might have a case, but trying to argue that infantry combat is superior is a stretch (again)IMHO. That being said, I am struggling to get out of the second mission. It seems MUCH harder than vanilla, which in turn was MUCH harder than any Shock Force module. This jump, to me, is harder than the jump from Marines to Brits. IDK if it's just me, but I am legitimately scared of snipers...for the first time in any of the CMx2 releases to date.
  5. How did you approach mission 3 (on iPad ATM, can't check)? It's still night and your racing ahead to exploit the breach, expecting to face a nrpew force plus remnants from the previous mission? ******spoiler****** I believe it's a ME, as it's the first time troops are coming at you. There is a bridge in the middle pf the map and they are supported by tanks. I couldn't figure out where the best place to meet them is. Any hints would be appreciated.
  6. Isnt right wing vs left wing period based? I'm no historian on politics, but hasn't the definitions changed over the last 60 to 70 years in the US? *edit* seems I missed a page.
  7. IIRC someone In the first couple weeks found this with slit trenches? Good refresher none the less as it's buried deeply I am sure.
  8. Is there a video AAR for SoHK, and if not can someone make one plz
  9. IIRC, Steve said quite early they weren't going to chase QB unit costs. General statement not specific to this, again IIRC.
  10. I actually didn't like CMx2 until this was added in SF.
  11. Did conealment buff get expaind....huh...now I'm thread jakkin Need to generally know, so we can get effective out of our foxholes and not be destroyed. 2nd issue is setup. Knowing at what point an animal can spot u is critical.
  12. Was reading the change log, and notIced that troops in foxholes received a concealment boost. Just curious how much that boost was?
  13. IDK what the rules would be cept no setup bombarding and perhaps limiting scouts. Scouts isn't a huge deal as there is a price you pay IMHO, but ya can't think of many.
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