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  1. I'm digging up the thread because I have the same problem. CMBN + comonwealth used to work fine on my 64bits Win7 home premium PC. I recently had to change my hard-drive and reinstall windows, I reinstalled everything including the upgrade of CMBN to v2.01 that I bought. And now the game works , except for the invisible troops
  2. It would be great to get some BFC input on this, as to whether this is meant to be implemented in the next patch , or the next game.
  3. Yeah, I was simply thinking of a simple 2 battles campaign( eg. a dawn attack, followed by a morning counter attack). Where each players troops would carry over from the previous battle. I think it could be very interesting as it would force player to assume a more realistic behaviour . Retreating would be a much more sensible option and players would not be so likely to throw all their remaining forces in the few last minutes of the battle in a last hope to conquer the objective. I really hope BFC it going to implement that feature very soon !
  4. really ? that's too bad. It's kind of misleading that there are buttons designed exactly for that
  5. I was trying to set up a test campaign in order to check how they could be played in HvH . I put yes under the [HUMAN OPPONENT ALLOWED] parameter of the campaign script. But when launching the campaign it only allows 2 players hotseat, the other 2 options ( Email and TCP/IP) remain disabled. Is it event possible to have HvH campaign ? if yes how ? I've searched the forum for information, but no luck ... :confused:
  6. so it's normal that the german mortar team carry in total 28 rounds, while US mortar team carry around 80 rounds divided between the ammo bearer team and the mortar it self ?
  7. I've noticed that a lot of ammo bearer team don't carry any ammo, especially in the german army, I've bought several types of troups with ammo bearer in the QB editor and most of them did not have any ammo. For instance : none of the german mortar ammo bearer carry 81mm mortar rounds, same goes for the AT guns or leIG.
  8. There is definitely a problem with the pilot ability to spot infantry. WWII pilot's had nothing but their eyes ( and maybe a pair of binoculars) to spot soldiers hiding in bushes , laying in tall grass while they were cruising at at least 800m (2400ft) of altitude, any lower than that would expose them to all kinds of artillery and MG fire. I think that the strafing of infantry should be limited to big concentration of men running in the open , or to targets that the FO as in direct sight. On the other hand fortification and all kinds of vehicle should be easily seen by the pilot.
  9. just a tiny question , it is not possible to play a campaign in realtime HvH ? or is it just specific to this campaign ?
  10. It seems other type of ammo than grenades are unobtainable, like .50 BMG ,7.62K or 66mm rifle grenades
  11. I've just seen this thread , this campaign idea seems marvelous , especially if playable in HvH. can't wait till you release it .
  12. It's funny I just played a quick battle in HvH with my friend and this time I ran in the opposed issue. I had placed two set of AT-mine in front of a bridge he had to cross with his panzers, and to my huge disappointment 1 panther ,1 StuH and 1 tiger crossed the bridge and drove on the mines with none of them exploding. Man that was disappointing! Guess it's either too much or not enough depending whether you're on the receiving end or not
  13. Hi guys, Yesterday I was playing Courage and fortitude last scenario (very nice campaign btw). --little spoiler bellow-- And really got frustrated with the outskirt of the town being mined to death. First of all, I find it weird that my engineer are unable to spot AP-mines unless some one dies/gets injured on it.I made them walk,crawl,hunt across the minefield and they never found any mines until my full rifle squad crossed the minefield and lost a few guys on it. But I can conceive that it can be hard to spot little mines buried into the ground especially in combat. But the situation regarding AT-mine is worse , it seems it is impossible to spot them before a vehicle drives on it (and dies in the process). I find particularly annoying that you can't do anything about AT-mines except losing vehicles on it. Also I lost a sherman driving down a road (that had been previously been inspected by engineers which didn't found anything on it). How did the Germans manage to dig a mine under a road ? I mean even if it was a gravel road you can't bury the mine without leaving a visible patch of dirt over it. So how do you guys deal with AT-mines ? is there way to revel them without loosing a vehicle ? thx for reading.
  14. thanks! :-) I'm enjoying reading it, lots of interesting conversations.
  15. In 4 min the HQ calling the support , has to : locate precisely the target position on his map, estimate precisely the azimuth form the mortar to the target, then estimate the range from the mortar to the target, lookup in a range table the corresponding elevation for the mortar. And once the mortar squad receive this information , they must setup their mortars with the right elevation and deflection , take the shell out of their casing, put the right amount of charges on the shell and finally fire the shell. 4 minutes doesn't seem that much for doing all this.
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