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  1. Unfortunately I have to agree with the majority. I also don't have the maps. Only Venafro
  2. As your erstwhile opponent I truly hope you get trounced! :-)))
  3. I visited the area of Monte Cassino a few years ago. Standing at the bottom of the hill and looking up at the Monastery really gives you an idea of how hard the Allies had it. The Germans had LOS for miles in all directions.
  4. Hi Oberst! Right now I'm playing the game with 2 people. I have found that it needs to be tweaked a little. I should have the new version ready in a couple of weeks. If you're still up to play then I'll give you a holler. Thanks, Dan
  5. Fortress Italy, the first game in the series, has the most Italians. You need to start with this one as the others are add on games.
  6. When a squad is by itself it will use up all it's ammo. When it is moved next to another squad they will share ammo. The 60mm mortars are never replenished.
  7. OK. So I did a little experiment. Same scenario with the ammo dump. Squad ammo at start of scenario for both Elite and Warrior..... Elite Warrior M1 1939 1939 M1Car 150 150 .45 350 350 Grenades 21 21 Bazooka 8 8 60mm 32 32 So............. Where was the ammo in the dump dispersed to? The other side? And, are we saying that people playing in Warrior or Veteran will never need to replenish their squads ammo? Again, it seems silly to me to require the lower levels to have ammo in trucks, but the higher levels can have it in buildings or anyplace they want to put it. IMHO
  8. So now the question is Why no ammo dump in Warrior? Units at that level will never need to replenish supplies? I would think it took more coding to exempt Warrior and Veteran modes from getting ammo dumps. For my scenario I will put an immobilized supply truck in the scenario and explain in the briefing that the ammo has been placed in an old truck we found in the village. The extra ammo is a big deal in this scenario and not everyone plays Elite mode.
  9. I've created a new scenario which has an Allied ammo dump. However, when playing the game in Warrior mode the ammo dump is not visible. Have I done something wrong? This is the first time I have used an ammo dump instead of a supply truck.
  10. Hi All! I've just created a new scenario for CMBN centered around the Battle for Graignes, June 11th, 1944. It has been play tested by Rocketman and BobWillet and tweaked a couple of times. Now I am looking for two opponents to play against me. One on the attack, Waffen SS; and the other on the defense, elements of 501st and 507th PIR. This would be my first time playing it through to get a final feel for the game flow. I'm good for at least one move a day. Let me know if you are interested! Thanks
  11. Thanks all! The Germans managed to get a couple 88 Flak guns into position. So this is what I will be using. I did my own experiment and found that the 88 takes from 11 to 15 minutes depending on who is calling it in. Thanks again!
  12. Thanks Michael. I know about the soft factors affecting the delivery time. I was hoping for a general list of each artillery unit and their range. I have a scenario dealing with the battle for Graignes on D-Day. The Germans finally got a battery in position late in the day. I needed an approximate time for it to become effective.
  13. Is there a chart someplace that has all the factors impacting on wait times for artillery strikes? I'm trying to add late arriving artillery support for the Germans and I need to know how long the average wait would be from when the spotter calls for it and when it arrives. Thanks, LiveNoMore
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll see how they work in the scenario. @MOS:96B2P At this point it will be H2H only. As I enjoy playing H2H the most I tend to make most of my scenarios that way. @Ithikial_AU Thanks!
  15. I am making an scenario based on the June 11th Battle for Grainges south of Carentan. On the night of June 6th elements of the 501st and 507th PIR were dropped as far as 18 miles south of their drop zones. They landed in the marshes near Graignes. Realizing they were in a good position to stop or delay any German reinforcements moving to Carentan they decided to dig in and hold out until relieved by elements of the invasion force. By the 10th they numbered less than 190 men including 2 scouts from the 29th ID which had gotten lost and stumbled into town. On the 10th of June the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Reg 38 recon units discovered their position and but quickly driven off. On the 11th the Germans launched a major attack against the town. Over the course of the day the paratroopers inflicted heavy causalities on the Germans (some estimates say 800 dead and 1000 wounded) before abandoning their position and moving north. About 100 paratroopers eventually managed to link up with their units. My question...... Victory conditions The object of the Germans is to take the town and all it's road intersections and destroy the paratroopers. The paratroopers want to stop or slow the German advance and get away with as many men as possible. Setting victory conditions on territory and causalities is easy, as is giving credit for units exiting the game. What I need to know is if it is possible to restrict the Paras from leaving the game until the Germans reach a trigger point or a time has been reached. Any help will be appreciated!
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