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  1. **FIXED** So other than moving the folder to the CM folder as stated (Which I think causes an override for the Hotkeys config file); I tinkered with all three control setups in the Options section, repeatedly then started up a battle, worked great.
  2. Ok thats just bizarre. Thanks for all of your assistance! Kind of weird because I tried tinkering between settings repeatedly, didn't work. Tried the folder swap and ta-da! Works. Thanks!
  3. First off, game rocks. One issue, WASD are not mapping, nor are any of the other keyboard commands for camera/zoom. Kind of bizarre since I can see the hotkeys file is correctly configured by default, as well, going to Options and making the pertinent changes to what is already mapped (Its mapped for WASD keys already, which is odd) to be doubly sure and it is still not working. This is out of the box CMRT, nothing more nothing less. I am using an ATI card, Intel I7 Processor, 16GB of memory and Windows 7.
  4. @BloodyBucket: That was what I was hoping for, Icon's based off of NATO-based symbols...I forgot the name they gave it in WW2 but today's symbols are based off of App-6a/Mil Std 2525B symbol types... http://www.mapsymbs.com/ Maybe I'll see how I can implement this...
  5. Military Symbols, some folks call them NATO Symbols...
  6. Is there an ICON mod out there that have original Map Symbols...?
  7. Sounds good, I hope to get back more info as time passes on / and my experience/fiddling around grows a bit deeper. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Thanks for the analysis Womble, is this a solid fact or are you making a hypothesis as to how the game's scoring method is structured... Did you take part in the configuration of the scoring structure or just through observation?
  9. Gents, The gaming group I am in has a heavy dedication to CM and has been micro-analyzing the game quite, since this topic, I had some questions of my own on the topic... http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/showthread.php?8502-Scoring-game-endings-surrenders-ceasefires ---- It isn't as simple as you think, there are many factors to the victory conditions, and I want to know more to ensure I know how the game actually works...If the scoring ratio/conditions are that simple, it really doesn't do justice to what is left on the board - such as armor, infantry, guns, etc. In the mean time, I am going to play some more CMBN because I love the game, almost as much as I love CMx1. -Regards, Enven
  10. I really hope it isn't the same Ratio/Algorithm... It'd make sense to shed a little light about the scoring method, just to have a keener understanding in regard to how the games play out.
  11. Can someone @ battlefront give me a little more understanding on the point system...I have been somewhat confused as to how I could fail an objective, complete Total Victory, and still have an insurmountable amount of troops/armor on the objective...(With remaining enemy inside of the same zone, badly beaten..) Is there some sort of chart or something I can reference?
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