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  1. TGarner

    A Thank You to Battlefront

    Yep thank you! Great job on my beloved SF! You gave her a good and proper face lift. Merry Christmas!
  2. TGarner

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    Can't wait for those patches and the new modules for CMFI and CMRT. Hey wait is this just a plot to separate me from more of my money?
  3. TGarner

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Yes you guys have gotten almost as much money from me as my ex-wife!
  4. TGarner

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Thanks Steve, I got it sorted.. My fault actually, when I enter my SF1 key I noticed it said everything was activated BUT SF1 main game. So I went back and looked and I guess at some point I bought the main game THEN bought the 3 module bundle. It was all kind of confusing because I had the original Paradox version too I was upgrading from back then. So the issue was I had to activate my 3 module bundle key and my main game key then it worked. Its all activated now and sorted out. Thank you!
  5. TGarner

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Same issue here. I have the SF1 Bundle and key and it never asked me for that key just the SF2 key then I get that its all activated but then goes to that blank box above.
  6. TGarner

    Order completed!

    That is great news!
  7. TGarner

    Order completed!

    WO! Its ChrisND back in the house! Great to see your name pop up here again Miss your streams. Are you back in the army soldier?
  8. TGarner

    New Website status update

    All worked here! Congrats on the new fancy home! Looks nice.
  9. TGarner

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Steve no doubt I am sure it is hard maintaining ongoing communication here and getting all the work you guys have ahead of you done. Your participation here is very much appreciated but I think most everyone understands you have work to do, heck considering the age group of CM fans I am sure we all have other things we need to be doing But hanging out here of course is more fun. Like I said before and not to repeat myself but I really do personally appreciate your honesty and the information you have provided here tonight. I am super duper times infinity excited about the patch and most of all SF2! I might even find some sand to dump in my underwear just to get the full immersion when that baby comes out! Have a good week!
  10. TGarner

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Thank you for the update and the honesty. You guys do what you need to do, I can only speak for myself but the issue was never about getting the patch ASAP it was more of an open and honest communication issue and you have addressed that here. I personally very much appreciate that. I hope you guys(Devs) don't just look at us as a bunch of entitled kids here yelling for more stuff. It is easy for the testers in this community who know what's going on behind the scenes to keep a cool head and in some cases mock and point fingers at those of us who are not testers for seeking information they themselves generally have. I hope you and the rest of the team understand our frustration and from the sound of your post you do. We love you guys(not in a gay way) and obviously love your product. Hell this game series has been a major part of my entire gaming life, so it is important. Keep up the good work and thank you again for the honest communication. That goes a LONG way!
  11. TGarner

    The state of CMSF2

    Steve thanks for the update! Just so I know if I am good to go. I originally had the Paradox hardcopy of SF and then I bought the 3 pack bundle of the modules for it here as a download. Last year I upgraded my base game to a download version here so effectively I have two keys. One for the base game and one for the 3 pack bundle of the modules. If I buy the upgrade for SF2 I should be ok with just having the two keys for the whole thing? Will the big installer sort that out? Thanks!
  12. TGarner

    The patch?

    I assure you I am no entitled snowflake and I think that is an easy defense of their lack of communication. I understand the whole entitlement thing is real now a days but I cant see in any way how this is that. Steve communicated that this is a problem back in Jan.? Indicating that things were looking good or something to that effect? And we are entitled snowflakes 6 months later because we have issues with the total lack of communication since? That is why I hesitated even making my original post because it doesn't seem to take long for the insults to come when one questions BF here. I do not expect anyone to hold my hand nor do I feel entitled to anything other than decent customer service for a product that I have shelled out quite a bit of my hard earned money for. And again my comments are just about some simple communication about what is going on. The lack of that simple little piece of customer service shows a disrespect for the community and customer base that has kept them in business all these years. Now I am sorry I was trying to be very respectful in my comments and concerns and if I get banned now then I guess so be it but I didn't take us down this road.
  13. TGarner

    The patch?

    Oh sure I get that and I am not really talking so much about release of the patch but just some communication to the community who has supported them through thick and thin. That is what really bothers me. I love these game more than any other game I have ever owned and always had big love for these devs but just to put it into perspective. They released a for money engine upgrade that broke the AI. Ok that happens, its game development. Then they say something about it being almost ready or looking good almost 6 months ago and since then not a word. Not a "hey guys we are working on it ran into some issues but we are working on it." Just a little communication goes a long way. Unless I totally missed some communication. It really makes ya wonder if they just cant fix it and they don't want to say it.
  14. TGarner

    The patch?

    Has there been any word at all from BF on the patch? I have supported and bought everything these guys have ever put out and now they just decide to go complete radio silence on fixing something they broke? I hate to sound so negative but dang its hard not to feel like they really just don't care. I have to hope that is not the case but it would be nice for them to at least let us know whats going on. This has always been a pretty loyal fan base but I don't know if it makes good business sense to take that for granted. Sorry for the rant but with the 4.0 issue I really don't even want to play at the moment and its been that way for quite a while now and should have been addressed by now. Unacceptable.
  15. Awesome stuff! Thank you for the Christmas peek! I am so looking forward to this! *throws wallet at the monitor* Merry Christmas Battlefront dudes!