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  1. Dynaman216

    How much do you roleplay?

    Never. Sure there are ways where you have more intel in the game then the guys on the ground would. On the flip side there are times in the game when the guys on the ground would exert more self preservation instinct then our computer troopers do as well. It more or less evens out.
  2. Dynaman216

    CONSIMWORLD in Phoenix

    I'm not attending but am thinking of going some year.
  3. HBO also had a movie about the Tuskegee airmen. Much lower budget so the air combat is not as big a draw but the non-flying portions are more interesting.
  4. Academic at best. Technical the limit would be thousands, interface wise I have no idea. The rate at which they can release Modules is almost certainly the only practical limit.
  5. Dynaman216

    A long delayed update

    And my Amiga 2000 was the only PC capable of video editing. Neither is relevant to the fact that many Apple fans think being an Apple fanatic makes them superior in some way.
  6. Dynaman216

    A long delayed update

    No need to mark them - they always make sure EVERYONE knows they are Apple fans.
  7. Dynaman216

    The state of CMSF2

    Optimist! Happy though, giving a date like that means things are progressing, doing software coding for a living I realize things can go right off the rails however.
  8. Dynaman216

    The state of CMSF2

    Did they get a date?
  9. Dynaman216

    Apple deprecates OpenGL

    Apple doesn't hate gaming - they hate ANYTHING they do not directly control.
  10. Dynaman216

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    They took care of the problem with adding any new models and such was a nightmare. Now they have the "problem" that the TACAI is very complex. The biggest problem right now is the infantry running away from entrenchments but that same fix also gave us infantry that spread out when moving forward instead of moving in a line to get shot like ducks in a row, Shooting around corners, and a couple other items I forgot. I can easily see how that code base is a pain to work with.
  11. Dynaman216

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Any chance of seeing IS3s? (Or JS3, not sure what the "real" designation is). They may not have actually participated in the war but they could have AND they are cool.
  12. Dynaman216

    The state of CMSF2

    $35!!! What a ripoff, er I mean excellent! Really looking forward to playing those old scenarios with the new engine. Once the rough edges(*) were sanded down CMSF was a good game, the latest engine improvements will make it even better. (*) - I still have nightmares of playing without the blue bar of contentment...
  13. Dynaman216

    A long delayed update

    Any negative comment I may have made in the past I take them back...
  14. Dynaman216

    encouragement !

    Threads like this one are exhibit A on why these forums have a bad reputation on other computer wargame forums.
  15. Dynaman216

    The patch?

    > Also Id like to add BFC has an EXCELLENT track record of support and discussion with the community. Not on Facebook's computer warfare group it doesn't. It is often brought up as an example of what not to do. My own opinion is that BF support is top notch, I've had ALL of my problems handled within a couple of hours even when they occurred on weekends and holidays but communication is poor.