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  1. Why the tactical maps in the briefings are not as aligned to the north?
  2. 12 month since I started this thread. Meanwhile I own Strategic Command WWII Assault on Democracy. What a (again) outstanding product by Hubert Cater! How is it now about fighting 1948 an beyond?
  3. This is a great comparison. So true! I agree to this comparison totally, totally! I've purchased Commander: The Great War. Crisp graphics, nice music, nice sound. The game is fun. I played it for many hours... At then? I played Strategic Command: World War I again - for many weeks, for countless hours!
  4. This could be also relevant: -> No support of resolution
  5. OK Hubert, I am using Windows 8 and not Vista or Windows 7 I have not found a button in the Windows Explorer labelled "Compatibility Files". I have, however, more out of desperation, with the Windows search function searched for "SC2.ini". As result a config file was found. After I mentioned "The Assault on Democracy Demo" runs on my PC, I have compared the config files of both programs and found that in the config file for "WWI" the values​​: #window_width #window_height both were set with "0". After I have replaced these two values ​​in the config file of "WWI" to 1280 and 1024, as they are set in the config file of "The Assault on Democracy", WWI runs again. Problem solved by accident.
  6. Hi Hubert, I already have! And to be on the sure side, I downloaded and installed again now. V 1.07 - Unfortunately no efect.
  7. My new system: - Windows 8 - Intel Core i7-3770 3.40 GHz 16 MB - NVIDEA GeForce GTX 660 May perhaps not be on Strategic Command - World War 1: The Great War 1914-1918 - but can someone still help me? The Assault on Democracy - free demo works flawlessly!?
  8. Second! Where are the country-specific, different cities, villages and cottages? Capitals/cities as sterile "buttons"? :mad: I love so lovely details such as different designs for cities. What I see on the screenshots, I will not buy! Sorry Hubert.
  9. Will Assault on Democracy come with a post WW II, "1948 World At War", scenario as with Strategic Command - Global Conflict Gold? If not with the realese, perhaps subsequently in a patch? I like this scenario.
  10. Maybe a silly question, but to be on the safe side: there is no diplomacy in Assault on Communism?
  11. Reports like this one, stay much too short visible for me. I can’t study the reports in the short time. Can’t you integrate such reports in the hotkey "L" routines? Or let them stand on the screen until they are clicked away? More time to study reports please.
  12. First, Hubert used hexes, then he changed them for squares. For me, the squares were getting used in the beginning. But now I'm good, very well with it. Now I read that Hubert is planning to re-use hexes. Why this change? What are the differences and the advantages and drawbacks whether you're used squares or hexes?
  13. Would someone please post a picture of the ten new units?
  14. I bump up this thread again. For a long time now I wondering: There is a one-sided entrenchment and there is a two-sided ("L"-shape) entrechment. Now, when the facing is important, shouldn't then logically not also exist a three-sided ("U"-shaped) entrenchment? :confused: It happens sometimes that a unit is surrounded on three sides (i. e. Town, city).
  15. Thanks for the update. And special thanks for the 'L' hotkey issue. That makes it a bit more comfortable.
  16. After taking the capital - no change in the national morality? In my current campaign, 1939 world at war, against the AI ,the Russians have taken Berlin. My government has moved to Munich. After the fall of Berlin, the national morale does not drop drastically? :confused:
  17. I would't say it's really a mistake. The game is therefore still well playable. Only during a long season you would like to: click reaction click attack click reaction click movement. One obtains: Click.. Reaction.. Click.. Attack.. Click.. Reaction.. Click.. Movement. The switch from the standard view with zoom in the world overview map takes measured 2.1 s for me. And as I said, if you sit for hours the game "slow reactions" feels subjective as a burden. We merely indicate that we , due to the rather simple 2-D graphics, wonder why the reactions "address so slow". :confused:
  18. Why must both be installed - SCGC and SCGCG? In our enthusiasm for SCTGW I now acquired also SCGCG. I am surprised about the fact that SCGC must be installed in addition to the expansion SCGCG. Is this really so? If I uninstall the main program SCGC, SCGCG want start! Why this solution was chosen? Don't this "double" installing take unnecessarily additional memory on my HD? I'm not an expert. So I feel this solution, from my amateur understanding, as nonsense! :confused:
  19. I use the last update, and sorry to say that I also was surprised by the slow reaction if I select units and sometimes am a bit annoyed. Also, the zoom takes an eternity to me. :mad: I hope Hubert Cater can improve here a bit. I suffer from these slow reactions in both, SCGCG as well as SCTGW.
  20. Text remains much to short on the screen! :mad: The eight year old son of my friend and his friend (same age) discovered now the joy Strategic Command can bring. Because both boy's does not speak English, at least not yet, we have installed the German language mod. Now, however, news and events (Combat, Military, and Research and Development ...) remain much too short on the screen so so it is impossible for the boy's with their age to read so fast. :mad: What can we do about it?
  21. I identified the problem . We simply overestimated the range of the rail gun. If I drive the rail gun closer to the enemy it works again.
  22. Rail Gun does not fire. :mad: After we got a new rail gun, we have set it on the battlefield and it worked fine. Later, we moved the rail gun to another place and since it refuses to fire. It is just possible the move the rail gun to another location. What have I missed? :confused:
  23. And I wish much faster reactions, For example, if I change the zoom level or click from a unit to another unit. Strategic Command is not a perfect game. One don't like this - the other don't like that. I can life very good with the most of those "flaws". But what bothers me very much are those very slow reaction. :mad:
  24. I want a endless working "L" hotkey feature, including the historic images.
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