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  1. Did some more testing - and realised I cannot consistently replicate the results. From what Im seeing; - Potentially not weapon system specific - Im guessing it has more to do with the squads suppression maybe instead - although cant really say for sure - I tried changing the map direction for the test map as well - but this does not seem to make a difference either - Morale and Troop quality may have an effect - but if it is Im guessing its more to do with suppression. What I did find suprising was that even Fanatical Troops will exhibit the behavior if the other "unknown" conditions exist.... strange - seems really hard to pin point whats going on....
  2. Did some testing on this; - Issue seems to happen to German and allied troops - Is caused by troops up against a bocage hedge row being fired on by LMGs and HMGs - I tested on Fanatic and High Morale Troops and they all run to the enemy side after minimal fire (area targeted fire by enemy squads who cant see the hidden troops) - Rifle and SMG fire do not have this effect
  3. True, but the former is also an awesome aid in achieving the later.....
  4. Im not sure yet of where Boris stands - I suspect he is acting in his own self interest and trying to preserve as much of the status quo as possible. It could be said his desire to see thru Brexit, is because he believes in severe consequences for the prosperity of his party and himself if he fails (or fails to be seen) delivering brexit. his latest actions I think may lead to concessions from the EU. How far he goes in sticking to his apparent path will be interesting to see. And yes I absolutely think that if the Brits can break totally from the EU then they will have to face up to their failings and at the same time hold their leaders accountable, who at the moment have an easy get out clause - "the EU made us do it". I suspect that's why so many British MPs are reluctant to fully leave the EU - despite a majority mandate from the public - they will actually have to start doing their jobs....and make hard decisions and be held accountable for them....imagine that....
  5. But good its still on the list of things to fix
  6. Regicide is the killing of kings and queens I believe - you promoting Boris??? Usually I dont really care what the Brits do - but bailing on the EU is one of the smartest things that Majority have done in a long time. In terms of stringing up - Id reserve that for the Politicians who are behaving like......"Traitors"....I dont use that word lightly Some interesting Clips that I hope all Brits watch; https://moneymaven.io/mishtalk/economics/let-s-discuss-brexit-and-how-the-eu-bragged-on-film-about-screwing-the-uk-9W7AB-awoEK5YleA7457wg/ If your really interested the full version of the Documentary this guy references is here; Some key parts here if you want to hear the views of senior EU Technocrats, quite unashamedly blunt about how they are planning on screwing the "Brits" and Brit Politicians have been complicit in it.... 1:37:20 - If nothing else watch this bit youll hear all you need to 1:34:50 1:27:45
  7. Ill stick with Brits - I lived their for 10yrs its a mutual understanding type of thing..... Ok cool, thanks for clarifying that - Id thought it had been fixed in the 4.02 patch but if its known its still an issue for cmbn then all good.
  8. Hello, I think this is related to a previous report - namely soldiers running to the wrong side of cover when engaged with Direct Fire. Ive seen it in two differant CMBN games. Both sides as the Brits (though I think it may be happening to my opponents as well - though not sure) I know previously their where issues with Mtr / Artillery fire but this seems to be with direct fire and bocage / hedgerows. If a gap is near by in the hedge row - if they receive a burst of MG fire their suppression seems to go up to full (seemingly on the first burst regardless if they take casualties) and then they start running to the enemy side of the hedge - where typically they are then cut down. Its totally crazy behavior that makes no sense at all. This is happening with the latest .02 patch as well. Cheers Gary
  9. I think according to fact they dont perpetuate mainstream media biases....therefore they must be biased by definition I came across South Front about 3 yrs ago. One thing I noticed, their maps of who owned what in Syria seemed to be 1-3months ahead of what I saw in the mainstream press.....
  10. Just some advice - Id make it no Javelin equipped nations - otherwise it gets pretty 1 dimensional fast....
  11. Sorry - only just saw this - Id be keen - played Huge CMBS game against you so hopefully Im reliable Actually Ive been thinking extra points for field fortiifcations would be a good idea. If your worried about to many mines blocking of all AA, then just say 50% of def allocation is towards mines or 30% thus allowing a variety of field defenses Also if Allies are attacking less need potentially for mine restrictions - as in theory they should be bring sherman flails etc for armoured breaching....(Im assuming these are in CMFB???? ) Although I havent seen the map usually Id say give the attacker at least a 2:1 advantage - if its a real good def terrain then 3:1. Also good test - by a bn of infnatry for the defender, 2 for the attacker and **** loads of arty. Do a hot seat game - fire it up give say a 4 wp movment order for all forces on both sides and drop a bucket load of arty in the frist turn - if that doesnt break the game then all good to proceed....
  12. In my experience it has always been the majority as opposed to "some" and certainly is not limited to the young / uneducated And Its certainly not specific to any specific religious, ethnic or any other grouping you might come up with..... You dont have to look far to see the same biases closer to home - for whoever and wherever that may be
  13. More just stuffing it up!!!!! Missed the bit where they didnt blow themselves up - now that would be very uncommon
  14. Well thats not uncommon for suicide bombers from what Ive seen....
  15. Whats your interest level on uncons vs convnetional type matchups (CMSF2)??? Im keen to get some more of these QB type games going and see how for they can be taken in terms of a competitive QB matchups.... However - I only do Huge and Large Games - not into anything smaller....
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