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  1. Dynaman216

    CMSF 2 question

    243? New maps? Wow!
  2. Dynaman216

    Target Reference point icon?

    Back to the point of the thread, TRPs. I also would like a different icon for them. Whenever I see a fortification counter in the middle of the enemy side of the board my first thought is always "why would I have a foxhole there?" followed by clicking on it to move it followed by a "DOH!" moment. Strangely I have only rarely came to the correct conclusion BEFORE clicking on the icon. Old age I guess.
  3. I've had mine answered within a couple hours each time. Each of those was either a license issue or the program would not start due to video card issues.
  4. Dynaman216

    The state of CMSF2

    If what I read earlier in one of these threads - more frequent updates with less in each - then I will be happier. As it is I've stopped playing CM games till the fix for running away from a perfectly good defensive position to stand in the open a few feet away issue is fixed. I didn't want to revert back a release since that is usually a pain to keep straight. Any other developer taking a year and half to fix that would go on my never buy from again but BF has enough goodwill stored up that I'm still buying the next game ASAP.
  5. Dynaman216

    The state of CMSF2

    Families of 3D games that use the same engine for over a decade now. I'll grant that they have done some very nice updates to the engine in that decade but they have not been starting from scratch with each release.
  6. True, for a minute they would halt but then the advance would resume. The accounts I've read usually say something like the advance stopped cold for an hour or so from a single sniper "sniper" shot. By the time the advance resumes the sniper is a mile down the road and it starts all over again. This is even with highly motivated troops - of course it was usually near the end of the war when nobody wanted to be the last casualty.
  7. To follow up on the CM marksmen fighting too long. Another thing CM doesn't cover as well is how an entire platoon would come to a halt, sometimes for a considerable period, when fired upon by a single marksmen. This would be in a case where the marksman was doing rear guard to hold up the enemy advance so not applicable to most CM scenarios.
  8. Dynaman216

    The state of CMSF2

    Game development is worse than that (BTW I think that is Calculus, well partly anyway) Game Development goes, I'm 90% done, 95% done, 50% done...
  9. The description in the article overdoes it a tad by saying that holding the bridge for three days held of the annihilation of the landing forces. German forces in the area were just not strong enough to do that. What it did do was make breaking out of the bridgehead much easier.
  10. Dynaman216

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Since at last report the patch is nearly ready to go new bugs will not be addressed till a later patch. Introducing new things now would require a whole new start to testing.
  11. Dynaman216

    New Website status update

    By then I don't think any of us will be much caring about aches and pains of aging.
  12. Dynaman216

    New Website status update

    OK, I can be patient a little longer. . . . Is it ready yet?
  13. Dynaman216

    New Website status update

    Looking forward to giving you my money!
  14. At a larger range they can play with the solidity(*) of the fence, so it is perhaps 50% see through at longer ranges. (*) - Can never remember the terms when I need them.
  15. For ordnance firing through some fugding will have to be done. most likely a % chance of being affected. A higher chance for heat rounds and a lower chance for KE rounds.