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  1. Good stuff! Reminds me of the opening barrage through that German held town when "Kelly's Heroes" broke through the line.
  2. Excellent comment and comparison. The dusty 'lived in look" looks more realistic to me. The Bradley texture, while super nice, looks like it came straight out of the paint shop instead of a dusty battlefield.
  3. My PC has a dual boot system with Windows 7 and XP both 64-bit. I built it like that mainly for some of Flight Simulator 2004 addons that only run on XP and other older games like Railroad Tycoon 3. Have had no big issues with the dual boot system. I just took my 1.5 TB main hard drive, split off 500GB from it to use for XP and the rest for Windows 7 while my separate Raptor drive contains both FSX and FS2004 which both OS 'can use. I found it euite easy to do. But I don't have an SSD so I can't attest to using that with dual boot.
  4. I too just bought CMA and I'm finding it a different story playing as the Russians than as the NATO forces in CMSF. The NATO forces can bring overwhelming firepower on the target while the Russians have to be way more cautious to advance. But I'm really enjoying CMA.
  5. Many thanks for the explanation from both of you.
  6. I'm finally getting back into CMSF after leaving it for a long time and during my game, I moved a unit into the green objective area with the result that the green disappeared and a message stating that the unit 'Located Objective X' appeared. Does that mean I have captured the objective and once I leave some members hold it, I can move on to the next objective? Is 'locating' an objective the same thing as capturing the objective? Many thanks for any and all replies.
  7. Actually the Ageod World War One game is now pretty darn good. The first version did not attract me, but the Gold version with the new map and with the latest patch is fun to play and addictive. I bought Frank Hunter's Guns of August years ago, but never really got into it. It has the feel of a board game like others wrote, but the interface and graphics just don't appeal to me. I must admit though, I haven't put much time into it. Hubert's game is fun to play and comes really close to a true WW1 atmosphere. The events are definitely interesting to play. The game is definitely worth the money and I have had no regrets purchasing it. I also have the other SC games and I'm playing the Pacific game right now and having a blast.
  8. I too agree that this should be a FoW option. It would make the player think twice about attacking.
  9. I remember watching this when it was first broadcast in 1996 on PBS and a few more times when it was repeated. A fantastic series in the same vein as Ken Burns' "Civil War" series. I highly recommend it. It's a great pity that PBS never released it in DVD. The Youtube user 'theolperfessor' has uploaded the entire series. Here is the first video of the series: PBS' "The Great War and the Shaping of the Twentieth Century"
  10. Nope, you don't stink. The game is tough on the high levels. I'm playing the game as the Central Powers on Hard in late 1914. The west has settled down to trench warfare in northern France while I'm really struggling to hold back the Russians in Galacia and even East Prussia. I'm finding the AI pretty darn good so far. Even though I'm struggling in the game to win, I'm having a blast playing.
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