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  1. JyriErik

    Fortified Map?

    It can be done. But it's not easy. There's a scenario in FI where you get several Brumbärs. Found a minefield where I was trying to outflank so I decided to use a few to try to clear the minefield. Don't remember how many shots it took, but I think about a dozen shells cleared the minefield (and left some NASTY shell holes). Just might be the 150mm howitzer armament... Jyri
  2. It's a "little" convoluted. I'll use CMBN as an example. Right-click on CMBN. Choose "Show Package Contents" Go to Contents/Resources/Data and create a "Z" folder there. I then recommend placing an alias of both Data & Z folders in the main folder of your CM game to make future access easier. Repeat for each game you have. I also have an alias for the "Game Files" folder in the main directory for each game to make adding campaigns and scenarios easier. Jyri
  3. Been MANY years, but I once knocked out a tank with an 81mm mortar shot. Once in a liftime hit. Was laying in some mortar fire to suppress the tank so my own would have a better chance to kill it without getting shot up itself. The tank was opened up & the mortar shell managed to fall right into the hatch. Explosion was magnificent. Ah, to be young and foolish & not thinking of recording the moment. Other than that one time, never destroyed a tank with artillery. That said, have seen many crippled by artillery fire (tracks, gun, etc knocked out). Jyri
  4. Here. http://www.combatmission.lesliesoftware.com/RedThunder/Campaigns/CMRT Kampfgruppe von Schroif_v4.html
  5. JyriErik

    Letzte Hoffnung Campaign Behavior

    Kampfgruppe Engel is the one that got fixed in CMBN. Jyri
  6. JyriErik

    Letzte Hoffnung Campaign Behavior

    Disappearing bug. Due to TO&E changes it happens in several campaigns. Jyri
  7. JyriErik

    Scenario Battle Snakeyes 4.0

    Wondering if there's a problem. I hit the dowload button and it goes into limbo. Jyri
  8. What sort of graphics issues? I do have to lower some of the graphics settings, but otherwise haven't had any issues. Jyri
  9. Well, I'm running CM on a iMac 27" Mid-2011. iMac 12,2, Core i7 3.4Ghz, 2GB Radeon HD 6970M. The extra screen size does make it a bit easier to get a better "big picture" view of the action. Jyri
  10. JyriErik

    Greyed out wepon

    Weird. I see the greyed out weapon all the time, but on tanks. I assume it to mean "loading weapon" since the main gun always goes grey after it shoots & after an appropriate wait, it goes "active" again and is able to fire. Never had a tank use all its ammo, so not sure if they grey out after using their entire load. Guess I'll do a trial & see... UPDATE. Okay, here's what I found (looks like my memory was a little off). At the end of a turn a weapon will grey out if it just fired (had both main guns & MGs do so), but not while firing during the turn. Once it's out of ammo, then it greys out for good. Jyri
  11. JyriErik

    Livorno Pride bug?

    Thanks. Makes it a little bit better for the Italians with those 75s. Jyri
  12. JyriErik

    Livorno Pride bug?

    I agree that they wouldn't cause much damage, but they would help suppress some US fire while the Italians approach Gela. And it would be nice to actually use them... Jyri
  13. I'm about halfway through the scenario and am having an issue. I've tried every single Italian HQ and the 75mm off board artillery is denied to them all. While the mortars have been able to take care of my needs so far, it would be nice to have the guns available. One thing that might matter is that the Italians have no FO's in their OOB. Might that be the problem? Otherwise, any ideas what is needed to spot for the guns? Jyri
  14. It's a cheap answer, but yes. You should buy the Market Garden & Commonwealth DLC and CMFB. Seriously, the answer depends on what interests you. CMFB has Sturmtigers, Jagdtigers, Easy Eights & other late war flavor. Market Garden & Commonwealth has British Churchills, Cromwells and quite a few unit types you won't see elsewhere (Kriegsmarine infantry, etc). Either is a good choice & neither a bad one.
  15. JyriErik

    Stoumont, not enough time

    I'm assuming you're referring to the German Campaign battle. That said, I had more than enough time to win the battle without having to rush. "Simply" a matter of waiting for the Panthers & King Tigers and leading with them while having MASSIVE overwatch supporting them. You have lots of MG ammo in your tanks should be spraying every bit of cover while moving forward.