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  1. LiveNoMore

    Rimini Airfield

    @Kaunitz The final map, which encompasses all three game maps is about 2100m x 2500m The smaller maps are 624x1808 and 672x1296 It's not to scale. Probably a little short, but close to the width.
  2. LiveNoMore

    Rimini Airfield

    Thanks to Bootie's help I finally managed to upload the game. Even though it is called Rimini Airfield H2H Campaign it has been uploaded to the scenarios folder.
  3. LiveNoMore

    Rimini Airfield

    The H2H Campaign has been completed. It will be on the Scenario Depot soon. A special thanks to Rocketman and BobWillett for all their help. Rocketman also devised the briefing setup and completed the hi res maps. I thought I'd let you all see what the briefing paper looks like. To get the proper lighting and ground conditions for a fall battle, the scenarios are set in September 1943. Once Rome to Victory is released I will change that to September 1944.
  4. LiveNoMore

    Rimini Airfield

    @Ithikial_AU: I've been working on this quite a while. If Rome to Victory does come out soon I can easily swap the units. Just got bored waiting. @Sandokan: I was working off an old hand drawn map I found online about the battle. It had the name as Miramar. Probably a misspelling from the Brit that made the map. Or the name changed slightly in the last 50 years. Let me know if these screenshots are better.
  5. LiveNoMore

    Rimini Airfield

    @LukeFF really? On my screen they take up half the page. I'll see about reposting them a bit larger.
  6. LiveNoMore

    Rimini Airfield

    I haven't figured out the total scoring as you would see in a campaign. What I did was set up the first 2 scenarios and use the average from the play test games to create the initial set up locations for the last one. Santa Maria is a fresh battle. The map is clean. Miramar has the Greek 3rd trying to get to the Canadian Saskatoon unit and moving forward from there. The map has burning wrecks and damage. Some of the units on both sides are also less than full strength because of battle losses. Rimini Airfield then starts with the map littered with wrecks and such from the first 2 battles. A lot of the units are at less than full strength. In my game with Rocketman his results closely mirrored the historical results that I had read about. Right now I am trying to create a scale for the cumulative score from all three games. That's going to be the best I can do until a system is in place for H2H campaigns.
  7. LiveNoMore

    Rimini Airfield

    Hi All, I have been working on a three-part H2H scenario dealing with the battle for Rimini Airfield. This was a part of British 8th Army’s Operation Olive assault up the Adriatic coast. It took place in mid-September 1944. The 1st Canadian Division, which included the Greek 3rd Mountain Brigade (their first and last major engagement), New Zealand 19th Armor and 22nd Motor Battalion. In front of them were a combination of the German 1st Fallschirmjager Regiment, 162nd Turkestani Battalion and various support units. By the 15th of September the 1st Canadian had moved up the coast were just south of the airfield. They needed to take the airfield before moving onto the town itself. Lieutenant-General Sir Oliver Leese, commander of the 8th Army had this to say about the battle; "The battle of Rimini was one of the hardest battles of Eighth Army. The fighting was comparable to El Alamein, Mareth and the Gustav Line (Monte-Cassino)." The morning of this battle the Canadian Saskatoon Light Infantry had probed north up the coast road and been stopped by fierce resistance. And this is where the battle begins. I broke the battle into three parts: 1. Santa Maria, which was the assault on the small village and church complex called Casalecchio, west of the airfield. 2. Miramar, the assault up the coast road 3. Rimini Airfield, the final attack on the airfield. Using the same map, I isolated the fighting areas for Santa Maria and Miramar. Then used the entire map for the Airfield. Overall map Saskatoon waiting for help. PzIV on overwatch Knocked out Panther Turret Bunker Special thanks to BobWillett and Rocketman for all their help, input and play testing. I hope to have it at the Scenario Depot in the next few days. LiveNoMore
  8. @mjkerner it is the last of a 3 part H2H series I made about the Battle for Rimini Airport. Greek 3rd Mountain, with support from the New Zealand 22 Inf and 19th Armor against a mix of Germans, primarily the 1st FJ and the 162 Turkstani. There are three scenarios. The first 2 are the Allies attack on the area east and west of the airfield. For these I used a portion of the overall map. The last scenario is the assault on the airfield using the entire map. This is near the end of the airport attack. It should be done play testing in a couple weeks, then I'll release it.
  9. Sorry Rocketman.... That is your failed attempt to take out my turret! :-))))
  10. They may not, but the Armor and Infantry units getting decimated by this turret bunker sure do!
  11. Failed bombing run against a Panther Turret bunker and the AA gun protecting it.
  12. LiveNoMore

    Double buttons

    It was a mod issue. I removed all the mods and it cleared up. As I have time I'll reinstall them one at a time until I locate the culprit. Thanks for the help
  13. LiveNoMore

    Double buttons

    Anyone seen this before?
  14. LiveNoMore

    Activate - UI Resource?

    That did the trick. I had been trying to install them in order. This time I installed it from the all - in -one and everything is working now. Thanks
  15. Had a major meltdown on my computer and bought a new one. Am reloading all my games. So far Fortress Italy and Final Blitzkreig have installed and are working. But Normandy fails. I've installed it from a download and from the DVD. Each time it installs to the last screen. Then I get the UI Resource missing message and it cancels the install. Anyone else have this issue? What am I missing? Any solutions?