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  1. Update to previous post. I have solved the problem, you have to use the editor as an ADMINISTRATOR !
  2. Now that I have the game working again,after my recent problems with Windows 10, While trying to modify my new scenario some more,I have run into a new problem,for some unknown reason at this point, my own scenario using the editor,won't allow me to save new updated changes? The message reads. FAILED (INDEPENDENT STORE): PERMISSION DENIED
  3. There are changes to the land campaign as well,this scenario is not just about the naval changes, for example their are now more headquarter units available to,France,Britain,Russia,Germany etc!
  4. My PC just upgraded too Windows 10, I'm now waiting on a reply from the help desks, as the game won't now play,because off Activation key issues. So the mod is on hold till the problem is resolved. Kirk
  5. Hi Bob, The scenario is an expanded and improved version of Call To Arms Breakthrough scenario, There has been changes to the Land & Air units, but the biggest change is to everything naval. I'm in the final stages of testing, so hopefully the Scenario will be ready for uploading early next week. Kirk.
  6. Hi guys, this scenario is 90% complete, a few minor tweaks, and a lot off testing then I will make it available. The biggest change is to the Naval game, since there are more ships available on the map, for the major powers, I have reduced the movement off these ships, they can no longer cover long distances, in order to get involved in on going battles. Which means if they are not within 9 squares of where a battle begins,then they cannot take part it that battle for that game turn! Ships now appear as per their class name IE : Westfalen,Helgoland,Kaiser,Konig & Bayern for German Dreadnoughts. If the war goes beyond 1918, then additional Dreadnoughts will become available such as the never completed Mackensen & Ersatz Yorck. Ship unit types are : Level zero = Pre-Dreadnought, Level one = Battlecruiser, Level two = Dreadnought! The cost for upgrades has been increased, in order to stop the AI upgrading these ships, it was really not possible, to turn a Pre-Dreadnought into a Dreadnought,which would be pretty easy in game,without making it much to costly, to even think about doing. In a nutshell that is what has changed naval wise, along with one or two other things, the other areas of the game have also been tweaked, Land & Air.
  7. Hi Bob, I'm still working on the new Scenario,and it's progressing well, I will try and post some more screen shots,failing that I will just keep you updated via email. Kirk.
  8. Well I have been away from this game for a couple of years,and having worked on Commander The Great War during that absence,I can say here and now that Strategic Command WW1 Breakthrough is superior in everyway fact.
  9. Hi Bob, Yes that is the same problem I'm having on the forum here, I can't upload a large enough image ,that shows clear detail, the size is always to small. Kirk.
  10. Hi, Yes my Idea is to have Pre-Dreadnoughts,Battlecruisers & Dreadnoughts all have different tech levels, and I know the problem off Upgrading costing MPP, Which would have all types built to Dreadnought standard, I'm play testing making the decision to upgrade a Pre-Dreadnought to a Dreadnought for example prohibativly expensive, by increasing the upgrade cost to 90% the original cost of building a Dreadnought from scratch! I have also increased the cost off building a Dreadnought from 450 MPP to 500 MPP.
  11. Helgoland Dreadnought at games start now level 2 research.Sorry but the forum is not allowing me to post a decent sized image to let you see clearly what I'm talking about, which is very annoying, well thats life I suppose.
  12. In game research,now uses the full 5 levels available to the game.
  13. Ok guys I have been reading more info on what can be done via the in game editor! I have discovered that research can have 5 Levels of development, and the standard 1914 Call To Arms campaign only uses a fraction of what is available as standard. What this means is, the game can be expanded and enhanced,which for a modder like myself, is like winning the LOTTERY!! As an example,what this means for the naval game,is as follows: Pre-Dreadnoughts start the game as a basic level 0 research Battleship. Battlecruisers start the game at level 1 researched Battleship. Dreadnoughts start the game at level 2 researched Battleships!! With a further 3 levels of research still to be discovered.
  14. Hi Bob, after more than 2 years working on CTGW, I need a change, and this game fills that need. Here is another screen shot showing that Germany's Battleships, total 17 max. They are all named after the ship classes for Pre-Dreadnoughts,Battlecruisers & Dreadnoughts. This tactic will apply to all Nations who have warships in the game.
  15. Hello guys, It has been sometime since I last attempted to create a new scenario for this superb game. Well I have been very busy today,so here is a sneek peak at the changes I have made,to the naval game. Pre-Dreadnoughts = Strength 5 Battlecruisers = Strength 8 + level 1 upgrade Dreadnoughts = Strength 10 + level 1 upgrade. Cruisers have also had their stats changed, you can see some cruisers near Kiel in the Baltic. I have also changed starting production etc for the Major Powers, you can see the Central Powers stats highlighted in the red box bottom left of the screen shot.
  16. operating imagine meeting you here on the Battlefront forum,have to say still trying to motivate myself to complete CTGW Mod I have been working on.
  17. I forgot to mention Russia also has her fleet in game,the scenario is progressing very well,and playing great,should be available very soon watch this space.
  18. Hey if you guys are interested in the naval war just like me,your dream is about to come true,I'm working on a huge mod for the grand campaign,that incorporates gun range for Battleships and cruisers just like the Jutland scenario,also using the editor I have managed to add a great many more ships for all nations,that the ones that had capital ships that is,Britain,Germany,Austria Hungary,Turkey,France,Italy and the USA,every Pre-Dreadnought,Battlecruiser and Dreadnought is included,the whole map is used,so look for ships everywhere.Oh yes while I mind no more glass battleships,these guys are a lot harder to sink,so if you want to win,you are going to have to work for it,scenario is at least 80% complete just play testing and tweaking things as I go,so if you like the naval game more than the land campaign this is for you!
  19. German High Seas Fleet could if the British navy was not there to stop them,sail from Germany across the Atlantic and back, with the coal in there bunkers,Deutschland class Pre-Dreadnoughts had in excess of 5,500 miles endurance at 10 Knots.The Armoured cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau had an endurance range off 4,800 miles plenty to sortie into the Atlantic sail around a bit and sail back to Germany.
  20. I realise coal did not last long in WW1 but the game is abstracted,so its possible that there are replenishment vessels that these overseas squadrons could use,it worked for Admiral von Spee plus Germany's other cruiser squadrons. The map area is large enough, but the game does not utilise this fact,in my opinion its such a waste of potential! The ships might not lose supply unless in action,but if I start them at sea they start the game at half supply or less,which makes it pointless having them at sea in the first place,because of the readiness and morale penalties, they are easy pickings in combat. While on the subject of combat,a feature I like when playing the Jutland scenario, is that ships can fire at different ranges,I know that this scenario is to a different scale,but if used in the other scenarios, then you would not get combat effects like Battleships taking stupid strenght damage when fighting small cruisers,whose guns could hardly trouble the big capital ships,thats assuming that they could get in close enough to attack in the first place.Heavy Artillery in game has a range effect, so why can't the big ships get the same bonus effect applied to them? Update I have alter the gun ranges for Battleships and cruisers using the editor,now I'm going to experiment a little!
  21. Supply in game is crippling naval optional strategy,in my latest mod I have added a great many more ships in game,I have also pre-deployed, tasks forces for different nations in varying parts on the map,South Atlantic,Mid Atlantic,North Atlantic etc to name just a few,and when you start a game and look at all these forces,most have round about 5 supply status applied or less,even ships 1 or 2 tiles from there home port, have 9 and 8 supply applied to them,as supply effects morale and readiness,which in turn affects there fighting abilities,these ships that are far from there home ports,have their fighting value reduced to a point that they are little more than sitting ducks, if they get involved in any combat,my point is this, ships according to this game appear to have no supply of their own in place within the ship? All ships have supply already within them,be that ammunition,food,oil/coal and the game does not take this fact into its calculations,ships are in effect mobile supply sources off there own,can this be incorporated in game please,so that ships that are far from home can be used as fighting units and not floating grave yards!:confused:
  22. Well using the editor I have the days passing one at a time,slow but sure is the way I like it. Regarding ship strenghts damage,I realise you can't please everyone,we all like things done in different ways,I like my Battleships like history strong and durable,other players more than likely look upon the naval game as an after thought,and more of a nuisance factor.
  23. I have got it working using the automatic update option!
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