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  1. JyriErik

    Tips for Angriff

    Fired it up and I would agree that "hiding" in the woods is a good start. IIRC, the method I used was jumping from woods to woods, to close in to the objectives, making sure the rush was covered with smoke or the terrain since Russian fire was deadly. Do LOTS of reconnaisance before exposing your armour so you can get fire superiority. Worst thing was the airstrikes that seemd to know the exact location of my troops in the woods while they were hiding. Jyri
  2. JyriErik

    American HT's do not fire MG's

    If you look at the position of the machinegun in each, I would suspect the reason is because the US HT MG is up high, while the German is set lower (and with a shield to boot), which would allow firing even when butttoned up. Jyri
  3. JyriErik

    Anti tank mine

    Oh yeah. Big time. Total annihilation. It's been a while, but I believe jeeps/trucks will also do it. Not sure about infantry, but I think they might be able to set one off from time to time. Jyri
  4. Probably THE most amazing thing I ever saw in a game was when I called a 60mm mortar strike on an M3 Stuart to distract it while I could move my troops close enough to take it out & when the first shots starting coming down seeing it explode. When I rewound & watched it over I saw that a mortarshell went right into the open hatch, causing its destruction. THAT was something. Jyri Erik
  5. JyriErik

    Early War

    Link not working for me.
  6. Didn't find a screen shot thread, so I decided to put this in its own thread. What can be achieved by sneaking up from behind .
  7. JyriErik

    Fortified Map?

    It can be done. But it's not easy. There's a scenario in FI where you get several Brumbärs. Found a minefield where I was trying to outflank so I decided to use a few to try to clear the minefield. Don't remember how many shots it took, but I think about a dozen shells cleared the minefield (and left some NASTY shell holes). Just might be the 150mm howitzer armament... Jyri
  8. It's a "little" convoluted. I'll use CMBN as an example. Right-click on CMBN. Choose "Show Package Contents" Go to Contents/Resources/Data and create a "Z" folder there. I then recommend placing an alias of both Data & Z folders in the main folder of your CM game to make future access easier. Repeat for each game you have. I also have an alias for the "Game Files" folder in the main directory for each game to make adding campaigns and scenarios easier. Jyri
  9. Been MANY years, but I once knocked out a tank with an 81mm mortar shot. Once in a liftime hit. Was laying in some mortar fire to suppress the tank so my own would have a better chance to kill it without getting shot up itself. The tank was opened up & the mortar shell managed to fall right into the hatch. Explosion was magnificent. Ah, to be young and foolish & not thinking of recording the moment. Other than that one time, never destroyed a tank with artillery. That said, have seen many crippled by artillery fire (tracks, gun, etc knocked out). Jyri
  10. Here. http://www.combatmission.lesliesoftware.com/RedThunder/Campaigns/CMRT Kampfgruppe von Schroif_v4.html
  11. JyriErik

    Letzte Hoffnung Campaign Behavior

    Kampfgruppe Engel is the one that got fixed in CMBN. Jyri
  12. JyriErik

    Letzte Hoffnung Campaign Behavior

    Disappearing bug. Due to TO&E changes it happens in several campaigns. Jyri
  13. JyriErik

    Scenario Battle Snakeyes 4.0

    Wondering if there's a problem. I hit the dowload button and it goes into limbo. Jyri
  14. What sort of graphics issues? I do have to lower some of the graphics settings, but otherwise haven't had any issues. Jyri
  15. Well, I'm running CM on a iMac 27" Mid-2011. iMac 12,2, Core i7 3.4Ghz, 2GB Radeon HD 6970M. The extra screen size does make it a bit easier to get a better "big picture" view of the action. Jyri