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  1. @mjkerner it is the last of a 3 part H2H series I made about the Battle for Rimini Airport. Greek 3rd Mountain, with support from the New Zealand 22 Inf and 19th Armor against a mix of Germans, primarily the 1st FJ and the 162 Turkstani. There are three scenarios. The first 2 are the Allies attack on the area east and west of the airfield. For these I used a portion of the overall map. The last scenario is the assault on the airfield using the entire map. This is near the end of the airport attack. It should be done play testing in a couple weeks, then I'll release it.
  2. Sorry Rocketman.... That is your failed attempt to take out my turret! :-))))
  3. They may not, but the Armor and Infantry units getting decimated by this turret bunker sure do!
  4. Failed bombing run against a Panther Turret bunker and the AA gun protecting it.
  5. LiveNoMore

    Double buttons

    It was a mod issue. I removed all the mods and it cleared up. As I have time I'll reinstall them one at a time until I locate the culprit. Thanks for the help
  6. LiveNoMore

    Double buttons

    Anyone seen this before?
  7. LiveNoMore

    Activate - UI Resource?

    That did the trick. I had been trying to install them in order. This time I installed it from the all - in -one and everything is working now. Thanks
  8. Had a major meltdown on my computer and bought a new one. Am reloading all my games. So far Fortress Italy and Final Blitzkreig have installed and are working. But Normandy fails. I've installed it from a download and from the DVD. Each time it installs to the last screen. Then I get the UI Resource missing message and it cancels the install. Anyone else have this issue? What am I missing? Any solutions?
  9. LiveNoMore

    Tank riders and pause commands

    Maybe I did it wrong, But my experience has been the way the General described it. No movement commands for the vehicle, dismount command for passengers, then pause and movement commands for the vehicle
  10. LiveNoMore

    FUBAR Village scenario

    Thanks Freyberg! It's always nice to get feedback on a scenario!
  11. LiveNoMore

    Win10 Update

    OK, got it fixed. Version 1703 was downloaded to the computer and it messed up the password control for CM Helper plus my surround sound system. I went to the Microsoft site and found version 1709. Downloaded and installed that and now everything is working correctly! So I could pay the last move in the game with Rocketman only to find out that he beat me with a Tactical Victory!
  12. LiveNoMore

    Win10 Update

    I can't open any of the existing PBEM games or turns. I'll try to start a new one tomorrow and see if that works. FYI, it was the WIN10 version 1703.
  13. LiveNoMore

    Win10 Update

    Help! Today I had a major Win10 update on my computer. I can open and play all my games with the exception of the ones I am currently playing PBEM. One of the games, FI, is in the beginning stages, but the other, FB, is in the last 2 minutes of a long and hard fought battle! The games open to the password screen but will not accept the password. Anyone else seen something like this? Thanks guys!
  14. This brings up the crewman not being able to enter a different tank. Does anyone really think that on a battlefield with destroyed and damaged tanks and tank crewman hiding in the bushes, some of them wouldn't jump in a working tank that is short on crew?
  15. LiveNoMore

    Arty issues in V4?

    I'm in a game CMRT game now where a 105 has been spotting for about 10 turns. I have all the saves. When it finally arrives I'll send you both the first and last saves. I have moved the FO to get a different angle on the target area now. Will see if it continues.