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    Humbug got a reaction from RockinHarry in The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR - RockinHarry German POV   
    4 pages and not a single word on what these mods actually do? I tried searching but came up empty.
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    Humbug reacted to Rambler in M8 the Killer   
    Yes, stop. Your constant vendetta against JK is becoming extremely tiresome. If you think you are winning people to your side, you are not. Every snide and demeaning attack you make on JK shows us what a small, petty and vindictive man you really are. Every time JK, for all his faults, turns the other cheek or addresses your attacks with civility shows us that he has a lot more character.

    From now on, I’ll be reporting posts I see where you spout your usual belittling, denigrating and snide comments against fellow members whom you deem as a lesser or disagree with. As a higher profile unpaid employee of BFC (You create content, for free, that ships with the game, making you an unpaid employee for all intents and purposes), the way you conduct yourself throws a bad light on BFC. It’s time that they are made aware of this.
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    Humbug got a reaction from Zane in [WIP] Juju's TweakedUI v4 (final)   
    Simply brilliant, as expected from you. Looking forward to release!
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