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  1. Merry Christmas Steve, the update it very much appreciated. Hope you and all the team have a merry and safe Christmas.
  2. Ya that is often what is said every time this patch is brought up, or at least the last 3 times it has been that I can count. They can either work on the patch or post on the forums. First I would say it takes 2 min to post something on the forums, but them not posting on the forums about the patch is not really the issue. Hey it is what it is at this point, it's pretty much Christmas now and I would never ask that they do anything other than spend that time at home with their families. And I hope that is what they are doing. They deserve it after getting SF2 out the door. My frustration with the whole situation isn't going to just change if the patch is released or not at this point. I am pretty used to not playing the WWII games now.
  3. Ya I picked up SF2 because I do enjoy SF very much BUT the way the patch for all the other games that I have so much invested in has been handled really leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. As much as I love these games they have been sitting on the shelf for 2 years more or less. That is really just an unacceptable amount of time for a developer to fix a problem that was introduced in a paid upgrade to a product. I don't think they feel this way but it really seems like they just don't really care about those who play primarily single player. Well we pay the same amount for the games. I am really sorry to come across so negative and I am sure I will get jumped on by the usual people but just remember there are probably very few people who have been more ardent supporters of these games to everyone I could preach to about how great they are than me. So feeling the way I feel about this whole patch issue is NOT something I enjoy. I really want to continue to support Battlefront with my hard earned money but I seriously have to question that going forward, which really breaks my heart. To the devs who might read this I truly am sorry for the negativity, I sincerely mean that and I hope you can get where it's coming from.
  4. Would really like to know this too.. I know SF2 just came out and I picked that up because I do like me some modern CM on occasion but those of us who are much more into the WWII games have been waiting for this patch FOREVER! Any news? We gonna see this for Christmas vacation? That would be the best gift ever! Thanks
  5. Yep thank you! Great job on my beloved SF! You gave her a good and proper face lift. Merry Christmas!
  6. Can't wait for those patches and the new modules for CMFI and CMRT. Hey wait is this just a plot to separate me from more of my money?
  7. Yes you guys have gotten almost as much money from me as my ex-wife!
  8. Thanks Steve, I got it sorted.. My fault actually, when I enter my SF1 key I noticed it said everything was activated BUT SF1 main game. So I went back and looked and I guess at some point I bought the main game THEN bought the 3 module bundle. It was all kind of confusing because I had the original Paradox version too I was upgrading from back then. So the issue was I had to activate my 3 module bundle key and my main game key then it worked. Its all activated now and sorted out. Thank you!
  9. Same issue here. I have the SF1 Bundle and key and it never asked me for that key just the SF2 key then I get that its all activated but then goes to that blank box above.
  10. WO! Its ChrisND back in the house! Great to see your name pop up here again Miss your streams. Are you back in the army soldier?
  11. All worked here! Congrats on the new fancy home! Looks nice.
  12. Steve no doubt I am sure it is hard maintaining ongoing communication here and getting all the work you guys have ahead of you done. Your participation here is very much appreciated but I think most everyone understands you have work to do, heck considering the age group of CM fans I am sure we all have other things we need to be doing But hanging out here of course is more fun. Like I said before and not to repeat myself but I really do personally appreciate your honesty and the information you have provided here tonight. I am super duper times infinity excited about the patch and most of all SF2! I might even find some sand to dump in my underwear just to get the full immersion when that baby comes out! Have a good week!
  13. Thank you for the update and the honesty. You guys do what you need to do, I can only speak for myself but the issue was never about getting the patch ASAP it was more of an open and honest communication issue and you have addressed that here. I personally very much appreciate that. I hope you guys(Devs) don't just look at us as a bunch of entitled kids here yelling for more stuff. It is easy for the testers in this community who know what's going on behind the scenes to keep a cool head and in some cases mock and point fingers at those of us who are not testers for seeking information they themselves generally have. I hope you and the rest of the team understand our frustration and from the sound of your post you do. We love you guys(not in a gay way) and obviously love your product. Hell this game series has been a major part of my entire gaming life, so it is important. Keep up the good work and thank you again for the honest communication. That goes a LONG way!
  14. Steve thanks for the update! Just so I know if I am good to go. I originally had the Paradox hardcopy of SF and then I bought the 3 pack bundle of the modules for it here as a download. Last year I upgraded my base game to a download version here so effectively I have two keys. One for the base game and one for the 3 pack bundle of the modules. If I buy the upgrade for SF2 I should be ok with just having the two keys for the whole thing? Will the big installer sort that out? Thanks!
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