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  1. I could have sworn the gun was attached to the transport, since it is a reinforcement that appears with the vehicle it would make sense that it was attached when it arrives. I may have been mis-remembering and it was always just limbered next to the vehicle.
  2. Just played "A Delaying Action" with the latest patch and when the AT gun comes on (US) it says it is limbered and is near the transport vehicle it arrives with but is not attached. Am I misremembering that is was attached before?
  3. Would be nice. I'm guessing the patch was a major holdup for everything else.
  4. What have you patched for me lately.. I mean the 4.0 patches are roughly a week old now. Bad joke mode off - I'm hoping this allows BF to open up some new releases fairly quickly.
  5. I had this happen years ago, a quick ticket to BFC and all was well.
  6. I use a 49" UHD TV for a monitor and it worked fine. It is an inexpensive Sceptre model so if it works I would expect just about anything would.
  7. Capturing objectives - in addition to what IanL said make absolutely SURE the opponent does not have any units in the objective area.
  8. The odd part was that CM1 had to go since it took so long to modify due to how models and data were stored. Hence CM2. Now we are two years into waiting for a patch due to how the models and data are stored...
  9. In my opinion (that and a dollar won't get you a cup of coffee anymore, maybe a thimble of coffee though) BF has been tying too much into each patch. I think they said the same thing further up in this thread and that future patches would be more limited - but then again maybe not.
  10. If they manage to patch the UI into something useable I'll give them a look. (all I'm saying on this topic)
  11. If this patch does not come out soon I'm going to take drastic action. Yup, you guessed it, I'm going to start a PBEM game knowing the patch will come out right in the middle of it. I guess I have to do my part...
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