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  1. Sorry to pop in and post something without reading the thread to date but I'm reading "Armageddon in Stalingrad" by David Glantz and it is chock full of orders that are given to various size units in Stalingrad on a near daily basis and what results they actually achieved (a previous book detailed the drive to Stalingrad). It went from going miles in the drive to Stalingrad down to trying to take a single block by the end of the battle. The Russian plans were often nothing more then flights of fancy. It is dry (Sahara Desert dry) reading for the most part but an excellent reference.
  2. Port forwarding only needs setup on the hosting end. Yes, Hamachi should be far easier to setup and use but both of you will have to use it.
  3. Growing larger is risky - not a guarantee. Just as many companies go bankrupt from getting larger as are successful. That plus I don't think the people running BF want to become business managers any more then they have to.
  4. I don't see any of these items needing CM3, they all seem possible in the CM2 engine. CM3 would be something along the lines of a 64bit engine under the hood or a brand new graphics engine.
  5. And I thought your Avatar was old...
  6. Can I quote you to my customers! They would LOVE that definition of a bug. That little joke aside, I understand developer time is finite and tracking down the cause of such a rare problem is not the optimal use of that time.
  7. I heard of Germans adding concrete armor to their tanks but that was a little silly.
  8. I purchased all three (at roughly $16 it is pocket change pretty much). The, now, low resolution and old graphics are kind of an eyesore. Still great gameplay though.
  9. CM2's unique turn structure makes casual cheating nearly impossible. I'm sure a hacker could find a way to do so if they REALLY tried.
  10. Everything in Minnesota looks like that if you leave it out overnight.
  11. I could have sworn the gun was attached to the transport, since it is a reinforcement that appears with the vehicle it would make sense that it was attached when it arrives. I may have been mis-remembering and it was always just limbered next to the vehicle.
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