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  1. In my opinion the best way will be to show the most advanced info about enemy unit that your units gather but jesus, not all details like platoon number, is it battalion commander or company commander etc (maybe if your unit is standing on the same square). Now its a little bit science fiction, are they lookin at enemy distinctions by binoculars or what ?
  2. I've noticed that every enemy unit, that have been spotted is recognized at the same time. You know all about this unit, its formation and speciality (even on iron mode). For me its very strange and spoil a lot of fun. I repeat old chorus but in my opinion in CM1 it was resolved in very nice way (question mark and name of enemy unit: infantry, sometimes tiger showed as PzIV with question mark etc etc) Strange for me that nobody mentioned about it
  3. Thats nothing new for me, i just want to know if its possible to buy a halftruck with mortar ammo and what is the name of such vehicle?
  4. I am wondering if any vehicle that carry ammo for this gun is avaliable to purchase to QB ?
  5. so this aspect is still ****ty... I think that this is one of the biggest issues in CMBN... Why they didnt fix it?
  6. Well you can't compare any tank to wooden sherman - totally bulletproof, fast, accurate from 1200m even when moving.
  7. I wasnt serious when i was comparing situation from CMBN to "Saving private Ryan", the same with WoT. I was just trying to make some contrast. Did you know that american crews usually turn off this gyrostabiliser because the barrel shake for longer time after stopping? Try to consider why did they do it. And nice test will be to drive a jeep on the grass with 30km/h and try to hit anything from pistol that is 20m from you. Wish you luck In CMBN conditions you should hit everything in 200m range propably. Here are some data about accuracy of WWII guns: F34 range 1000m accuracy 50% s-53 range 1500m accuracy 63% KwK 42\L70 range 1500 accuracy 100% (havent got any data about M3 and M3A1) Offcourse from still position and in fabric conditions. Now add battlefield stress and then try to imagine that you are driving with 10km/h speed on the grass terrain. Well in CMBN it dosent matter - You will hit from 1000m by first shoot.
  8. I was thinking that it will be thread on this forum like "we are working to improve..." with list of issues. But nope, nothing. Sometimes one of developers writes sth about graphic or start standard speach "it's battlefield, treat soldiers as they are real" etc. So it only strenghten my feeling of iritation. So soldiers during II WW had to be very brave to shoot to those steel bastards from their rifles and pistols... Maybe developers fell asleep during "Saving private Ryan" and dont know that Tiger wasn't destroyed by Tom Hanks from pistol but that was a diving bomber at the background Arcade game "world of tanks" is better simulation than "simulation of battlefield CMBN" because even there tanks have got worse accuracy if in move. So where is this "physics for every bullet"? Ehhhh Ok, i don't mind if they sell game with minor bugs and issues. But when i see an interior of tank and very nice graphics and experience such strange behaviour of soldiers and tanks, that makes this game unplayable for me i start thinking that sth. is wrong with process of beta-testing or perception of battlefield by devs.
  9. Sure, sure. I think that if i'm not content from the quality of product that i've bought i have right to say about this. Didn't know that this forum consist from fanboys mostly... Everyone is waiting for the patch like for the miracle but i haven't seen any bug-reporting tool anywhere.
  10. Sorry guys for my language but english is not my native language and because of that it's rather not sophisticated. As I supposed most of you just point me that 1. "that were such topics on this forum already" and 2. "give developers some respect" 1. I don't care, sorry - it's my personal complain. I think that it deserves for one tiny topic. 2. I have a lot of respect for them (i love CMx1) but didn't suppose that they will concentrate on details (interiors of tanks, falling helmets after hit etc.) and just forget about the most important things like realism and gameplay. Tanks that shooting accurately when moving quick on grass??? From even 1000m (I've made some tests)??? During WWII??? Where were the beta testers??? Tank behaviour should have been tested as 1st thing if you are thinking about selling such kind of game. I've looked to some topics on the forum and i started to laugh. A lot of theoretical bull**** about strange behaviour of tanks and infantry like "maybe commander say to them bla bla bla and thats the reason why they reacted so", "maybe they were so stressed that they reacted like so", "maybe they were tired". Ok so what is the excuse for shooting to tank as soon as you spot it??? Hey guys! Look! Tiger, lets shoot to it from Garands for fun! Yeeeah texas cowboys!!! Why do everyone excuse stupid behaviour of this game and demand respect for developers? I have given them my money, so i also can demand i think. Ok, this game has very big potential, but you don't love people for their potential but for what they are. I think that this proverb is also actual if you think about games
  11. Brindlewolf --> where did i write that i have played it for 5 minutes ? Look at my points and consider if its possible to have such clues after 5 minutes of gameplay?
  12. I believed that "battlefront" is a good trademark and will not sell game that is such a s***
  13. Hi! Finally, i bought the game and my feelings are somewhere between dissapointment and anger... Battlefield view and graphics are marvelous but then comes the gameplay... I've started training campaign, reached mission, where i have two shermans under my command as reinforcements to learn game mechanics. There are "crew less" PzIVs, one tiger and panther as a target practice. I ordered one of my shermans to go "fast" to the little hill and shoot them, second one started moving "quick" to those tanks after delay of 30sec. What i realised was that the accuracy of standing sherman (reached hill before second one) was the same as this one moving on "quick" - both of those tanks hit enemy's tanks by first hits. i couldn't belive it. If developers called this game "simulation" they have to be joking. Just try to imagine how is it possible to shoot accurately from 200m from quick moving tank during IIWW... If so we should also start calling game "world of tanks" as a simulaton... But then - came second dissapointment - sherman moving on quick hit panther from 400m by first hit (partial turret penetration) and knocked it out. Still moving on quick the same sherman hits Tiger, also from over 400m (hull penetration!!!) and also knocked it out... Thats crazy!! Rambo tank... Americans should have won war in 1 month then, why they didnt? If tanks behaviour is f*** up, even with this great graphics this game is also f*** up. If i wanted just a game with fine graphics i will buy FPS... I didn't mentioned about totally idiotic things like: -shooting to tank by infantry from any distance as soon as infantry spot it -"paper buildings" - soldiers losses in buildings are much more higher than those in oppen terrain - RIDICULOUS! -bulletproof trees - if is any on the line of tank's fire, tank will shoot at this tree again and again and much much more I regreat the money that i've spent and hope that developers will do sth. with that ****.
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